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Communique "We, the People" 1-9-2021

Would you like to be let in on a little secret about the basics of Constitutional law analysis and law? All issues big, small and in-between, from the opening words of the document, to the last words of the 10th Amendment, with the clear and concise message that all power must begin and end with We, the People.

Now, if you are saying that is not much of a secret, let me take it a step further, no matter what the situation might seem to deviate, there is, was and will always be but one America, the majority, that by faithfully following the Constitution will ultimately determine the course of our County, our republic, our politics and our policy.

Since its inception in the late 1700s, America has always stood as the shining beacon, the lighthouse of democracy. A shining mansion on a hill. A place where all are welcome to take their seat at the table of democratic values, of democracy where if given the chance at self-rule, We, the People in unison and harmony will make the right decisions for ourselves and our fellow Americans.

In America, we do not adhere to the false allure of past deeds, bloodlines or declarations of false prophets, idolatry and divine intervention in the picking and choosing of our elected and unelected representative and sometimes out of necessity, leaders.

For the very word “We” indicate cooperation and agreement to form a more perfect union for the inhabitants of a place, a land, a nation, where if you are physically within our borders, and sometimes even without, the will of the compassionate, humble holistic and benevolent majority must be acted upon as if it were the edicts of a monarch and its subjects, as well as the words passing from a penitent and a priest.

When we see those persons, racists, sexists, the religious intolerant and dismissive of the basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of their brothers and sisters for selfish reasons who wish to deride, divide and conquer in spite of the will of the majority, aka those who believe in unity, common causes and purpose and banding together to make all of our lives better, these are the part of the We that put simply does not understand the history or greatness of America.

America has always managed to stay ahead of the pack by utilizing the gifts of diversity. Of new thoughts, minds and ways introduced into the gumbo we call American society. We evolve through assimilation and change for the better.

To allow every person the right to be free to seek and hopefully discover what they have to add to their lives, eventually filtering out into our lives as a better, more perfect way of attaining our personal and communal goals, in tandem, united, in a union of peace and progress, producing wonders for the rest of the world to see, to emulate, and hopefully to become our allies in honoring the rights of individuals to be free from want, religious intolerance and tyranny.

In short, to become part of a world-wide movement where the express needs, wants and ambitions of the many dictate the actions of those who we elect to respect our wishes and proceed with our political agenda accordingly.

You will know your brothers and sisters in arms, the We, so to speak, not by the color of their eyes, hair or skin, not by their gender or sexual preferences, you know, who they choose to love, or by which deity they wish to worship, but by their shared, inclusive visions of love and brotherhood, of helping oneself by helping others who in the final analysis are no different than ourselves.

If you want to find the true Americans, meaning those who adhere to the sage words of our fore-fathers who say America is a land of opportunity for all who would participate in our great social experiment with a positive belief and can-do attitude that leads to the logical conclusion that we all do better when we all do better, this is where you will find our true patriots and the source of our exceptionalism.

Find those who understand the value of Due Process, as often expressed as fundamental fairness in all government actions involving the rights of individuals. Look for those who understand the necessity of protecting those often in the minority classes of persons from discrimination and oppression by the majority under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

Join with those who understand that tyranny is tyranny whether practiced by the federal, state or local governments taken in direct contradiction and defiance of the natural, God-given rights we all share as part of but one race, that being the human race.

Reject those who find strength, superiority, justification and privilege through acts and attitudes that require the vilification and subjection of those who “do not look like us”, “who do not act like us” or “do not worship the same God as us” as viable reasons for exclusion form the American ideal necessary and inherent in the words “We, the People”.

Call out those who call out for a segment of our population to “go home” as their solution to what ails us as a nation and as a people. They are home. Expose those who would hide, ignore, or invent the truth as part of their “plan” for making America great for a house built on lies will not stand the tests of exposure to sunlight or the inevitable truths held in the annals of time.

Deny the misguided ideology that America is better off as a fascist dictatorship for without the gift of democracy, including any limitations placed upon our rights to free and unfettered discussions of all things including politics baked into our rights of free speech and free exercise of religion, to be free from unwanted government intervention, to assemble and share our grievances and to seek those of similar mind, without the full acknowledgement of all of these rights under the First Amendment for all, there is no America.

Do not fall for the false rhetoric of property rights being as valuable or perhaps even more valuable than the right to peaceably protest in the streets, to right the wrongs of injustice. Do not fall prey to the ridiculous and wrong-headed at best theory, or perhaps concocted belief that one life is of greater value than another.

How are the rights of the unborn to be born any greater, or lesser than the rights of the old and possibly infirmed to breathe their last breath in an atmosphere and environment of dignity? Along the same lines, how is it possible to justify choosing the so-called Second Amendment Rights, with or without a well-regulated militia of gun owners over the rights of innocent children to attend the school of their choice without fear of yet another mass-shooting?

Make the effort to discover who among you find the right to life sacred? Not just empty words written in the Declaration of Independence, along with Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to be subject to the evil, fear driven and incomprehensibly dangerous decisions of those who think all their problems can be solved by actions that amount to nothing more than vigilantes trying to form mobs, posses, (nonregulated) militias of “outraged” citizens who believe that hate, not conversation, debate, or understanding is the proper coin of the realm.

I tell you truly, a heart full of hate can do nothing more than produce more hate, anger, rage and violence as its reward. Hate is an invisible chain that binds the master to the servant in a manner detrimental to all parties. All the while, We, the People seek freedom. Freedom from the Faustian bargain of racial supremacy, patriarchy and escalating violence as the answer ideology struck all too often by those who choose not to see the futility of trying to find a way forward by going back to a time in our history better left forgotten.

In America, we often find ourselves discussing the tyranny of the masses for yes, it is true that sometimes the majority gets it wrong. But now is not one such time. For We, the People, who wish to honor the promise of what was given to us by the Founders, with benevolence, empathy and equal justice for all, got it right.

Don’t back down. Join.

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