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"Six/Four Dead in Illinois/Ohio" 7-5-2022

“The last time I heard a weapon of that capacity firing that rapidly on the Fourth of July was when I was in Iraq—not the United States.”-Tammy Duckworth

We can keep watching the television and waiting for the next mass shooting to happen. Or, you can take action. Chris Murphy, blessed be beautiful his soul, will be back on the floor of Congress giving an impassioned plea about Sandy Hook and the admittedly inhuman response the killing of innocent children at an elementary school inspired in our great leaders. None of course.

But we all know that it won’t change as long as there is Citizens’ United anonymous money to be had by those who would remain in power by any cost, and I do mean any cost, in return for what is a Faustian level bargain unheard of since perhaps the time of forced child labor, this time around the blood of innocent children, for the power to spill the blood of innocent children.

Is this not so? This is what following an “obstructionist” agenda gets you. It blocks the government from protecting We, the People from those who have put profit by the few by limiting regulations that benefit the greater good by allowing an environment in while the vast majority of persons can feel free to ply their trades in a safe, pollution free ecosystem that promotes a sense of security necessary for innovation and diversity within the marketplace.

That the interests of one industry, big oil won’t be able to ruin the bayou without penalty in the name of and I use this term very sarcastically, “Economic freedom” a necessary component of fostering social parity in the economy.

As I recall, 11 people died as a result of the deepwater Horizon oil spill due to the wanton and reckless profit first driven action of BP. Did anyone get prosecuted? Go to jail? Or was it in the final analysis, another exercise in the bottom line over all else, including the sanctity of life itself.

Are you starting to see the connectivity we are seeing in our lives everyday? That we are on an almost daily basis bombarded with images, places, people and stories where a so-called “right” that in many instances doesn’t exist, takes precedent as “fundamental” to maintaining the social order than, at various times, the elderly 47% of “takers” who paid for their social security.

This is what happens when decisions regarding public policy are placed within grasp of a death cult. They kill. Jim Jones poisoned his followers. The Rajneeshees used salmonella as a biological agent in a salad bar to win an election.

This is the madness that will infect the body politic as nothing short of human sacrifice will quell the graven, false deity they have chosen to worship as their savior.

How many of you know that on the first day of Political Science class the professor will at some point tell you the first actions any new government takes is to declare their singular and plenary right to commit with impunity all acts related to violence?

Now, with the GOP left in tatters, the MAGA/GQP death cult seeks the right to complete their hate driven agenda by any means possible, including acts of brutality, sadism, barbarity, rape, incest, insurrection, savagery, religious inspired and divinely directed retribution, and importantly, without fear of retaliation as their acts are now in service of for instance, a president who “invited” their participation in an “its gonna be wild” day at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2022.

RSVP is not necessary, but it is BYOW, as in bring your own weapon, and don’t mind the mags, we’ll take care of all that. Earlier reconnaissance and maps available upon request.

Thus a bloody coup attempt becomes a legitimate expression of wielding the right to commit murderous, if necessary, acts under the imprimatur of what amounts to government sponsored acts of domestic terrorism without fear of reprisal but as a legitimate function of the government.

Yet, if I am not mistaken doesn’t this July 4, 2022, seem different? Is it because it was on our Independence Day that our turbocharged gun culture turned deadly and exacerbated by a totally false and misleading reading of the 2nd Amendment, in an upscale neighbor during a parade, on our streets, changed the dynamic?

Are we now coming to the conclusion that yes, We, the People have a paramount right to live, unarmed if we so choose, without fear in our own neighborhoods, that outweighs the rights of a bunch of psychotic, malevolent cenobites from the Labyrinth of hell itself insane right to manipulate the single most cowardly and craven Senate into allowing a weapon of war to fall into the hands of an insane shooter, turning main street America into a virtual war zone?

Or, will the deranged and depraved black heart gunsmiths tirelessly working the devil’s anvil facilitated by the lily-liver, trembling at every cross word or threat the gun industry and lobby may choose to cast in order to keep them in line and allow through their inaction the next, and oh, yes, there will be another mentally ill “lone wolf” in a trench coat, talking to his friends through a social media site ready to join the ranks of all those who were not afraid to take action in support of Death, death, and more death, and nothing else.

We will take back the Senate. We will hold the House. For now, do whatever you can to take back the streets for they are ours and worth fighting for. See something? Hear something? Say something. Be vigilant. Stay alert. Watch out for one another. Engage the authorities. Work for everyone’s safety but do not endanger your own. The streets people the streets. We can do this. Yes, we can.

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