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Communique "Why is Telling The Truth Hard?" 7-27-2021

For anyone who saw the opening ceremonies at the Capitol Building today I dare say there is little doubt that in America there is but one political party that could reasonably be recognized as a functioning entity capable of government. This is of course on top of only one party able to show understanding of the basics of the human condition including intelligence, empathy, duty, honor integrity and service to our country. This would be the Democratic Party.

What we have on the other side of the aisle/equation is a rag-tag, motley fool boob crew clump of not just deplorables but now clearly disposable faux news crackpot driven dangerously delusional drug addicts hooked on lies, rumor and innuendo as a way of maintaining power without even a second thought to the consequences to our democracy, and without doubt nothing more than empty rhetoric, nudge, nudge, wink, wink say no more nods to racism, stupidity is the new smart and quite frankly bizarre, conspiracy theories, some involving Tyler Perry and 80% scale models of the White House that, c’mon now, we would all be far better off without.

This is the truth and as you can see if you are a member of the American Fascist Loser Anus Coalition (AFLAC) it would be difficult to explain any of your actions without admitting that most of your “agenda” if you could call it that, revolves around finding those united by as shared sense of hatred or fear, as in I hate/fear who you hate/fear and are easily swayed by jingoistic stories, the wilder and more unbelievable the better.

Keep in mind we are dealing with a segment of our population that is anti-choice, anti-education, anti-union, that are convinced the answers to all their prayers is a broken down, two-bit or maybe one-bit con man who promised them whatever it was they wanted to hear in return for their not only undying, but dying if necessary loyalty obedience often bordering on morbid adoration as the price of admission for entrance into the Grand Old House of Smoke and Mirrors, and generally speaking, the crypto currency of the new realm.

So why is telling the truth so hard for this bedhead, banana republic and beyond bonanza of buffoons? The answer is because they don’t have to and I would also posit this is as a result of their audiences non-interest in anything “man made”, you know, the juris prudence laws of man, science, medicine, no, these are earthbound remedies and well, simply cannot take the place of holding onto an almost magical scenario where all matters of an earthly nature are subject and settled by serpents, talking burning bushes, parting of the seas, and anything indicating that we have entered into a second age of biblical miracles, or at least some think akin to a chance for someone above to smote our enemies through divine lightning and thunder.

You know, global warming, climate change, all of which is not real, unless it could be attributed to the Creator’s will in retaliation for some ill they think they have suffered at someone else’s usually “liberal” hands, but probably involves nothing more serious than removing obsolete characters from cartoons and books, or the ever-popular punishment for the harlot who dares breastfeed her child in public.

And so, the devoted wait, and wait, and re-schedule, and then re-schedule again, trying to trigger events from a higher calling while preferring falsity and fantasy to the anything resembling truth, for as we all know, the MAGAs, the Q, the insurrectionists, the terrorists and they are on a fool’s errand of immense proportions (think the big lies are yet to come) waiting, forever if necessary for a day that will never come.

Is this new? No. There has never been any doubt in the so–called “rural”, “country” or I guess now “Republican” lifestyle has always revolved in large part around religion and family with a little racism leading to grievances based on nothing more than the color of one’s skin, and the incredibly delusional complex that even if there was a “deep state” they would be interested in the comings and goings of the latest Jim Jones or Branch Davidians death cult.

Not saying it wouldn’t hurt if these cult members would at least stop with the child bride/molestation of children and stockpiling of guns in the basement, but that would be based on reality and common sense plus in this case a sense of decency, and from what I have seen it ain’t going to happen anytime soon. Not if they believe they have a divine right to debauchery and slaughter, that apparently, they do.

I don’t know about you, but the next time I hear that Mary was thirteen when she met Joseph, that incest was allowed and slavery permitted in the Bible as proof the blessed nature of their illegal, immoral and probably fattening I’ll be kind here and say “mission” I think I’m going to scream, this time without the Lindell pillow muffling my cries of hopelessness and distress for a part of the world gone crazy.

At the societal and political level, the problems are further compounded by the AFLACs unapologetic and unwavering commitment to power for power’s sake. If you are the savvy domestic terrorist today, you need to thrown in a dash of nihilism, as in the government can do no right, often followed by accusations of socialism, far or extreme left, or even infidel if the cleft hoof fits.

This is why the AFLAC does not want anything the Democrats do to succeed. They can’t risk their followers discovering the TRUTH, that in fact most of their problems are man-mad and hence, if they can be created by humans, they can be solved by humans as well.

By believing in the US system of governance. In Congress legislating for the common good. In the Oval Office where the person who swore to protect us from both enemies foreign and domestic resides, and the Judiciary, once returned to its proper level of functionality, rules on matters of justice with a blind eye and even hand.

Yet this, the Trump Death Cult 45 cannot do. Why? And this is the scary part, I know, you know and they know, the Fascists cannot win a national election, and soon, perhaps not even a statewide campaign with the only place left for the GQPers to mine in the wretched corners of small, gerrymandered ultra conservative now fascist districts that helped put us in this mess in the first place.

What’s left? I call it the “Real Steal” coming soon to a backwards, deranged, and morally incapable of acknowledging the truth in favor of the lie, and as long as we all stay united in our quest, or storm(y) Daniels or whatever we call it this week, on, and don’t forget we have all the guns we will ever need and can always get more, if our Creator through one of his many “vessels” (sad, isn’t it) if one of them happens to be a false prophet and tells us to. We’re soldiers, remember? God help us.

And so, going forward I do not believe the fascists among us will even run an actual campaign for president in 2024. What for? We all know who they are and they all know who We, the People and the majority of Americans are and what we want and will fight for at the ballot box, while they will keep doing false audits, file frivolous lawsuits and try to do as much damage to our democracy as possible.

What other possibility is there? If the Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell anti-democratic traitors want to stay in office, in any way shape of form, the Cro-MAGAnons are the only ones who would vote for them, or rig an election or attempt another January 6th style insurrection? This time with more inside help and bigger guns?

What happens the first time say; Georgia legislators decide they don’t like the way the vote went and “awards” the “real” victory because their might have been fraud or irregularities in the election process? Do you believe, say We, the People in California should accept that result?

We won’t. Why should we? We like the truth. We are the Americans who understand that the Constitution safeguards our natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that we as a nation have chosen democracy over fascism and are certainly not willing to give up this precious of all gifts of self-determination in government. Nor should we. I’m not. How about you?

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