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Communique "Wipe Out" 5-4-2022

War is cancel culture. Any additional usage of the term is nothing more than convenient GQP talking points meant to deflect from their underlying messages of profanity (Let’s Go Brandon), insanity (Orange Monster for Dictator Tot in 2024), and the general racist, hateful rhetoric that the intolerance Petrie dish will eventually infect, fester and breed.

Let me make myself clear. There is no reason for genocide. Yet, in Ukraine we are seeing events that can no longer escape reasonable comparison to the atrocities carried out by the Nazis during World War II.

Genocide has but one purpose. It is to eliminate the human element from the face of the planet and the annals of humankind. It is an ultimate expression coupled with aggression and regression toward re-framing world history through the eyes of the those consumed with a madness the Gods impose upon those they wish to suffer.

In America, for all the information available, starting with a Google search, the MAGA crowd still seems all too oblivious to the reality that Russia is not our Ally and NATO exists for a very good and highly necessary security alliance meant to reign in Putin’s plan to return Russia to its glory days when Catherine the Great was Queen.

Is this the first time that Russia has tried to wipe the Ukrainians off the face of the Earth? Not even close. The most recent attempt was in 1932-1933 when the Soviets created what is today labeled the Holodomor, or Terror-Famine, as part of a strategy to starve their grain-producing neighbors into a mass grave, or an abyss filled with the silence of voices that will no longer expose the murderous activities of their now ghostly oppressors.

So why are so many supposedly freedom loving Americans so unwilling, or incapable of finding it within themselves the basic humanity to stand with the Ukrainians who are a western-friendly democracy and would like nothing more than to be free from the threat of a hostile and sadistic no loss of human life is too great totalitarian regime on its border, between us and them.

How do we deal with persons, right or wrong, believing that our future will be found by carrying on an absolute fabrication, “The Big Lie” rather than simply admit their candidate lost? Is there a magic code to “cracking the key” to their reluctance to face the music and take responsibility for their own actions?

So far, the answer has been a resounding no. In fact, one of the revelations of this round of politically directed dementia has been I never knew tolerance was a one-way street. As if We the People are responsible to hear their side while turning suddenly deaf ears and blind eyes to even the sincerest offers to share, discuss and yes, form a working dialog.

Yet when the cards you are holding include racism, sexism, homophobia, and God’s righteous vengeance as the cure for what ails us, well, simply put, tolerance becomes a guilt none of us can afford. The bridge forward cannot be built upon the backs of those who never did us any harm in the first place.

Unless of course you consider the struggle for equality and justice for all in America a “leftist” or “socialist” plot that will dissipate our culture while it spreads the wealth of the richest nation on the planet and hopefully eliminating discrimination and eradicating poverty, hunger, and want.

My “other” recent revelation was witnessing the power of irrational thoughts turned into meaningful “feelings” that have suddenly been imbued to override the rational mind, as the brain becomes the maker of illusions for which the seeds were planted by indoctrination, or as they like to call it, public education.

I see this phenomenon as nothing short of a mass hysteria tantrum thrown by let’s call them the pious and devoted for “kicking” religion, their religion, out of the classroom while allowing students to use whatever bathroom they gender-associate with.

How do you explain our Lord cannot be excluded from anyone, anywhere, as He is always all around us? The only place I seem to see an exception is in the hearts of those who will not accept his example, to love, hold and cherish not only the familiar, but to celebrate our diversity as many shades and experiences, all created in his one singular image.

The point? When listening to the concerns of the better red than dead crowd, wouldn’t it be better to perhaps, but with a certain firmness of belief, kindly refrain from engaging in the so-called Culture Wars that are not actual battles or combat, but the mere Quixotic almost peyote induced exit from reality for those who would still blame cancer as the by-product of noisy windmills.

I for one am glad a true American war on culture does not exist. My predictions? Mickey Mouse will prevail over the despot DeSantis and students of all ages will be able to say “Gay” in schools. As sexy and appealing as banning and burning books may be to the remnants of the John Birch Society, this too, will pass.

The US Supreme Court will be reformed and delivered into far more capable hands than the grubby, purely motivated by political ideology coming from a minority of a minority of American discourse and thought.

Our second Gilded Age of too much money concentrated in too few hands, this time without the seeming sense of giving back to society because they “worked hard” building playthings for the rich and famous will be revealed as the standard bearer for greed as a positive, if not the driving force of our economy.

Anyone long for the days when new ideas and innovations in the marketplace, you know, better products for less money were the American model for growth and success? I do and you should too. This is the pride and promise of capitalism, not a steady, unrelenting drive toward the survival of the too big to fail, least our economy goes down in a blaze of debt, inflation, and uncertainty in the now clearly too high for justification rigged stock market.

There is no war. At least not in America. There is only a relatively small, but admittedly somewhat loud contingent of those who continue to insist their values, beliefs, and practices, even when they incorporate the idea their “salvation” includes the exclusion of certain members of our society they don’t happen to “like” from entering the Gates of Heaven.

In closing, I quote some of the still highly relevant lyrics to the classic War (What is it good for).

Absolutely nothing? Say it again. Who’s in?

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