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Communique "Tyranny of the Manchin" 6-7-2021

Opening Statement: We, as American citizens are entitled to vote for the candidate of our choice without any reason or obligation on our part to agree, approve, or even acknowledge the content, message or viewpoints of persons who do not share our vision for the future of America.

This is called majority rule and last time I looked it was still one of the guiding principles of our democracy. In other words, if you do not agree that lack of education, foreign job flight leading to ever deepening levels of poverty in America, the proliferation of military grade assault weapons due to an erroneous reading of the Second Amendment, as well as virtually any policies dependent upon animus and discriminatory tactics often disingenuously disguised as a valid justification for denying persons let’s just say not white, their right to participate in the political arena, including the right to vote and for each and every ballot individually to be counted with the winner, the majority taking all.

Do not be fooled by the recent spate of political chicanery by the GQP, in cahoots with a few relatively insignificant Democratic in name only Senators who would have you believe that as part of a republic, where the interests of the People are represented through their elected officials, to their individual constituents includes protecting minority views that quite frankly are not compatible with a modern country that claims to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The Founding Fathers were not shy about stating their opposition to minority rule and certainly as we are witnessing at all levels of government today, did they show any affinity or interest in deferring to the wishes, no matter how good, bad or indifferent, sometimes vile, and often un-American as they may be, simply because these viewpoints were expressed by let’s say misguided minority of a minority that will do anything, including lie, cheat and steal an election to bring the weight of the government upon enforcing their version of the world, complete with rampant paranoia, and filled with fantastic beyond reasonable conspiracy theories, for no good reason except they “feel” they won. Problem is snowflake, you lost.

With no actual evidence of hanky-panky in the voting booth necessary to change the outcome of our duly elected 46th President, you know, Joe Biden? The guy who won the popular vote by a landslide by any reasonable standards a whopping seven million plus vote coupled with Joe’s clear and convincing victory in the Electoral College, the GQP and MAGA losers have resorted to saying the same now tired and debunked tropes over and over, each time a bit louder as if they hit a certain decibel, their complaints and laments will somehow take on different meanings and if the Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise, they will snatch ultimate victory from the jaws of defeat.

Problem is no one except those who would control the world for less than admirable purposes, you know the racists, plunderers, and religiously intolerant to identify a few of the principle offenders, are willing to give any credence to the unfounded attestations and quite frankly downright screechy protestations of these wall building, putting children in cages, cretins who I believe it is fair to say have traded their basic humanity in service of heavenly inspiration (Love thy neighbor anyone?) for the promise of ruling in a self-made and artificial dystopian hell on Earth.

Case in point, where does it say in the Constitution that America is a capitalist country with no deviation from the norm permissible? Here’s a hint. If you go looking, and just so we are clear, I did check, the Capitalism Clause. In fact, as to our rights to any one American economic system of choice, the Constitution is silent.

All we are guaranteed as Americans is our right to life, liberty and to engage in the pursuit of happiness without undue or unconstitutional burdens placed upon us through the choice of any economic or monetary system of trade and/or as expressed in the Constitution commerce internationally and between the various states.

Presently, We, the People, the ones who through hard work and dedication to a just cause, aka the defeat of despotism and tyranny in America, are still faced with a dilemma. Sadly, there is a barely large enough to matter, but not quite dead percentage of Americans who would give away our most precious social and political gift of all, that of democracy. Self-rule by the People, the majority, the masses.

There are many among us who realize American capitalism has entered in a mature and unfortunately overtly predatory stage of its economic development cycle. The rich are getting richer, and the poor are growing poorer. How is it that a relatively small group of sociopaths who fancy themselves businessmen and women have managed to talk far too many persons into believing America is rich when they, the millionaire and billionaire class are rich, while the unemployed or under employed what’s left of the middle class sees its chance at a better future for possibly generations to follow, grows ever more indigent and destitute, with the promise of economic recovery fading in the distance.

The funniest part, if it were funny at all about the GQP and MAGA maniacs is how nothing more than a red hat, or the promise of “insider info” that is not, will inevitably lead to a far greater reliance on merely to keep their children fed at night. Not to be catty, but I wonder how many, and I’m just being honest, ghouls out there have chosen to buy weapons and firearms in multiple quantities no less, they don’t need under the guise of 2nd Amendment Rights, while consciously watching their own children slide into a world of poor health due to lack of adequate information and education, health care, including harm due to treatable diseases (anti-vaccine fools!), and yes, the favorite malady of all third world countries, child malnutrition.

I am still anxiously awaiting a fair and reasoned response from my friends on the right as to why in an America ready to move on and develop while trying to do the most good for the greatest number the democratic green, liberal and as far as I can tell restorative economic “agenda” is dismissed out of hand as something it is not. Namely, the Biden Administration is not a left-wing radical “new deal” program promulgated in an evil way by “socialists”.

This self-defeating missive has left us unfairly burdened and beleaguered by its incorrect and so inappropriately overused for nothing more than its shock value effect on persons out of the mainstream of modern economic thought and hence, in direct contravention and stupidly defiant to the will of the masses led by the democrats who are by virtues of the safest election in our entire history, were legitimately elected by any realistic standard, other than those childish and nightmarish memes that rely on unbelievable depictions of the “other side as cannibals with a taste for children’s blood” to be used as fodder for satanic sacrifices and rituals.

They wail and rail at receiving Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as the tools of not of economic freedom but of the devil. They claim they would rather die (although we all know that is not true) for their “rights” to not wear a mask during a pandemic that, again, we, meaning not them, have supposedly had ruthlessly and without provocation, imposed upon they/them, the “real Americans” amounting to an injustice of a distinctly un-American, always angry, maybe at times demonically possessed, mob of Antifascists, as if that were a bad thing to be in America.

But the real reason what’s left of the GOP and all its hydra like heads of horror cannot win is their near hysterical insistence that as “Americans” they have the right to enforce their rights to a fair and accurate vote by restricting and/or entirely negating the rights cherished by all Americans to a democratic, one person, one vote majority rule, aka a government of by and for the People.

For without democracy as evidenced by the peaceful transfer of power there can be no America and yes, if We, the People shirk our patriotic duty to protect this seminal pillar as the fruit of our true American heritage, I am afraid this noble experiment in self- determination under the rule of law, will perish from this Earth.

This of course, must not be allowed to happen. And we don’t have to let it happen and we still have our secret weapon. I suppose it shouldn’t be all that surprising how the racially motivated hate mongers who can’t even admit systematic racism and white privilege exist have a similar and fatal to their cause enormous blind spot when it comes to We, the People’s path forward.

We will fight their adversity with our diversity. For in the long run, it is all but axiomatic that a party or organization dedicated to an everyone is welcome, big tent philosophy will consistently represent the hopes, wants, expectations, views and visions of the majority.

The people, I you, we who in America do in fact call the shots. Reality is on its way. I am ready to come to the aid of my country at this, our dangerous time of need. Are you?

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