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MAGA Can You Hear Me? 5-19-2022

We know who they are. Isn’t it time we showed them who we are? -PD

IMO the only reason anyone would follow a “reality star” politician is to ease the self-inflicted burden upon their own slowly rotting into hate, fear, rage, you know, replacement theory damaged, psyche for refusing to find the truth as opposed to relying on pre-fabricated arguments mostly along the lines of “it’s _______ (fill in the blank) their fault”.

Isn’t it time we spend our time bringing about true change, progress, and growth back to our political landscape? Isn’t it time we let the rotting but somehow still clinging to the tree low-intelligence fruit fall from the tree?

Keeping in mind We, the People do not have to convince anyone of our positions or politics in a manner calculated to bring over anyone from the dark side of the moon. Simply put, there are already more of us who want to live under the disinfectant rays of the sun. We don’t need them.

Cut to the chase, if we vote we win and anyone who panders to the insane notion that the Benevolent Majority of Americans are simply going to let a couple of extremist state officials overturn an election based on their personal preferences, well, that is just not how it works.

Will they try? Of course! It fits the delirium ticket philosophy to a tee and what else is there left for a minority of a minority party that continues to dwindle in numbers and hence impact?

Remember the “swing middle voters”? The “gettable” voters? They are swinging in our direction. Why interfere with a trend clearly favoring a democratic victory in the midterms, and beyond? Welcome them back to the real world and offer to help if and only if they request it.

No gloating and certainly no repercussions. Let your positivity lead the way, for in this instance, it is the way. Fighting of any kind only reinforces the fallacious viewpoint there are two valid viewpoints in this discussion.

There is not, for one relies on outright, blatant lies, rumor, and innuendo for what is at best a short-term strategy of misdirection, trying to tangle anyone they can up in a look over here while we try to rig whatever part of your right to one person one vote democracy, they happen to have seen in yesterday’s insanity laden meme du jour.

Notice that soon to be incarcerated and all but on his last legs of any standing or credibility of any kind is back on possible post-Elon Musk Twitter? Probably not. Why? He’s tweeting about selling a children’s book with a distinctly dark ages mentality on what happens when an election is stolen. By kings, queens and wizards, a flying monkey or two.

Well, if you can’t get adults to vote for you, why not try going for the youth vote between apple juice, Lindsey Graham crackers and nap time? I assure you this is all the attention these types of “issues” are going to receive from me. Follow the signal, ignore the static.

The signal is having faith in our American form of democracy and representative government. We must not fall for the false narratives being played out across our country. One wayward governor in any one state is not going to hijack the entire 2024 elections based on his or her personal preferences of who they want to win.

It doesn’t work that way. There are Constitutional state guarantees regarding voting integrity in all 50 states. There are also additional remedies at the federal level. Remember, in America, we all have fundamental rights as Americans, including the right to vote.

In other words, sometimes you are a citizen of America First (in a good way!) in addition to any individual state residency/affiliations you may be jurisdictionally subject to.

Yet, that is not quite the basic in for the long-haul strategy. Apparently, the MAGA crowd still has too much unproductive time to waste on their hands, but we know that. The inquiry must be, do you? Including time spent on let’s be blunt, persuading those who suffer from a form of brainwashing and will not budge. Is this how you wish to spend your time? Lather, rinse and repeat is not going to cut it.

Not with this mob. All you will get is some allusion to a guy named “Brandon” with the “hidden” connotation “they” know something about our President we don’t. Is this how you want to spend your precious resources? If so, why?

Use words along the lines of questions that through your show of support, but their ultimate decision, is it possible? If so, can the earlier impossible become not only possible, but probable? And one probable, by the very definition of the term, no longer impossible? But gasp! Likely?

Further, we know who they are, and we know where they are. When they eventually float their intent to start a “purity” party (it’s coming) then they will all be in essentially one place. Fortunately, there is no sustainable model for political prosperity or political success on anything but the most local of levels.

As for the long-term perspective, perhaps the better question is, given the limited opportunities to spread the seeds of liberty, how can I best promote, in an admittedly subtle manner, the perfectly reasonable positions that you are not of afraid of calling for the end of predatory capitalism? Of ending corporate handouts/subsidies/welfare? Of promoting any economic system that puts people first.

Try this one. When it comes to cold hard cash, it’s in your pocket with plenty left for my pocket. Or it’s in some greedy SOB’s offshore tax-dodge account, out of the general circulation in our country where it belongs?

Then, if you can’t help yourself, take out your wallet (or purse) and ask, in all sincerity, “what’s in your wallet?” It seems even the ultra-MAGA know about credit card advertisements, whether they have one or not. Then leave it there. Don’t push your luck, Sparky.

Don’t ask what is easier to change. Is it their minds, or ours? Do not forget to consider what would be better in the long-term. Is it them, or us who still need to evolve? The answer might surprise you and if for nothing else but the cash missing from my wallet, that would be a good thing.

For as with all living things, when we stop reaching, striving, growing, is when we die. And if at this crucial moment in America’s history, if we give up and die, the dream dies too. You won’t let that happen, will you?

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