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I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to what it might be like for persons who wake up every morning and just can’t wait for their daily dose of disinformation, half-truths and dangerous, outright lies to keep the fantasy, the high of being “in the know” about the latest this time for sure conspiracy theory involving the deep state, cannibalism, pizza parlor basements, bamboo ballots and demonic panda bears as part and parcel of the fight between all that is good and evil?

Is it possible for these poor bastards addicted to harmful non-sequiturs expressed through the latest meme as a way of life find the bigger the lie, the bigger the high? Political junkies with a cause, but no clue?

As with most addictions, they start innocently enough. A puff here, a snort there, just one more and then I’ll leave it alone. Or, maybe I’ll check the message boards or my social media account, whichever one is up that week, don’t want to fall behind in the latest brain washing “news” cycle from Faux & Friends, Breitbarf or the Blasé.

If times are tough and Tucker Carlson’s brand of lunacy seems a wee bit tepid and is not getting the job done, do they go out and buy another assault weapon they don’t need? Feed their faith in the unbelievable by making a donation, or two, or three, depending on whether you checked the right box or not, as proof of your unyielding to reality devotion to the latest cause, storm, confederate statue, kraken, golden idol and false prophet?

How is it the aspect of bringing nothing short of a living hell to earth through the political process so incredibly attractive to the degree the believers are willing to not only elect, but I bet you re-elect if given a chance, a sex trafficker of underage children? A failed “businessman” who in reality as cold hearted as they come con man who turned the White House into a crime family always on the lookout for the next grift without any thought to the plight of Americans the Orange Ogre Slob Menace had sworn an oath to defend?

What are we, the ones who refuse to drink the crazy water to make of the causal another day at the office automaton acceptance of the violent and seditious events and the subsequent whitewashing of the Capitol Insurrection by the CroMAGAQAnons?

The Alt of their minds Right claim to “love” America, yet are now openly hostile to democracy, now repeating as if they were parrots looking for a constitutional cracker, that true Americans must protect our “Constitutional Republic” without realizing the foundation of our representative form of government relies on the one person, one vote from of democracy? You know, the ballot box?

Don’t think so? On top of the various numerous State attempts to limit voter rights, the ID Laws, with a photo, without a photo, the various voter register purges, the blatant attempts to grant despotic power to the legislature for the sole purpose of overturning the results of a free and fair election, and all “covered” by you guessed it, made up claims of rampant, material voter fraud, for no discernible reason except as an extension to the “We don’t like the guy who won, and since we feel we are right, our will be done courtesy of an unconstitutional legislative power grab by persons elected as a result of hyper partisan gerrymandering and the now entirely held hostage by the extreme loonies dominated GOP primary process by which the “Rinos” are dutifully purged, the most recent capital crime being defending the legitimacy of the Biden administration and at wholly at the expense of the truth.

Is this the outcome we as free Americans want to see? The loss of our election process as a result of untrue lies, rumors involving bamboo particles in ballots and stories based on memes originating in Russia?

If you are like me, and let’s call us We, the Uneasy, both marvel at and justifiably alarmed at the apparent ease with which a significant, or at least loud, part of our body politic are willing to vote away, legislate away, and if necessary, overthrow our rights as free persons under the Constitution, to create a more perfect union via the democratic election process, a benchmark of a free people.

It is both troubling and hard to explain why the security of at least I would estimate a quarter of our nation insists on the exercise of their rights limiting if not outright denying the rights of their fellow Americans to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without so much as a second thought.

How far will they go? Well, we now unfortunately know that installing for life a lying, cheating, stealing, anti-religious, amoral at best authoritarian, black heart and racist monster who would like nothing more than to have you, yes you vote away your right to oppose much less depose him via democracy is definitely on the table, for them.

The past four years have taught them nothing but to retreat further into a fantasmagorical reality filled with anger, hate, fear and unreal grievances against those have done nothing more than try to be the best Americans they can be, honoring those rights of their fellow Americans at the ballox box and beyond.

Funny part is, in a democracy it could happen. And then, you’ll love this, it wasn’t his fault was it and thus, he won’t take responsibility for the demise of democracy, will he? Because it’s not his fault, is it? It’s mostly those who decided fascism was the way to go, but for those who failed to stop him from usurping power, now known currently as us, but soon to be as the victims.

Is this what it means to be a nation dedicated to the rule of law? The creation of a political party that is willing at the drop of a three-cornered hat to claim imaginary rights if is convenient to do so, in the Constitution, and if not in God, and if not in well, Satan?

If your convictions toward forming a vibrant future, with or without the soon to be cut loose GQP albatross around our necks (oh yes, it’s coming) have been a bit shaken by the kraken lately, know this.

If you want to see what “progress” means to the GQP/Insurrection cult/Klan, take a vacation to South Carolina, commit a capital felony, make it onto death row, and feel the “mercy” of being allowed to choose either old sparky or do due to new legislation enacted this year, yes, 2021, the firing squad as your preferred method of execution. Personally, I’d choose the firing squad, I hear it’s quicker. #CroMAGAQAnons

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