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Communique "Trumpty Dumpty" 1-19-2022

“Trumpty Dumpty”

I learned a new word today. Mythomania, or if you prefer, pathological lying, is a condition, or if you prefer, a mental disorder suffered by the mythomaniac, or fantasist who exhibits a propensity for lying and exaggerating with no obvious motivation.

In addition to a tendency to elaborate, exaggerate, embellish or plain twisting the truth, the mythomaniac may report fully fabricated imagined experiences to impress people often driven by an unhealthy obsession that usually requires a good dollop of self-deception.

Often, the affected person believes their lies to be true resulting in the fabrication of additional, outlandish, outright lies based on fantasies about their life and achievements to make themselves sound far more interesting and exciting than the reality of their unimaginative, unfulfilling, routine at best, bordering on the mundane, day in, day out life they lead.

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is 1 of 10 clinically recognized personality disorders, the essentials of which is mainly comprised of three signs or symptoms.

· A grandiose sense of self-importance.

· A constant need for admiration.

· Lack of empathy.

Realizing the gap between the real world and their grandiose, near mythic sense of themselves, the narcissists choose to live in a mirage of self-deception, distortion and magical thinking. Everyday occurrences, good, bad, or indifferent, are woven together into various delusions of success, power, superiority, and an attractiveness in mind, body and spirit that is as illusory, pretentious, and unhinged as it sounds.

The chimerical narcissist does not understand or appreciate love except as an idealized tool allowing themselves to feel as if they were somehow special and importantly, in control. Words commonly associated with narcissism include entitled, arrogant, conceited, and haughty.

Due to their lack of empathy, addiction to mendacity, and chronic low esteem, your average narcissist (if there is such a thing) tends to have interpersonal difficulties with friends and family relationships including the inability to feel any true feelings of intimacy.

In cases of overt, outward, or grandiose NPD, those afflicted are more likely to behave in an aggressive manner, often exploiting others for their own personal satisfaction and generally act out their frustrations in loud, over the top exhibitionist behaviors.

This is opposed to the vulnerable, or covert narcissist who favors portraying themselves as victims, and tend to be hypersensitive to criticism, real or perceived, and a general air of defensiveness.

So, let me ask you this. When did the Republican Party, the supposed party of personal responsibility turn into the party of the big lie, unbelievable from the word go conspiracy theorist and now, petulant sore losers?

Further and to the point, do the MAGA/QAnon/GQP cult members know Trumpington Traitor Tot Covered in Snot is a narcissist? If not, are they merely being taken advantage of in traditional NPD fashion? Or, assuming they do know, do they prefer to live in a world, that is defined, generated, and fabricated by the mind of an obsessed lunatic who values money and power over all else and is willing to lie as needed to get his daily dose of pity party platitudes and assorted warped displays of loyalty fit for royalty.

To the exclusion of feeling love, sympathy, belonging and take responsibility for one’s failures as a human being and not immediately blame others as if “they made me do it?” and deserve nothing short of retribution for their disloyalty to both me and the little world I conjured up after a night of scarfing junk food while watching Shark Week on TV and sleeping with whatever porn star may have been readily available for a midnight booty call?

While my wife, and future mother of my child lay eight months pregnant in the room downstairs and to the right? As I contemplated what the damages to my opponents as opposed to my supporters, you know, acceptable losses and all that scragedy stuff as I politicize a raging out of control pandemic for my own benefit, no matter the actual loss of life involved in letting the plague “wash over” America?

As I directed my son-in-law to “take charge” of the situation, when the only skill Jared possesses is how to effectively grift, typically in the form of skimming off the skim, while in exchange for blood money, Saudi Arabia gains access to our nuclear weapons technology while the American President backs our mortal enemy Russia, while letting the Turks slaughter the Kurds, the best ally we had in the Middle East.

And all this death, dying and disease, for what? So Trumpus Isapricktacus could get the green light to build a Trump Tower in the center of Moscow? Or perhaps Trump Tower Pyong Yang on one of the several pristine beach fronts in North Korea?

So, Frumpy Soggy Bottom McTrumpy could empty out our Treasury Department? Under the stink eye of crooked Mnuchin? Giving away billions of tax dollars in a bailout of profitable businesses and the Church of Joel Osteen, that didn’t need the extra capital to survive? Only to protect or enhance their profits and bottom line?

So, bottom feeder Bannon, could live out his dream of destroying western democracy? So, the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters and every other racially motivated hate group could stir up the cult mob who on January 6 gathered at the Capitol Building to halt the certification of a free and fair election that Joe Biden won in a landslide?

All predicated upon “the Big Lie” that was meant to instill unfounded allegations of cheating, voter fraud and doubt into the sanctity of our democratic process? And, to strike at the very heart of democracy, and disrupt the hallmark of American elections, the peaceful transfer of power?

Thereby allowing Donnie Darksoul Still Looking For The Infinity Stones to foment an insurrection for purposes of maintaining his power and probably taking the title of “Beloved Emperor” or “Mein Gossamer Thin and Combed Over Haircut Fuhrer” or perhaps “Leader of the Pack” if he ever fancied turning in his motorcade for a Harley (Vroom! Vroom!).

And in the final analysis, for his corporate masters, or anyone he owes a debt to as a result of his complete lack of business acumen, greed, hubris and NPD. Amazing, isn’t it? What a loser.

Is this the monster MAGA/QAnon/GQPers, believe is not only eminently capable and fit to lead, but the messiah who was the anointed messenger of God via his nomination and appointment as our US President? If so, I gotta ask.

What in hell do you brain dead MAGA lunch meat as in bologna lunkheads want? I mean really. No miracles to be had here. Only six racist, sexist and religiously intolerant out-of-touch Justices on the Supreme Court and a corrupted Postmaster General no one seems to be capable of firing.

Those are the remnants of his legacy. Soon Trumpity Dumpity, landed on his Rumpity will be no more, and all too eager to be forgotten relic of when half of America lost its collective minds. An era when the nihilists and fatalists put their hopes for salvation in the one person who was sure to destroy them. Sad, isn’t it?

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