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Communique "Women of the World Unite!" 4-16-2022

Women of the World Unite!

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” -Karl Marx

When read in its entirety, this quote from Karl Marx is quite lyrical, wouldn’t you say? The heart of a heartless world. How is that a rebuke of religion? If we factor in opium was legal at the time and its use did not carry the sinister drug related message it sends today, isn’t it reasonable if not the better interpretation of the quote as an acknowledgment of the healing powers of faith, piety and devotion, no matter the path one chooses to follow?

Isn’t this famous, yet often misused and abused quote a tacit admission that as related to economics and the plight of the economically disadvantaged, the Proletariat if you prefer, ameliorated by the possibility if not promise of a better life through a force that move planets as easily as they could move the minds, hearts and souls of those who choose to ignore the basic tenets of the human condition?

It might surprise some of you to learn I fully believe in the power of prayer. I find prayer similar in nature to meditation as a form of identifying and formulating an answer to those issues that trouble us at times of inertia, self-doubt and despair. In other words, a way to foster a new and stronger, everlasting hope.

This morning I found myself praying, not for myself or even one person but for a rather large, and encompassing group known generically as women. For it is at this time the faux religious, the heartless and soulless have chosen to take their traveling hate mongering show to the female of the species in search of their latest opiate.

These are the poor misguided lost souls among us who find the words of their Lord and glorious salvation in the bondage and submission of their brothers and sisters. Should we be shocked? For is this not the same ilk that found the message of God in slavery? That acts of unspeakable cruelty when done in the name of all that is righteous and holy reflect the will of a Supreme, all knowing and loving being?

In the case of involuntary servitude, their class, the oppressed and downtrodden being cast as slaves in their extreme and perverse application of master and servant, the “lower” class needing no more evidence of “inferiority” requiring nothing more than the color of one’s skin?

Now, in the madness and atrocities continued against women, all women, the young and the old trapped in a position of artificial inferiority for no reason that I can discern except they lack the right genitalia, in this instance a dick.

I prayed we get back to the timeless wisdom of the Notorious R.B.G. Ruth Bader Ginsberg. A true legal visionary in so many ways, yet her greatest achievements should be accredited to her ability in the area of Women’s Rights.

I am not alone when I offer praise for her majority opinion in the now seminal case of United States v. VMI 518 U.S. 515 (1996). The case involves whether the all-male Virginia Military Institute (VMI) could continue to ban women from its programs or, could an alternate solution be fashioned by VMI meet Constitutional muster.

Invariably, VMI chose to start a supposedly equal institute, the Virginia Military Institute for Women (VMIL). The alternate was from the beginning a shadow in facilities, curriculum and scope, of the program offered by VMI, was admittedly based on the “premise” that women preferred a cooperative, nurturing environment to learn as opposed to the traditional, adversarial, and at times downright mean policies needed to turn fine young men into fine your cadets.

In striking down VMI’s actions as an unconstitutional violation of the Equal Protection Clause (EPC), RBG pointed out that, as with most discriminatory actions the underlying impetus for creating separate but equal rules for different classes, it is almost always the case that justifications for differences lies in nothing more than stereotypes.

RGB goes on to point out that stereotypes of women including allusions to the “weaker sex”, afraid of confrontation and needing to be cuddled from time to time were all in essence imaginary, out-of-touch and clearly portray an untrue and illusory impression of what any individual woman might be capable of without even the chance of “proving them wrong”.

It is also worth noting that in this 7-1 decision, with Scalia the only dissenting voice, Clarence Thomas recused himself as he was at least at the time able to discern an actual judicial conflict as his son was at the time enrolled at VMI.

So, it does seem that as with his current conflict concerning his whack-job cult leaders dream of a wife involved in a case related to the insurrection on January 6, Clarence seems to have conveniently forgotten when to recuse. Funny how he knew the rules regarding ethical conduct and when to skedaddle when he still had his pal, buddy and handler/overlord Scalia to remind him it was his duty to do so.

I would like to pray for the return of something resembling a return to some semblance of a conscience (I’ve given up on soul) for Clarence, but I must admit it at this current political environment, it would be something of a long shot.

The saying God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is no, readily comes to mind. But so does the Stevie Wonder song “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” with my own lyric change of “He’s theirs” will hopefully work its way out of our now pay to play Supreme Court before whatever shred of integrity and trustworthiness still left in the public’s perception runs dry and the Court as We, the People have come to know it, is, well, no more.

While praying, I found it odd that on this weekend of overlapping religious holidays, in particular Passover and Easter, more attention has not been applied to the story of “Exodus” a timeless tale that speaks to all generations in matters related to the human desire to be free from oppression and given the chance to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Exodus is the story of the Jewish deliverance from the forced slavery of Pharaoh for no reason other than they were of another faith has not been given its fair share of inspection, introspection and relevancy to this eternal struggle carrying on for many generations including the present.

We saw the same ignorance during the 1960s during the Martin Luther King era pertaining to matters based upon stereotypes still believed by many regarding racial justice and equality.

Today, we see the discriminatory, bigoted, animus and ire growing among those who would turn back the clock to a time better left not forgotten but limited to readily available information regarding the dark spot on our history that it remains and deserves to be.

Lastly, I prayed that all females, young and old, not suffer the unnecessary stereotypes placed upon them that causes those who would enslave them, claim as their “rationale” for once again, dabbling in the world of politics in what amounts to little more than the imposition of intolerance, derision and division as the “American Way”.

And almost impossibly, as blessed by our good, kind and loving God, who I hope hears my prayers as he decides not just for the downtrodden but our shared fate as Americans, fate, not to return, but to remind us of our true greatness that no other country can claim, “E Pluribus Unum” or if you prefer, “One from many”. You dig?

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