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"The Alito Inquisition" 5-6-2022

“If they don’t have the right to make autonomous decisions over your own bodies, how is it possible to make an argument where women are ready to wield political power at the highest levels of government?” -PD

Make no mistake for the stakes could not be higher. For the past 50 years the right for a woman to have an abortion has been the wedge issue that continues to give both sides of the aisle an almost fool-proof (until now) poke at the other’s eye based on nothing except a matter of the greatest importance to understanding the human condition. When does life begin?

I believe questions directed to “life” should not contain any references to a finite beginning or ending point. Life simply is and will always be. What we refer to as spirit most closely resembles a continuum of everything that ever is, was or will ever be.

Our souls are afloat upon a timeless, endless river not limited to water, but to the imagination, allowing us to reach up and one day touch the very stars that are no farther away from us than we believe them to be. In short, there is no “other” side. No safe harbor above for a few self-selected and justified believers in a death cult that we now know has the audacity to proclaim their way as the only way.

As a result of rejecting the ubiquitous view of the universe as a many threaded but ultimately singular tapestry has opened an Amy Coney Barrett’s Box only to find an unmistakable resemblance to an unholy triage system pitting the artificial and derisive value of one life against another.

What a cruel, vanity driven and inglorious god he must be to demand a mother give up her life for that of her unborn child with no exception for rape or incest, which again, speaks not to our better angels but the resurrection of the patriarchy as paramount to all other forms of societal culture, conduct, law and order?

Now, we are faced with an even more difficult task as the heretical usurpers to all that is good and decent have attempted an end-around our Constitutional Rights and bring the full force of national, state, and local lawmakers to enforcing laws meant not to foster understanding or alleviate pain and suffering but to shut out, under threat of retaliation an entire genre from expressing their right to self-determination at the most basic of levels.

You will hear the cry to preserve “privacy” rights, familial rights, including the right to contraception and procreation. The right to consult a physician, the right to seek spiritual guidance. The right to be left alone.

Yet the recent siege upon the house, the home, the bedroom, the family and all participants involved, including doctors, and cab drivers, should be an intolerable into the most private and unassailable sanctuary of the human psyche. The implications being, if the full force and punitive powers of the government can reach into what is inviolate, where can’t they reach?

LGBTQ rights? Soon to include overturning same sex marriage as part and parcel to neuter the power of a significant portion of our electorate for the sake of shutting down legitimate discussion and debate regarding the future path of our commitment to kindness, understanding, loving as the one true religion.

While the sectarian concerns are significant, do not misidentify righteous indignation or false cries for morality as the now obvious “hidden agenda” is to turn America into a dystopian Gulag where any who dare question the party line are immediately subject to condemnation followed by the harshest repercussions for their disobedience. No quarter asked, and none given.

You will hear about Dred Scott, but keep in mind the case wasn’t entirely about maintaining slavery rights in the USA. I was also intrinsically tied to the plantation owner’s realization that their “property” cost money for food, clothing and shelter, then demanding the government compensate them through the infamous 3/5th of a person decision, 3/5th apparently being enough of an investment worth keeping the slaves happier, healthier and in a better position that we found them.

So, I ask you, now, to carefully consider whether you believe women are property? If not, are they by arbitrary designation, involuntary servants who have no better purpose than to fulfill their collective identities and destiny as brood mares fit for little more than purposes of becoming rape and incest victims, child brides and multiplying in a sick, twisted attempt to reverse the “brownification” of America?

You will hear how the Constitution does not contain the black-letter words “privacy” or “abortion”. Yet this is nothing more than disingenuous judicial activism hiding under the cover of textualism, a manner of Constitutional analysis insisting on the actual word, or words present, in text, or the right is “not there.”

This is refuted by the words of the 9th Amendment.

Amendment IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

We have fundamental rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution.

I ask in all sincerity, how can We, the People claim liberty if we are constantly under threat of surveillance in our own homes? This alone should gut the facile, borderline imbecilic opinion non-Justice Alito wrote as further evidence he is a ranking member of the best SCOTUS money could buy.

But it won’t and the demands won’t stop. They will become progressively more outlandish and outrageous in their desperation, with scope and intent of their actions taking on literally “mythical” proportions while quietly gerrymandering, suppressing and disenfranchising as many potential voters as we let them. Yes, that is what I said. As we, let them.

Once again, we bear witness to the rise of machine men with machine minds with machine hearts who as Charlie Chaplin so presciently described in his 1940 movie “The Great Dictator” as the product of hatred, bitterness and greed.

“The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who

fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass and the power they took from the people will return to the people and liberty will never perish.”

These are the supposed “patriots”, the bastions and preservers of America and all it stands for who so casually started a bloody insurrection at the Capitol Building for purposes of distracting the public long enough to substitute false electors’ documents to steal a fair election, while denying the overwhelming American majority their right to participate in and decide who would best represent their collective and individual wills in the Oval Office.

With that in mind, do not burden yourself by trying to guess what this diabolic cabal of lunatics might do next. Perhaps the most prudent line of questioning is in asking what they won’t do. For that, I have no answer, only vague fear, trepidation, and a newly renewed vigor to fight for what I believe to be on the right side of humanity, and yes, history. Comments?

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