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Communique "You Might Be a Racist If..." 6-30-2021

Is it my imagination or have liberals suddenly lost their nerve when it comes to calling out racists, giving them the benefit of the doubt by running through a maze of excuses for which their behavior may be if not justified, usually as in “you are mistaken” as if any truthful information could sway them, or that somehow any actions or statements of support for what seems to be at times an almost intellectual mish-mash of “within the right context”, usually in regards to political ambition, is somehow excusable as long as no one ends up at the end of a noose swinging in the breeze.

How many times have I heard over the past four and now heading into five years, when referring to politicians at all levels of government, the almost apologetic get out of racist jail card free somewhere along the lines of, oh he’s (or she’s) not really a racist. They are using race to further their careers.

Would someone like to tell me what is the difference between being a bigoted racist of any shape, size, persuasion, or ideology that is somehow well, not quite a “real” racist because they don’t actually, fully, partially, temporarily (as if it is a phase) completely 100% adhere to a doctrine born out of a stinking cauldron of blood, hatred, intolerance, fire and brimstone simmering if not yet boiling over in acts and a fully formed “Mein Kampf” ideology dependent on the misguided belief in the inherent inferiority and subjugation of an entire genus, species or breed of humans just like us based on the most spurious, specious, peripheral, cursory, counterfeit, intellectually and morally counterfeit, fraudulent and quite frankly calculated to produce harm of perceived “differences”.

You know the usual suspects. Race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual preferences, religious preferences (if any) immigrants and if you need a more complete list all of the categories of suspect classifications we have been trying to protect since the beginning of our nation your best bet is to start with the plight of newly freed slaves and the still unfulfilled promises and protections granted under the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and including the onslaught of Civil Rights Acts enacted during the 1960s.

Would someone like to tell me why someone who claims not to be a racist, but agrees with “just about everything else” Trump says, as if it is possible to separate Trumpist/GQP dogma from racism, isn’t a racist?

Would anyone like to tell me why someone who indulges in stereotypes, because they “like” them, think they are funny and therefore everyone else should “lighten up” and stop worrying about the injurious, blatant disrespect shown for another individual’s identity, always hurtful, “put-down” culture with the inevitable back up of some kind of 1st Amendment Right to express your anger and frustration even if it would result in imminent lawless actions taken against persons who did nothing to you and yours?

How are you a birther or a holocaust denier who believes in waving the Nazi flag as a sign of immense pride in being associated with genocide as a “final solution” led by a drug addicted, homicidal maniac without being a racist? How do you wave the Confederate Battle Flag as a sign of your pride based on a “culture” that claimed the right to own another human being as a matter of destiny and God’s divine plan?

While we are discussing clearly misplaced dogma and religious intolerance, tell me, how do you justify opposing a woman’s choice to have an abortion, an act of free will certainly to be decided between the prospective mother, her God, spiritual advisor, perhaps doctor, husband, family members, unless, she has your approval? What kind of monster feels the need to intervene in private familial matters on behalf of one not quite fully formed being not capable of existing outside the womb of the mother?

In cases of rape and incest? Regardless of whether the life, yes life of the mother is at risk? A termination you claim rises to the malevolent intentions of murder? As if you would stop at killing the doctor, executing the mother for so much as a miscarriage, claiming an electrical impulse is a “heartbeat”, so you can, get to heaven? How sick is that? You my ex-friend, are as I said a monster and I will call you out every time.

Of course, I’m taking a risk here, seeing as 2nd Amendment Rights often attached to some psychotic heretical delirium often expressed as “God’s righteous vengeance” is definitely in the chamber of your AR-15 that has no rational place among civilians in a sane society. Death cult much?

And now, we can add in the recent racially charged and motivated “bonding” going on between violent seditionists whose hatred of “immigrants” (no particular color, ethnicity of logical reason at all for hatred necessary) who for some reason I can’t fathom are the “real” patriots, who are going to “save” the “real” America for the “real” Americans, who are all conveniently white, or strangely compliant to the cause, and importantly, have no apparent use for the truth or anything other than passing an insidious “purity” test by following the feverish ramblings of a half-dead on his way to prison twice impeached completely disgraced traitor who sold out his country for nothing more than the promise of a hotel in Moscow.

Now, I am not suggesting we abandon any semblance of decorum, much less put our own personal safety in peril over words however true, that will be interpreted as confrontational (funny how racists hate to be called out) if not downright hostile. Yet, can we as those who love democracy and know democracy cannot exist without the truth, can we start demanding that media figures (kudos to Joy Reid) call it by name.

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of seeing the true dregs of our society spout misery and mayhem trying to “connect” by finding the right scapegoat in an effort to forge a bond made in hell, those like-minded individuals who simply can’t seem to take responsibility for their failures all relish the chance to find the latest “if only they were not here” persons who don’t look like them, don’t act like them and when it comes to your average MAGA QAnon Bannon psychopath, are not even real Americans anyway so who cares if “they” vote or not. And given their druthers, let make that vote thing not.

Great racists do not make for great Americans. Spin your little world of lies, misdirection, gas lighting and deception all you want but for this Resistor, if you are a racist, please expect to be called and treated as one and know you have nothing but my uttermost disdain for you and yours, or, let’s make that up yours. Pig.

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