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"My Regeneration" 7-6-2022

It’s happening. The change has come and the bad guys are going to be under our thumb. We have the power. We have the momentum. We have the numbers. The question is not if our society is going to change for the better, but when.

Accordingly, my first impulse is to ask what are you going to do and if I may be so bold, could you if called upon to do so, tell me why.

But first, I am going to request a favor. It is time to move beyond faith as faith requires a suspension of our ability to reason logically, replacing the rational with hope. Although always helpful, hope is not a requirement at this time. What we need is right thinking followed by effective action.

We all need to believe in ourselves and everyone around us who is willing to work toward forming a more perfect union in a democracy, of the people, by the people, and for the people and that we, as a free people will never perish from this Earth.

You will notice the word “dovetail” being bandied about. This is a good thing. We have persons who see the bigger social picture, they are starting to realize the benefits of working together as one, our common goals bigger that any single person or issue.

It is about how we want to define ourselves as a nation going forward. It is a concept I have conveniently coined, the “benevolent majority” to describe the persons of all shapes, ages, and size, background, political persuasion, who will look forward, eventually leading us to new heights of American exceptionalism we never though possible, until they happened, and they will.

Who are these players? If we start with the more high-profile players, when Roe was overturned, the pro-choice, health care providers said they knew the day would come and as shocking as it was, they were ready. I would believe them.

When the anti-mass killings and slaughter of the innocent through the lax, if any, restrictions on insane persons giving insane persons military grade weaponry to carry out their reign of terror upon the public (may as well call it what it is) saw the proliferation and escalation of violence into the sanctity of our every day lives, they said this time, they were ready. I would believe them.

When the latest round of immigration reform, and DACA bashing lunatics who can’t seem to get it through their thick Neanderthal skulls most Americans do not favor open border policies came out to bleat the comprehensive immigration reformers said they would be ready. I would believe them and proceed accordingly.

What do I mean by that? It is a multi-faceted observation to be sure, the best answer being whatever it is you can do in facilitation of the cause. If you can donate, do that. If you have some spare time, let them know. If you wish to speak out, write, tweet, post, do that. There is no such thing as a contribution too small and every little bit helps.

As for the why, will it all take place in one day? Of course not. But, if you will indulge me, don’t do it for yourselves necessarily, act to facilitate the transfer of people power to the next generation.

If nothing else, there is still time to at least “soften up” and perhaps thwart the evil plans of those vile, soulless I’ve got mine zombies who take absolute, sadistic delight in denying the American Dream, that each successive generation leave their children and their children’s children in a better place than where we were when we inherited the blessings of those who came before us.

In short, will you help make the past the past and focus on what lies ahead in both the immediate and long term? My advice? Can we delay putting too much of our precious time, thoughts and energy in the 2024 election cycle and aim straight for the heart of the 2022 midterms?

Expanding our majority in the Senate and yes, holding the House? The signs are everywhere. If nothing else, the MAGA/GQP should have thought twice, or perhaps once, as to the wisdom of awaking the feminine sleeping giant as part of their master plan to enslave somebody, anybody, in the interest of maintaining the “natural order” over the 10,000 things as a matter of divine right. Dense, aren’t they?

We have allies everywhere inside and outside the Beltway. We have the Democrats. We have the independents. We have the restless, the less than enchanted and we have the disgruntled. We have the masses, and now, we have the medium.

The National stage is ours. We have the January 6 Committee Hearings broadcast on national television. We have active and ongoing State legal proceedings, including grand juries, in Atlanta and New York. We have Rudy and Lindsey on the hot seat. The rest of the fall guys will continue to fall.

Without the veneer of legitimacy, and the damage done, the SCOTUS will be reshaped and reformed. Might sound funny, but I’m looking for the day when nobody can remember the name of the 13th Associate Justice of the SCOTUS. You know, the new one, what was his/her/pronoun’s name again?

Is everything perfect? No, but then again, who promised you perfection? My biggest concern is that the DOJ has not seen fit to join the generational shift in a timely manner. This is a moment of transformation through cooperation for the betterment of the next generation.

If the old ways of the wicked must give way to the new, then, as above, so below, so shall the forces of good. Why the hell not? I’m just throwing it out there, but does it matter if Trump physically spends a day in a jail cell that is probably bigger than the small dark and dank corner of his broken and twisted psyche he’s voluntarily placed himself under “house arrest”?

All issues or symbology, accountability and justice aside, what good does it do to put a sick and decrepit old man with few years left behind bars? He’s already subject to bed bugs and a lousy breakfast buffet at Mar-a-Loco. All I need at the moment is a gag order or two.

Still a threat, possibly. But we put him in power. I think he is. He’s still corrosive acid dripping from a dead car battery ready to ignite and inflame the weak of mind. We should have thrown him out years ago when we first noticed the leak.

Fortunately, it is never too late to do the right thing and it’s yours and my generation, baby.

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06 lug 2022

Yes, plant a tree, even if you'll never grow up to see it bloom.

Mi piace
06 lug 2022
Risposta a

Yes, indeed! Even if you never see the fruit.

Mi piace
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