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Communique "Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In" 1-24-2022

One of the, if not the most under reported, in fact not reported at all because it won’t drive ratings stories of the year that only we, outside in the real world seem aware is the polarization of America is, dare I way it lest I lose my rating, easing up and (gasp!) common sense is once again starting to take hold.

After four years of living through what I like to call an invented reality, where one person could posit himself as the only one who can fix “it” as if we ever knew what was broken, turns out it was the Republican, now GQP party where a mean, old racist from Kentucky has managed to find 49 sycophants without a mind of their own to keep grasping at the dollar bills he so artfully keeps on a string just out of their reach.

Yet, as the Biden economy and in general, kind and compassionate agenda begins to affect the lives of everyday Americans and the middle class ready to make a comeback, with better jobs, benefits and pay, or, as I like to say, as it should be.

Finally, the millionaires and billionaires (donor class) are having to answer for their all too willing part in creating then nurturing the fueled by unchecked greed economic Covid-19 driven disaster that was, at least as they wanted us to believe, a sign of a stable, if not thriving America.

Meanwhile, this so-called “best economy ever” as if a rigged stock market could ever accurately reflect the true state of everyday American lives, good people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, having lost their homes, slept in their cars waiting for Amazon to throw a couple of weeks of work at them at poverty level wages that of course did nothing but keep expanding to the point of a near absurdity, the inequality loop between the haves and the have nots.

With the world returning to normal, we suddenly find ourselves dealing with problem of a more familiar nature, and for which we do have solutions. Inflation, as unpleasant as it is, is a feature of a capitalist society. It is a sign people are going back to work and have money to spend, yet production has failed to keep up with demand. Remember supply and demand?

The answer? Make more stuff. Interest rates are still low, and hence now is the time to expand and importantly manufacture, refurbish, replace, pave, and heavens to Betsy (whoever she is) Build Back Better. With new ideas and innovations with an eye toward recapturing the title of the world’s leading economy.

Can we do this? Of course! We are America and we can do anything we set our minds to. Don’t be fooled by the prophesies of our impending doom, destruction and relegation to third world status. Now that we are rid of the banana republic our last president tried to force upon us, we need only clean up the mess he left behind.

This will take time. But words such as transparency, responsibility, accountability, and when appropriate, payback, are replacing our past virtually daily laments concerning, lying, cheating, stealing, division, deception, and gas lighting. And not surprisingly, the shock and trauma caused by who cares I’m the above the law attitudes of those we elected to serve, is wearing off.

It is my opinion that as the world returns to “normal” the goalposts of history are also changing. No longer is our American president a puppet to the authoritarians of the world, including Vladimir Putin.

His hostilities, although serious, against Ukraine seem at best old school empire building, or in the case of the USSR, rebuilding, and more likely to do little more than make the economic austerity in Russia even harsher than it already is on the Russian people and who knows what that might lead to?

Back at home all the signs of a nation recovering quickly from a small bout of rocky mountain fever are blossoming. Does anyone really think that the MAGAs are going to take over the world? That racism will become the rallying cry for America?

As if misguided attempts to restrict school curriculum and burn books in a land of free people, with the internet, will be effective against the truth? As if isolation of interest in a modern world were even possible? And importantly, where the so-called Republican Jesus teaches a gospel of hate, intolerance and greed equals “prosperity” and a sign of God’s blessings? I for one will be glad when that goes away.

That brings up a good question, will all “that” go away? Probably not. I for one would settle for it slithering back under the various rocks, of which there are admittedly many, where they previously resided in their shared darkness of ignorance, constantly complaining that if they (the sane ones) would only listen to us, all our spiritual and societal problems would go away.

Well, they had their “if only” moment in the sun so to speak and did little but reveal their vision for the future of a white America where men were men and women were women and everything can be forgiven if the number of zeros attached to tithe matches the “severity” of the sin.

Somewhat Biblical, but mostly tragically, leading us back to a dystopian world where who you love is of far less importance than who you hate, often for no reason other than a horribly misinterpreted, usually self-interested line from a single book, written by men and not our Creator above.

How about this for an idea, why not have a week where nobody watches any broadcast, cable, or internet news? Spending our time catching up on Netflix, or perhaps walking out our front doors and seeing for ourselves if the streets are literally on fire?

If our society is crumbling as we speak, if our lives aren’t in fact better than they were as short a time as one year ago, where the fascist pigs among us sought to overthrow our government for no reason other than to keep the gravy train going, and in some legitimate cases, to avoid financial ruin and prison time.

For when we boil it all down, a bit slow in coming, isn’t this where we are at? With no amount of nonsensical stories regarding (fill-in the wild conspiracy theory de jour) making any difference in our return to the prospects and rewards of a free society run by adults?

I’m seeing it and am still willing to do whatever it takes to return to what makes America great. It is We, the heart and the soul of the ones who truly love America, and I mean all of it, not an artificial part of it, that is kind, loving, tolerant and yes, truly forgiving in the best sense of the word, that make us exceptional. Despite our mistakes, that are many, and will continue to be so.

But, We, the People will learn from our mistakes, we will do our best to correct them, and never go back to the insidious, senility and stupidity that will guide those who let themselves be deceived into a cultural, followed closely by historical, ridicule and finally, obsolescence. The future is bright and it is here for those who want it. I do. Who’s with me?

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