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pa.tri.arch.y (noun)


TDR Communiqué If you have to ask, you don't need to know.

Let's start with a very simple premise. Donald J. Trump is deeply disturbed. And, as he is somehow still our President, a very dangerous commodity indeed. As with all presidents before him, his words, no matter how unintelligible and/or idiotic carry a great deal of "weight." In Trump's case the "weight" is mostly lard, but that's another story for another time. In my kinder moments (this isn't one of them) I'd like to use the word gravitas, but that would imply some kind of legitimacy of mind and make no mistake Trump is as crazy as a Doral bedbug (and just as ugly). His appeal has never been a mystery to me. His followers are desperate to maintain the illusion of a society based upon patriarchy as somehow being better than, at this point, one that isn't waging germ warfare against his own subjects and their interests (mainly to live). Remember, he called himself a wartime president and if that is so, he is no better than Assad in Syria for he has crossed the red line of using biological weapons against his people. My first clue that we were in for a rocky election was when I began to see Hillary Clinton repeatedly referred to as "that woman." It wasn't the "that" part that concerned me. "They" would have found a reason to hate any woman. It was the WOMAN part. I knew we were in for a fight. Especially, if suburban women went along with it. They did.

Protecting the newly-installed patriarchy at all costs would also explain the violent, almost knee-jerk reaction that King Trump and his follower had at the sight of Kathy Griffin, a woman, and her decapitation of the Lyin' King. The symbology alone proved too much and as do all good female heretics in a testosterone dominated society, she paid the price. In this case, shame and excommunication for what now appears to be a fairly accurate premonition of the future days to come. With all allusions to Cassandra aside, Kathy seems to have hit the nail on the bleeding head and perhaps, that was even the greater sin. She was right, accent on the she. If you adhere to the theory God is a man, what better way to start your monarchy than to defeat a woman? A woman far more experienced, qualified, and temperate for the job than the slob you elected simply because on his census form he checked the "M" for male, or perhaps malicious, box. It sends a message doesn't it? Not a very wise or enlightened one, but a message none-the-less. It also helps explain why our next president won't be Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris, although both are clearly qualified for the position. But, alas, they both lack that certain something, think anatomically, that propelled our current cretin-in-chief to the presidency. Hint: It's not the brain... Let's take this premise a step further. If society were to scrap the dominant-male-can-do-no-wrong theocracy, then, what else might be subject to rational review? Racism? Homophobia? Xenophobia? You're average Trump supporter read racist, homophobic and xenophobic to a fault, would have very little in the way of peripheral and meaningless methods to separate themselves. I mean, if you believe in isolation, you need people, places and things to isolate yourself from. "Them" is always good. "Not here, but there" is quite popular and as for things, how about socialism, or even better them dang (mostly Godless) socialists? Not in my backyard! Regrettably, this has been in large part and parcel the history of the currently less than United States of America. Slavery, the Civil War, the Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, separate but never equal and even to this day, continued social and legal attacks upon Brown v. Board of Education. Would it really surprise you to know there are those who given half a chance would re-instate slavery? As I have actually heard otherwise seemingly sentient human beings say, "it is in the Bible." So is incest, infanticide and not eating shrimp you dumber than usual MF.

Some of you might be asking yourselves, why is the Perfessor getting all Biblical on us? The answer unfortunately is although I do write at the risk of offending, I am also taking the opportunity to literally save lives (maybe). For there is one more aspect of Biblical proportions that we have yet to discuss. Plagues. Or more precisely, the inaction produced in the face of a plague as a reaction to God's divine plan. Let's look at a little Moses shall we? After a series of plagues brought against Pharaoh, including the ritual slaughtering of the eldest sons of those families whose doors were not marked with lamb's blood, (hence the meaning of Passover) the Jewish people were finally allowed to leave Egypt and their bondage. Let my people go was finally on. However, Pharaoh being the stand up kind of guy he wasn't changed his mind and sent out the forces of evil to again enslave (or kill either was acceptable I'm sure) his former legion of free labor. No minimum wage disputes here folks, work or die aka every capitalists' wet dream. Soon, the soon to be, well 40 years later, as it were, the Israelites  were faced with a dilemma of Biblical proportions. The Red Sea. Luckily, our man Moses had a direct line to the Man (Woman) and the Red Sea parted allowing the Hebrews to cross unharmed and to continue upon their Exodus to the promised land. When the Egyptians in hot pursuit tried to follow, well, they drowned. The point being, God when faced with the plight of his children, did not say for instance, "sink or swim". He helped. Just as we should when our brothers and sisters need our assistance. This is divinity in action. Today, we are faced with a plague. The Covid-19 Virus, plague, call it what you will. But what is alarming, is how many times I have already heard that our response should be, no response at all. That, the our fate is "in God's hands". This may be true, but I tell you this, if it is, then it was Donald J. Trump and his cast of heretical money changers and assorted lunatic cult followers that put it there. Why? Why is inaction in the face of certain catastrophe not only acceptable but the "right" was, the filial, the divine and devout way? This I cannot accept. It is not God's will we have global warming. It is not God's will  we are poisoning our water and our air. It is not God's will we must die waiting for a miracle rather than address the danger of the Covid-19 Virus. This is nonsense. There will be no Easter Miracle. There will be no miracle at all unless we all use the intelligence, empathy, kindness and caring we all have within us for these are the true blessings of the divine. Not the chase of riches under the so-called "Prosperity Gospel". Greed is a sin and nothing more. A virus doesn't care how rich you are. It doesn't care what state you live in. It certainly doesn't care how you vote. It is the enemy. It is not a test. It is not a trial and tribulation, or perhaps it is, but tries and tribs are challenges made to be confronted and yes, defeated. One last Biblical lesson that seems to be lost. Do not pray to false idols. Remember the Golden Calf? Not a good move to worship at it's feet. It cost Moses and the tribes forty years of wandering in the desert till they finally reached their destination. My advice? If you want to come out of the wilderness, do not follow the "teachings" of those who would do nothing in the face of imminent danger. Their inaction dooming many to a fate that could have been prevented. Please, I beg of you, do not try to prove your faith by waiting for a "flash of light and poof it's gone" miracle that is never going to happen promised by a false prophet of profit that does not care whether you live or die. It is not too late. It is never too late to admit one's mistake. It is never too late to stop bowing to the Trump Not Nearly Golden (kind of burnt orange at best) but Fattened to be sure Calf. If you are asked to help, then help. If you need help, then ask for help. You are deserving of everlasting love. We all are. For we are all one, and we are all divine. As always, be the divine spark of life within you wish to be. -Namaste -Philip Drucker

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