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Communique "Vax to The Max!"

If I had to pick the single most sad realization I have experienced over the last five years or so, you know, the Dark Ages of denial, mass dementia, disaster after disaster and disease (quite literally) it would be the extreme narrowness of so many persons’ perceptions that their way, vision, philosophy, if you could call it that is the “right” way.

Yet, the very fact their “right” way is for the most part an exclusionary process, featuring front and center racism as the vile glue holding their thinly veiled hatred for themselves, their lack of goodness, caring, character and integrity seeping out like so much toxic waste into the ballot box and truth be told society in general.

These are people who would rather surround themselves with false narratives bordering on fairy tales and recently, flights of fancy so extreme their only existence could be accounted for by a mix of denial, desperation and dissention toward those who wish for nothing more than a life filled with the promise of a better life for everyone, regardless of the perceived, superficial and irrelevant differences between all members of one singular, human race.

I pose the following throw down. We will always have more in common than our differences. Prove me wrong. You can’t. I remember roughly five years ago when I had my first blood transfusion. As I was sitting in a wheelchair (also a first) on my way to my hospital room (also a first) and they hooked me up to my first tower, I never once thought about where the blood came from. The only thing I knew or wanted to know was that it was red, and at that very stressful moment, even that might have been negotiable.

Every so often I find myself thinking about having another person’s blood coursing through my veins. Who was he/she? Where did they come from? Were they still alive? Should I send them a Christmas card? Or were they of another faith? One that thankfully allows for blood transfusions. And then I begin to ponder, why is it that some religions would rather have me die than receive life-giving treatments?

Then I remember back to a message I got from someone I didn’t know, and fortunately, will never be exposed to again. It was in response to an online post in which I was expressing my gratitude for all the nurses, doctors, and nice people who had helped me during that first week after I found out I had cancer.

Keeping I mind, I am a religious person and believe in the one Creator theory of deism, and was still distilling my predicament, in a somewhat strange space probably somewhere between self-pity and denial, an odd reply popped up on my feed.

It was from what I have only recently concluded (yes, it affected me that much) was a “religious” holier than the rest of us all put together who suggested I was “evil” because I chose literally life-saving medical treatments over accepting the “reality” that, and yes, I am not kidding, I had denied myself the opportunity to “know God” in a way that required me to accept my fate as his will and, well, die.

At the time, I took it seriously. Today, not so much. But what the experience has left me with is a new-found understanding about how little if any, empathy, kindness or caring I, you, we are going to get from persons who are happy, yes, happy to proclaim themselves infallible in their religious intolerance, their racism, their misogyny, as if somehow it is not enough for these creatures to be right, but I, you, we, must also be wrong.

I ask you, am I “wrong” for being alive today? For continuing to do everything I can to stay on this good Earth until it truly is my time to go? And how frightening it is that my misery, remember untreated cancer produces a painful, slow and horrible death, and demise could fill this miscreant with celestial joy in the name of the Father?

Forgive me, but I was reminded about this incident that is probably better forgotten, by a post I saw this morning. It was from an anti-vaccine maniac claiming essentially that Covid-19 was God’s way of separating the “good” people from the “bad”. And that if you needed a vaccine to survive, you were, you guessed it “bad”.

Keeping in mind these are the same morons who go to mass spreader events as if it were the lottery, you’re alive? Well, you win! You died? Well, I guess you weren’t as holy as you thought and their lives go on. No thought for anyone other than themselves. No thought for children. Let’s just call it as we see it. No thought period.

Only a devious, destructive and wholly misplaced belief in what I call exclusionary religion, meaning only so many of us are going to heaven not because we did good, bad, or indifferent with our time on this planet, there is always the offering plate and a little extra donation to wash away our sins, but because only we know the truth and practice it faithfully, in a delusional at best effort to be “saved”.

If I may, the problem with being saved is you must have committed acts to be forgiven for. Isn’t that true? Then there are the “tests”, always with the tests, that can only be fulfilled by overlooking the obvious and relying on faith alone as the only proper cure.

Kind of like, no blood transfusions, treatments, or medical attention at all lest ye fail the test of the devout and the holy. More like the mean, spiteful, and stupid if you ask me. It should be beyond reasonable discussion that life leads to life and death leads to death, and that the proper role of the living is to live, and the role of the dying to die.

When I say this, I do not feel sad. What makes me sad is seeing what remains of Trump’s Death Cult 45 refusing to get vaccinated against the Delta strain of the Covid-19 virus. 600,000 souls have been lost without a hint of regret or remorse. How is this possible? How is it we have among us a class of sub-humans, with a pulse but no conscience to appeal to, who in their warped mind equate my death, your death, if we were to succumb to the virus, being nothing more than an affirmation of their faith, until of course, they die, or more likely someone in their family or perhaps a friend dies.

Then what? Does the handiwork of the devil present itself? Or, as I fear, their lives still go on, with their seat in the after-life still reserved, for as long as their dollars continue to be sent to the latest televangelist who drives a Ferrari and claims to know the true meaning of God’s love while continuing earthly practices that invariable fit into at least one of the seven deadly sins.

At this point, I am willing to admit we have met the enemy and they are not us. And with this crowd, there literally is nothing but an us and them mentality and they will like most humans, do whatever it is to impress their peers, no matter the cost in human misery, that regardless of their many protestations and quite frankly ghoulish predictions for their future, will befall them and their loved ones as well.

Why am I telling you all this? “They” are never going to get the vaccine. They don’t care about variants, they don’t care about science, and importantly, they don’t care about me and you. They don’t and if you continue to delude yourself please do so at your own peril.

In fact, if I may sum it all up, they hate you and that is not going to change and we need to move on. Who is with me?

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