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Don't Flatr Yourself Part II

By Philip Drucker

Let’s see now, where did I leave off? Ah yes, I was about to start a discussion/analysis of “infinite wisdom”. If we accept our own access to knowledge as finite, and hence inherently limited during our time “below”, or as I like to call it, under infinite wisdom line, what might be the proper response to our never to know all there is to know and then some predicament?

Wisdom is a funny word. It implies more than mere working knowledge, but a certain practicality of application of the possible outcomes to in most cases any number of different situations. Some would call it cause and effect, you know, part of the laws of physics. Like in science. Yes, I am suggesting that God must in some way be a physicist. For me, his wisdom as revealed to us on Earth has a certain air of predictability, no matter how mysterious to us his ways may be.

Probability, chance, likely outcomes, statistics, and luck, yes even an odd sort of fuzzy logic (that might be the human in me talking) seem to all play a role in our everyday lives, as supplied by the one who indeed created it. Science is merely a method of trial, error and hopefully discovery, tied into mathematics to produce a consistent, reliable roadmap of recreation, aka the same result.

And so, if we are to emulate Him, do as he does, why would we not follow His lead and here I know will be a a radical thought for some, use science to prove, or and I want to be clear here, not disprove of his providence as recorded, but to explain the true wonders of the universe we live in, right here, and right now?

We live in a world of seemingly limitless possibilities. We have only to think, imagine, stumble across, back into, trip and fall down a flight of stairs to begin the process of making the impossible possible. Miracles are happening all around us, all day, every day. So many of which we have yet to even acknowledge, much less comprehend. Some so small they cannot be seen, yet. Some so big we have yet to bring them into our scale of mind and our meager focus.

We are drawn by the unknown, the unknowable, the impossible. We read stories of wonder and well, wonder. Did Moses part the Red Sea? I think he did. He certainly could have. Want some advice? When someone in the science says to you, that is physically impossible, it means nothing “we don’t know” for what was “impossible” yesterday is often routine, ordinary and even commonplace tomorrow. Science is like that. It builds upon itself and as with life, you know, one thing always leads to another, and then another and then another. If you are still astounded to find that supposedly unbreakable “law of physics” are broken nearly every day, well, to be fair every other day, you need to start subscribing to at a minimum Scientific American, Popular Mechanics and if I may suggest, start watching Rick & Morty on the Cartoon Channel for the latest on the infinite alternate realities inherent in the multi-verse. It’s like studying Schrodinger’s Cat Theory, but a whole lot funnier. Science!

The secret to building and maintaining a successful cult of personality is to sucker as many rubes as possible into believing “they” and they alone have a “special” relationship with their beloved leader. Part and parcel of this let’s call it “exclusive” club is the transmission, or should I say imparting, of mind-blowing, surely life changing, perhaps even earth-shattering of crucial and yes, true information, so important to the “mission” that it can only be shared only among the faithful, the believers, and dare I say it? The true chosen ones?

In this modern era, not unlike AM radio at the end of the 20th Century, notice the recent proliferation of somewhat hard to find message boards with funny, obscure names? 4chan? Anything with a “Q” comes to mind? I do not wish to insult those who put funny looking fishes on their car bumpers (you know the same people who never use their turn signals?) but…I’ll leave it at that.

Science is not the tool of the devil invented to turn the pious away from the true words of salvation. It can’t and it never will. But, science does have a way of ruining a good story and for the allegorically challenged among us, this does not sit with black letter interpretations of the Old and New Testaments. By the way, anybody know how long a cubit is? Asking for a friend.

Anything that challenges the myth, the fantasy, that threatens the safety and security of living within a covered in warm syrup stack of mass hysteria pancakes with all the pork products you can imagine on the side breakfast bar, must be not only rejected, but publicly denounced, demeaned, and along with the infidel messenger, exposed as the “fake news” agents of evil who it just so happens probably watch a television channel that isn’t at a minimum 50% lies, but even that is yet another provable fact of little to no consequence.

Because it doesn’t fit the narrative of he said it (in a tweet) we all believe it, as he said it, so it must be true. And if we are being honest about the value of truth to your average Trump lemming, it can never replace the feelings of purpose, empowerment and belonging, even if the eventual outcome is the suspension and loss of my rights and freedom and the installation of a madman who would be emperor/dictator/king in the White House for life and the destruction of our true American way of life.

American Democracy demands the free-flow of accurate information to the widest audience possible for purposes of discussion and robust debate. Once the truth becomes obvious, in its capacity of lawmaker, Congress must act accordingly. Hence free speech, free press and right to assembly and association are key to our continued success and yes, basic freedom.

I argue science is in there somewhere. Call me a heretic, but currently a little reliance on scientists and reliable clinical information from experts might help with the Covid-19 virus, pandemic before it unnecessarily claims more lives. Or, we can wait for a miracle. Or drink bleach, or eat Goya beans, or, say, have any of you tried shoving a light sabre up your ass? May the Space Force be with you. Science!

IN CONCLUSION: Is the world two-dimensional? Is it possible the Earth is objectively, scientifically, demonstrably flat? If you are still supporting Trump, the answer is it is if he tweets it so, isn’t it? In fact, after nearly four years of the mind-boggling madness, Cult45 has no problem supporting an as two-dimensional with no discernible depth or perception at all cartoon characterization of president, now do they? I can’t argue with that and quite frankly neither should you. We have more important things to do. Like elect Joe Biden, defeat fascism, heal the sick, take care of the poor. Restore equal justice under the law for all. You know, the stuff that truly does make America great and in the future, make us even greater than we are today.


Twitter: @DruckerPhilip

Instagram: Philip_Drucker

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