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Communique "They Eat Their Young, Don't They? 12-1-2021

In a word equality. Once again, we find ourselves at a crossroad many of us mistakenly believed we had left behind many years ago for now it is obvious that racial inequality is back at the ballot box, economic inequality is roaring ahead with three idiots who can’t wait to “democratize” space travel so they can get that lucrative military contract, and front and center, abortion rights being restricted not so much in the name of let’s call it fetus equality, but gender inequality.

I mean, what better way to prove that a bunch of aging, out of touch with reality (and equality) white religious zealots, aka a minority of a minority should still be making decisions for the majority, in a democracy than by hijacking the US Supreme Court, all the while sending us in the ultimate direction of a totalitarian state where your wishes, voices and vote are irrelevant to the legislative process?

What we are all witness to is the further degradation of the SCOTUS into a tool of the alt-right while simultaneously sending a message to the political ambitions of women as well as minorities and non-Christians that “we” who have always ruled, by hook or by crook (mostly crook these days) are the only ones whose agenda matter along with a giant middle finger to anyone who isn’t rich, white and seen in the right church on Sundays.

You know, the way things used to be, and if this trend continues, may become reality again. This, by the way, if you throw in the specter of the TFG running again for dictator, is also an excellent recipe for the ascendance of a fascist state, despotism, and tyranny. A land where the only voice that matters is not yours.

All this against a background of a society that cannot even protect its own children from mass shootings at schools. Are you starting to see where I am going with this? This is the nature of power and the insidious cabal behind the recent takeover of the SCOTUS. I call it depraved. They call it hardball.

I mean, if you can’t safeguard your child from a killer who has been given the OK by a small minority group of ghouls who believe the mentally insane are entitled to own guns, semi-automatic if so desired, a land where every child can pick up his father or mother’s legally obtained assault rifle, drive their 17 year old child four hours away and over state lines to shoot at protestors exercising their First Amendment rights, well, how are you the person to make decisions for and protect the masses when you can’t even protect your own blood.

And how are you, a minority running for or perhaps in office already, the correct person to legislate on behalf of the American people, when a group of racist, local yahoos who just happen to have taken over a local legislative body by gerrymandering can oh so easily erase your constituent’s rights to one person, one vote democracy with the stroke of a pen?

And how are women advocating for women (and men) who can’t stop their own bodies from unwanted regulation as a result of government intervention, and now, in Texas, vigilante “justice” in the name of a “holy” war upon the rights of the unborn as opposed to the living supposed to make decisions on behalf of the interests of their entire gender?

I for one would like to see the government, all governments of all shapes and sizes stay out of the abortion debate. I believe women, along with her family unit and her doctor should make decisions regarding childbirth and rearing. However, this is not to be as it is local governments including the states who continually make laws restricting access to abortions, and hence the need, in the interests of equality, we needed and still need Roe v. Wade.

The great majority of Americans believe this as well. Yet here we are, with a handful of morally challenged hiding their deep fear of losing control and their influence through their advantage of unlimited spending while deceiving most of the low or completely uneducated (hence the attack on public education) into voting against their own best interests in return for, well, your guess is as good as mine on this one.

Of course, this scenario pales in comparison to the even more deeply seated fear of women exercising their power through not only the ballot box, but the uterus as well. NO more natural inferiority to men. No more barefoot and pregnant, without the benefit of choosing to have an abortion, in the kitchen.

It’s funny how some religions place such a premium not on their ability to uphold or enlighten their followers, but to denigrate a segment of the secular population who do not agree with their self-serving and quite frankly inhuman and unholy gospels found upon the principles of “God’s rightful order” of life and humanity.

The slaves were not happier or better off being slaves. Why? Because they were never “inferior” in the first place. They didn’t need the plantations and religion of the white man to be happy. In fact, quite the opposite, wouldn’t you say?

How is the justification of defense of the Second Amendment a valid response and reason for innocent children to be slaughtered? Then in an almost unbelievable display of ignorance and arrogance made into martyrs for a cause, a cause that kills?

These are not the sentiments of sane minds but the mandates of the cold, unfeeling and uncaring, those who lack empathy and respect for life itself as the ultimate gift of divinity and how it must be protected, not only before birth, but after as well?

I still reel at the thought of what would make a parent become so deranged in their thinking that to offer their own sons and daughters to the Gods of the Gun Manufacturers and War Machine?

The story of Abraham and how in the end God did not need to sacrifice his son upon an altar of adoration, fidelity and appeasement should preclude any justification by a “religious” component of any argument in favor of filicide, child murder or homicide right then and there. But it hasn’t. Do the MAGAs love their guns more than their children? Those pulling the strings certainly hope so.

Yet here we are. The culture war against women once again, front and center in the game of thrones being playing in a land without kings. Yet, I am still hopeful. Hopeful that we are heading into an era of true transformation starting with a change in societal values turning towards fostering and embracing ideals that value acts of kindness and compassion above all others.

That it is in everyone’s best interest to do what is best for everyone, be they the same color, creed, gender, persuasion, or religion. A nation that understands the true celestial value of equality meaning, we are all one God’s children and in perhaps one of the oddest of tangents, the way to save our democracy, before it is too late.

If by chance Roe is overturned, we can begin the road back by enacting legislation and not leaving it to our currently tainted Supreme Court (the stench) by affirming in familial matters, concerning childbirth and rearing, a woman’s right to be free from unwanted and unconstitutional governmental intrusions that include those seeking to limit abortions as soon as humanly possible.

Followed by a swift rolling back of so-called Second Amendment rights and re-instating through the legislative process every American’s right to free and fair elections where every vote matters. Who is with me?

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