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"Justice League of America" 6-11-2022

Today is a good day to be an American. I mean it. When I got up this morning the first thing I did was collect the mail. It was there, several bills and a handful of advertisements to be sure, (I don’t get a lot of mail these days) and without even a scintilla of evidence of anything other than it being as I like like it and I hope you do too, another coffee laden day full of promise in America.

Turning on the television revealed the first segment of the June 6th Commission did happen and was not a figment of my, or 20 million additional fellow Americans’ collective imagination.

Of all people, GOP member and staunch conservative Liz Cheney was the vice-chair and she did call out the GQP/Insurrectionist by name. In my America, viewpoints come and go but regardless if I agree with you or not, if the right to express your thoughts through words, deeds and actions ever vanishes, then all is lost.

The First Amendment exists not only for ideas we agree upon (that’s called voting), but for those times when we disagree, but feel the battle has yet to be lost and that if not an outright victory, compromise can still be achieved while acting in the interest of the greater good.

The March for Unity was underway in Washington, DC and across the nation. Peaceful protestors who want nothing more than our government to help reign in the pestilence of gun violence that continues to claim so many lives for no reason other than to feed a bottomless pit of dark, mindless aggression that can never be fully satisfied for death is not an answer but a finality and hence, a failure of logic, rationality and reason.

A perfecta for those who can only speak through the barrel of a gun and a national disaster of immense proportions for the rest of us. This cannot stand and it this time, it does not look as if it will. Legislation is slow moving, but it is moving.

The beauty of the American dream is not always victory. In many instances, it is the struggle, or, the right to struggle that determines whether we as individuals and a sovereign people are capable of fulfilling our full potential withe blessings of God including the lack of undue government interference including the house, the marketplace and within our chosen faith.

These are all times, events, observations, and I was able to make today. Why? Because I am an American and I, for one, am free. I am at liberty to be or not to be, do or do not. Do you know what the Second Amendment is at its core? the right to responsible fight side by side with my fellow patriots or not fight at all.

Or, to turn off the alarm, pull the covers back over my head and go back to sleep. To try or not try, again, and again and again, at the time of my choosing, not yours. This is a far better right to have than any supposed right right to arm a minor with a weapon of war.

My opinion? Kyle Rittenhouse should have stayed home, made s’mores and called it a night. He is no patriot. He never was, and now, he never will be. Death will not serve him well, or his cowardly parents who when given the chance, made a run for the Canadian border.

This might sound a bit odd, but as an American, you have the choice and right to be fooled, or not fooled. Deceived, gaslit, or brainwashed. Of course you do not have the right to insurrection or to storm the Capitol.

Certainly, the Founding Fathers did not intend the Constitution, a document dedicated to good governance to violate the very tenets of self-rule it was designed to provide, in our case best described as a democratic republic, or a one person one vote majority rule (democracy) with representation by the person or persons who best reflect our views, aka a republic.

In this manner, the will of We, the People, is determined and then sent to our elected officials to write, executed and at times adjudicate our laws in a land dedicated not to the rules of men but of law. Unfortunately, as with all good lies there is a grain of truth trying to add legitimacy to a false premise of veracity.

Recently, you may have been hearing a great deal of hand wring, balderdash and angst about America losing its status as a republic, as a result of “forcing” our officials to “elect” persons they do not like. This is complete political twaddle and stinks of “us” versus “them” as a litmus test for who are the “true” Americans.

To be crystal clear, in America the republic, or system of representation must reflect the will of the constituents, not Ginni Thomas, or it is an abuse of our political system.

In America, you have the fundamental right to vote for the candidate of your choice and if a majority agree, you get your choice. If not, well if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Hey, you want to vote for Frank Underwood? Then write it in, but don’t hold your breath.

Recently, I was a bit taken aback (guess I shouldn’t be by now) to hear the leader of the Oafkeepers Elmer Stewart Rhodes whine about losing its status as a republic. If I understand him, fifty/fifty at best, since “we” did not vote for “his” racist right-wing tub of lard and his sadistic agenda, “we” are taking away America’s (and his) right to “appoint” by fiat or false documentation, whoever our (his) representatives want as a sign we have lost the ability to function as a republic.

This is double-speak at best and pure nonsense. Every State has in its own Constitution the requirement that the electors must submit to the government only those documents that represent the will of the majority people of the affected state, or, they are invalid.

These would be the kind of elector’s late Mike Pence could have rejected, but not the true and accurate reflection of We, the People, he did. If Pence had, this would have been an unconstitutional. Moral of the story? You can’t separate the democracy from the republic and call it the backbone of American electoral process. Of course, Stewart, Ginni and a lot of their playmates are going to Alcatraz, and we’re not.

See? I told you it’s a great day to be an American. Still think I’m wrong?

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