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Communique "Wake me up before we all go the way of the Dodo" 4-29-2021

The morning after fallout from President Biden’s first address to the nation apparently has found somewhere around 85% of Americans approving of the bold and ambitious policies and future legislation proposed by his administration. FTR, I would be squarely within the ranks of the approving but would offer my perspective on why do we, again myself included, consider politics, policies and programs at helping those who need our help as individuals and a nation become “radicalized”?

Ever since I would say the 1970s the mantra from corporate America and their GOP puppets with a little, actually a lot of dark money and aid from the NRA, and as we now know as a front for Russian interests, “greed is good” has set us back and in great part is what ails us if indeed our mission as Americans to form a more perfect union is still the proper pursuit for our always was and always will be the greatest experiment in democracy where the people themselves accept and exercise our obligations to the country and to each other starting in the voting booth and not subject to neglect, cancellation and distortion from a callous, soulless lunatic in the White House.

But at least now, when people ask me what is meant by having a “woke” electorate back to minding their own business through the ballot box means, it is coming to the realization that helping ordinary everyday citizens with their ordinary and everyday lives, each household directly if necessary, accent on the children will be my definition of going forward. Glad to have that one out of the way.

“Woke” was a difficult or secret or obscure concept but it does involve a belief in the basic kindness and goodness of salt of the earth Americans to help those who cannot help themselves as part of their patriotic duty to put Country over individual and not, as the GQP, who have shown nothing but disgust and disdain for those who are less fortunate through no fault of their own with the rhetoric often erroneously offered that the poor are not as smart or do not work as hard as the rich and successful counterparts at the top of the food chain.

I would argue if the true measure of wealth in America were based upon the good old elbow grease distinctly American hard work will get you everywhere ethic, the rick would be poor and the poor, fabulously wealthy. How much hard work does it take to inherit a fortune? How much effort in corporate America is skewed toward putting “management”, you know, the corner office, executive bathroom key, failing upwards, while reigning or at least raining golden showers on those below (trickle down) parachute at the expense of the persons who actually do the work? You know, the that’s why they are called workers?

Isn’t being “woke” merely an acknowledgment and admission that if you want to feed those who are hungry you give them a fish before asking them to buy a fishing pole, sold by companies that no longer manufacture fishing poles in the USA, bait not included and sold separately?

For years, the GQP has gotten away with positing want, need, homelessness and starvation as a motivating factor toward escaping poverty. From my perspective, I don’t quite comprehend how starving harder so to speak would further assist in escaping poverty. In terms of economic policy meeting race meeting prison and police reform and justice, how does it help create a middle class of consumers by making their plight more difficult based on factors that have no actual effect on a consumer based economy except creating a minority dominated class of individuals who if and when desperate enough, without a fair and equal system based on talent and desire to succeed access to jobs that quite frankly under the GQP were outsourced and hence, didn’t even exist, will turn to crime, if lucky put in jail and once lost within the system, no longer able to offer anything to anyone, often without even a hint of justice, mercy or compassion.

In terms of not only being awake but strangely lucid, how many of us will forget Mitch Traitor of the People McConnell’s stone cold sober face, unmoved while sitting in his seat apparently slightly bothered but clearly also unconcerned with the re-birth of the American middle class happening right before his eyes?

How many of us will forget anytime soon the ridiculous “rebuttal” speech given by Republican Senator Tim Scott? For those of you still not seeing through the dark and twisted psyche of the GQP, insurrection, of just plain stupid party the GOP has become, the one trick elephant, spouting platitudes to “family values” is dog whistle level code for defending the unborn from the evil of all evils an evil, vile and unholy woman, often child, can perpetrate against society, you know, have an abortion.

I do admit that logic does dictate without birth, there would be a negative effect upon the concept of a family, but how does putting the rights of the unborn above those who are born into this world possibly without any choice of their own, and then punishing the mother, while I know this is hard to believe, even at the expense of promoting the rights of rapists and family members to have their children, that’s the GQP’s answer to promoting “family values”?

Is this what being woke means? Seeing clearly, perhaps for the first time as a nation of rational and reasonable individuals in decades how disastrous, deleterious, dehumanizing and degrading the overly zealous and based on no actual direct passage or scripture attributable to any of the Biblical prophets, applying to homosexuality as well, are and continue to be to our growth as a nation?

Answer me this. Where does it say in the Bible or any other religious manuscript for that matter, that the rights of the unborn to be born, outweigh any and all other considerations concerning the living? As most of my readers might remember, I refer to this phenomena of callous, crass and untenable to those who revere life, as the why does the first breath we take deserve more protection than drawing our last breath in an environment of sanctity, reverence and dignity?

Remember unions and pensions? This is what back in the day after a lifetime of hard work got you. Living the rest of your life knowing you and your loved ones (to some degree) would be able to continue without your direct participation in the workplace. You know, retirement? Then, to die a peaceful death knowing if nothing else, your sacrifices did not go unnoticed by the society to which you, as a middle-class American contributed to in the best way you knew how.

Is this what it means to be “woke”? You want to help the living? You want to help children of all ages and sizes, colors, genders, and all faiths? And you want the government to spend your tax dollars on public and then higher education for all? You want your government to tackle climate change? Green technology so we can give the next generation clean water to drink and clear air to breathe?

And you want to do it by lowering the defense budget by say, one less fighter jet a year that we were never going to use because it never worked in the first place, anyway? Is this what it means to be “woke”?

Of all the build back better banter I heard last night, the one proposal that caught my attention was the tax plan to include paid leave and reducing child-care costs of parents. If you want to help the family, isn’t this the way to go? Direct tax credits to parents for each child to reconstruct, enhance and in general offer incentives to having children as well as a true return to fostering and protecting family values?

Why, just throw in a bit less Bible thumping and add accurate scientific, information regarding a woman’s constitutional right to end her pregnancy, pre-birth, and I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts the abortion rates in America will go down. Maybe throw in a little more thought and effort into revamping our broken adoption system and abortion might, as a practical wedge issue dividing us, be a long-gone memory of a somewhat admirable, but in the end misguided effort at promoting family values.

This is what investing in human resources looks like and not investing in those who do not need or deserve any additional investments, you know corporate welfare and backroom deals for greedy individuals who have no intentions of helping anyone other than themselves and then parading this sham of patriotic benevolence around the nation as a viable economic policy and unbelievably shameless, part of what makes our country great.

Is this what it means to be “woke”. Well then set my alarm for the future, and let’s get to work. I’m in. How about you?

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