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Several of you may know one of my “hobbies” is following world economic trends and conditions. Yes, it calms me down to know how the world is doing, at least financially that is. I offer this rant as a forecast of what given current conditions is around the corner and it’s not good. Please note I am not a conspiracy theorist. The following to me is merely the latest round of market manipulation on a global scale that should not be a shock to anyone at this point. I’m not naming names. I’m not a member of the deep state or any such nonsense. I’m just telling you what I see in the headlines, just like any of you could. If you want to crash the world’s economy this is what you would do. Here we go. Fact: Germany’s economy is teetering on recession. Germany is the strongest of the EU’s economies with the most stable financial/banking systems. As goes Germany so goes the EU. The most recent reports from Germany regarding imports/exports, growth forecasts and manufacturing are bleak. The generally unfavorable conditions and uncertainty in the world economy is taking its toll and it’s not good. Fact: Boris Johnson is set on taking Great Britain out of the EU without any other trade agreements in place. This will cause yet more fear and escalate the financial uncertainty in the world markets, including of course Germany. It may also spark internal political unrest in the UK regarding Scotland and the Ireland’s political and monetary unity with England. To say the least, this is not good. Fact: Trump’s tax plan did exactly what it was meant to do. Transfer wealth to the top, give our economy a “sugar-high”, blow up the deficit and stick the future generations with the bill. In the meantime, Trump’s inertia economy, meaning he is riding the inertia of the Obama recovery, is slowing down and about to end. One thing about monetary gravity, you can only ignore it for so long. What goes up, must come down. Fact: We are losing the trade war with China. This is a particularly sad and cruel part of the equation as it was a battle we could never economically or politically win. Firstly, the tariffs are taxes paid for by American consumers, not the Chinese. Secondly, China has no free elections so they can wait out Trump which, on a bright note (perhaps the only one) looks like it may not take too much longer. Make no mistake. These are not random or unconnected events. Someone, somewhere is pulling the strings and sending us all down into a worldwide “chaos economy” where there is money to be made, and a lot of it, if you know how to benefit from the pain and misery of the world’s population. If we factor in the unrest in Hong Kong, the purposeful deforestation of the Brazilian Rainforest, and the artificially strong dollar (making our products even harder to export) we have a recipe for world-wide economic disaster. Who will bail out the world? American politics are in shambles. Did the King Bush II years teach us anything? A Republican president, cutting taxes, blowing up the deficit, increasing military spending with no Congressional oversight? The Wall. What should we have expected? The saddest part is someone will benefit. Why? Because someone always does.

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