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Communique "The Real Steal" 5-18-2021

It’s funny what events, people, issues, places and things act as “triggers” for different people. I for one admit I am triggered by stupid brain dead just this side of the night of the living dead and often remarkably zombie like idiots saying stupid things out loud and to my face as if the spit is supposed to act as a guarantee of the passion of their commitment to their cause.

Their fealty and zeal in supporting outrageous positions, usually without any thought given to or idea beyond what they are saying and without an evaluation what eventual and perhaps inevitable, negative in the extreme harm and cause/effect their words and actions, if in the realm of possibility, meaning for me doesn’t violate too many laws of physics, but most likely would produce a “careful what you wish for” wholly dystopian future.

I’m sure most of you in this upside-down, black and white, wrong vs. right world we are currently living in have heard words to the effect that maintaining and if possible expanding the racist, misogynist, religiously intolerant, mean spirited and down-right cruel and inhuman parts of our past are somehow now magically, when of course the actual opposite is what’s true, indicative of the American exceptionalism, what it means to be a real patriot or my favorite, what a true American’s answer as to what needs to be done to prove one’s love for America.

Now, I believe most of you would believe that the teacher in me wants to educate as opposed to eradicate, and toward this end I have taken it upon me to at least speak rudimentary MAGA and/or the even more mysterious language of the tribe called “Q” to better communicate with those under the Cult45 spell who may one day ask to be deprogrammed back into the real world.

Build bridges not walls, right? But this “thing” about colonialism is really bugging me. In many tangible ways, the MAGAs and Qs of the world are essentially a bunch of anti-social, overly religious in a bad way, aggrieved by losing their “rights” to get a leg up on the competition practice of systematic racism, when in fact they now find themselves out of work, broke and without a future due to their own compliance with the persons who shipped those jobs away while blaming those persons who in no way shape of form are here to “replace” them, but who just want to work hard and share a better life with their soon to be fellow citizens.

Even a basic, no frills examination of the colonization process during which the basic rights of humans, their culture including the language of those who have been invaded, their sectarian beliefs ridiculed as “primitive”, comprising nothing more than the thoughts of heathens who are badly in need of another man’s salvation, how does this apply to as George Washington said, the offspring of the conquerors, and not of the conquered?

Now we know that one of the major tactics of today’s modern colonialist, racism, is structured to make the oppressor look like the victim of the oppressed. We can check that box, but only as a classic don’t look here, look over there and let’s rally around getting rid of the “real” problem.

This is also known as unity through “I hate who you hate” so let’s hate together and everything will be alright. But it won’t. You would think those who would rather fly the Confederate Battle Flag, or use “coded” Nazi philosophy and tactics while wearing a red MAGA hat would realize these movements all lost to the We, the People who fly the flag of the republic, the good old stars and stripes with at least for now 50 stars. But they don’t, because I suspect, they can’t.

Their “identity” has become so wrapped up in a continuum of rumors, half-truths, gas lighting and lies that each day seem to get more surreal and outlandish as to disrupt and obscure the road home, the bread crumbs back to reality, all the while urging the as they see it dying nation to cure itself by returning to a past that never was.

Remember the anguished cries of “fly over nation” to explain middle America’s loss of power in Washington DC? You know, the one where the two educated and evil East and West coasts, the granola eaters and the modern dandies (mostly bankers, bankers equaling “Illuminati”) in NYC, who were constantly being told by America’s bread basket of chaste, holier than thou, realistic through and through salt of the earth one and all told us coast dwellers they wanted to be left alone, so we did?

And for the record, when we did, it didn’t stop the Roseanne Barr Connor Family type pain that was coming and only get worse till here we are today? Where rather than take responsibility for their lack of preparedness for a future they refused to participate in, their pain and suffering was inflicted by us?

Their classic scapegoats to hide their own shortcomings being the goodness democrats, POC and Jews? This, while they fancy themselves “militias” that will save “us all” or at least them, from the melting pot of diversity that has always been one of the main factors responsible for our incredible growth of a nation particularly in this post WWII world we now find ourselves top dog?

The good news, if any, is that unless I am seriously mistaken, the Alt Right Racist Nut Jobs without Jobs should start eating themselves alive for there is something about being confronted with real prison time that makes adversaries out of what was once the thickest of a gaggle of thieves.

They will blame Trump, Fox News, anyone who took advantage of them by telling them what they wanted to hear, and then they, without any thought or research, did it. For them. You know, the 2021 version of “I was just following orders.” This time as part of a well-regulated militia of patriots bent on saving the world all courtesy of the exercise of our 2nd Amendment Rights, and most sadly of all, without truly considering the legitimate rights of speak and be heard and to work out rationally, and peacefully, through our words pursuant to our 1st Amendment Rights to free speech.

In short, the GQP/Insurrection/MAGA maniacs have become for all intents and purposes a terrorist organization though which right or wrong (mostly wrong) might makes right with love coming out of the barrel of a gun, and an unregistered sawed-off shotgun at that.

If I, you, We, the People are trying to find a silver lining, perhaps it will be an updating of the effects of colonialism and it’s continuing deleterious and wholly un-American effect upon those truly suffering from its vice like grip upon economics, culture and respect for those who were here before us.

In 2007, the United Nations released its Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People (DRIP). The DRIP includes a definition of indigenous people, aka those who are the subjects of colonialism, essentially defined as being the original people of a land invaded, conquered and colonized by outsiders.

Therefore, the only persons I know in North America who qualify as Indigenous are the Native American Tribal members who were having been here first, invaded, conquered and colonized by outsiders, outsiders including the very persons born and raised on American soil, who now so loudly proclaim their own victimization as on the receiving end of colonialism.

If in some way these wayward claims of maintaining racially motivated and still persistent systematic privileges through the practice of colonialism bring additional attention to those who still suffer the loss of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, deprived and displaced from their native lands, their cultural identity and rights to self-rule as a sovereign, decimated further by false claims of assimilation in the interest of unity.

If we can revisit the wrongs done to the only true indigenous peoples of America, perhaps all of this so far self-serving hog wash currently being spread around the nearest message board by some ignoramus claiming to be a government employee with “Q” clearance status (a complete fabrication) then we can still make lemonade from the handful of lemons the alt right loser brigade is currently trying to use as a salve on their dwindling claims of legitimacy for their “suffering” the loss of their ability to usurp the rights of the very people who were the original victims of the European invaders/usurpers who came, saw, did many horrible things and eventually conquered.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I guess it really does tick me off when basically stupid, but just smart enough to be devious, try to re-write history is such an open and obvious attempt to gain support for their selfish and ill-advised barely mirroring mental stability at times views on what it means to be an American. That is not something I, you or We, the People should be ashamed of, the acknowledgment and acceptance of truth being all the award we need. Agree?

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