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Communique "The Benevolent Majority" 7-29-2021

I was reading an article about some of the events that are going on in Myanmar, and not check the hashtag #July29Coup currently as the Coup might very well be a domestic event as opposed to the good old days where the terms coup, banana republic, sedition, and old stupid delusional and despotic bastard just won’t go away generally took place in various third-world countries and not on American soil.

The short version in Myanmar is students, monks and concerned citizens from every walk of life have taken to the streets staging an ongoing series of protests and general strikes aimed at ending the military junta who earlier this year declared a year-long state of emergency and for refusing to accept the results of a by all accounts a reasonable and fair election and seized power from the democratically elected government of the popular politician Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi.

The most recent wave of civil disobedience has come about as a result of the junta’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election due to voter fraud allegations that cannot be corroborated, and even more recently the Tatmadaw’s (military) seemingly arbitrary and capricious effort to limit availability of the Covid-19 vaccinations to the general public.

Considering the fact that Myanmar, formerly Burma has been going through this process in one way or another since 1948 when they first declared their independence from the British Empire with the military being essentially in charge since 1962 with a break here or there to dabble in democracy and self-rule.

It is hard to watch the events unfold in the capital city of Nay Pyi Taw as the Junta has no qualms about using violence to sweep the streets of legitimate protests involving issues related directly to the health, safety and welfare of the nation and protecting their right to have fair elections where the results are accepted as representing the will of the People. Starting to sound familiar?

Yet the familiarities of the situation in Myanmar and in the real America, not the Earth II fantasy game show version of I’m just going to be blunt here won’t get vaccinated come hell or high water group of idiots who have once again put the well-being of their country and fellow countrymen as secondary to following the orders of a deranged and although out of power dangerous fakir of the century the front and center piece of their ongoing agenda, whatever that may be, and damned be the cost of human life.

At this point, I feel it necessary to issue the following warning, if you try to call a GQP/MAGA/Fascist on this they will like clockwork call you a murder of babies, even after they are born, (again without any evidence) as if this somehow is a valid justification for not wearing a mask when they know, and yes they do, that persons with immune system issues, as in I don’t have one, (I don’t) and in a bizarre twist or two, somehow my decision not to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies is a “trade off” meaning, if I don’t support the complete banning of abortion in all cases in all of the USA I am now free game for retaliation?

This has not been an isolated event in my life. This “argument” has been presented several times to me, usually after my MAGA friends have run out of insults and outright representations of my lack of mental alacrity and capacity to see “the truths that only they see” while, as I alluded above, We, the People, or at least the ones who still unvaccinated are filling the hospitals in troubling to say the least and threatening to, if they haven’t already brought about a 4th Wave of the not mutated and even more transferrable Delta version of the Covid-19 virus.

There was another relevant story in the news today. But this story begins and ends in Iowa, aka every town USA with it’s insane Governor Covid Kim Reynolds on a tear, claiming that unvaccinated immigrants are contributing to the sudden spike in Covid related hospitalization while simultaneously crowing about her junta’s recent banning of local municipalities to enact their own mask mandates or implement rules for social distancing, programs and plans that would you know, save people’s lives.

Causing the problems and then blaming anyone but themselves for the damage they have done and continue to do all so they can continue showing fealty to a giant orange now barely functioning and waiting for the legal hammers to drop ex-leader of a now deposed family crime syndicate that for some reason the good people of America let take over our country which after four years left us with nothing to show but a mini-genocide that has left 600,000 and counting victims that for the most part did not have to.

Yet, again I admonish you my colleagues in vaccinated arms, if you call the QMAGA on this one, they will state without hesitation, that Tubby McCheeseNothingBurgerAndFishFillet in the morning for breakfast from McDonalds has not received “proper credit” for his Project Warp Speed, that produce one of the four vaccines now in service, and at the same time, stating all the vaccines are at best tainted with magnetic tracking chips of some sort, with some still clinging onto the exasperating I admit, position the entire Covid-19 virus is a Chinese hoax.

So, Mr. MAGA, you want me to show more gratitude for tRumpButtBamBoomGoon for developing a virus you say doesn’t work for a pandemic that doesn’t exist? Even though China might have made it in a lab?

I’d say it would be helpful to stick to one coherent story line, but we all know that isn’t going to happen with my best evidence being the now out of control Faux Noose insanity at best coming out of the pie holes of such legendary racists and propagandists Tuckums, IngrahamItUp and Hannity the Manatee taking pot shots at the brave police officers and patriots who laid their lives on the line in the most honorable of service, saving the lives of our representatives and preserving our democracy from the clutches of evil individuals who would for no other discernible reason seek to hold and maintain their own personal power at the expense of We, the People.

The Founding Fathers were no fools when it came to the great experiment, the social compact and the defeat of tyranny as the holy grails of good governance. And while it is true they feared the federal president as the most likely officer to become an autocratic, authoritarian dictator and oppressor, they also feared the other sovereign in our system of dual sovereignty, the states, or more accurately they worried about the tyranny of our representatives, the republic part of our democratic republic mode of governance shall we say “overstepping” their authority and causing a great deal of damage to our election process, including challenging the reliability of our elections, and thereby threatening our time-honored tradition of the peaceful transfer of power.

More and more we are hearing calls for the imposition, by hook or crook, usually crook of a system where by it is possible to have a “permanent republican majority” now a minority of a minority party dictate to the majority what values we truly respect and represent white supremacy comes to mind, as a nation, regardless of even a second thought as to the will of the majority, you know, We, the People?

Isn’t it sad that due to the dwindling influence by old white men in our government, a once admired GOP, the party of Lincoln, it’s elected officials and representatives have chosen the attitude that the best thing for America is to keep them in office? So they can “protect” us from all the bogymen, the deep state, democrats, sex trafficking rings, fake presidencies, BLM, as their number one priority without so much as a nod to their oath to protect the Constitution, and not a small, vanishing and out of touch segment of our population, whether they be their constituents or not.

Meanwhile, as we see more personal restrictions in the form of mask mandates and social distancing in our immediate future, not caused by any mistake on the part of the CDC or Dr. Fauci but the immensely stupid and selfish antics of a handful of anything but patriots refusing to vaccinate, for free, beer, lottery tickets or whatever sugar they need to take their medicine, who still claim their civil rights are being trampled on, because of their own inaction and the ongoing threat they still, after all this time, present to themselves, their families, including their children, great grand children, extended families, the public at large and yes, themselves.

While in Myanmar all they want is their democracy back, a little economic progress, and access to life saving Covid-19 vaccinations. Strange world, isn’t it? Well, I guess when you get down to the nitty gritty of it all, it does take an informed and hopefully enlightened electorate to make wise decisions at the federal, state and local levels of government. Like they are doing in Myanmar, and fighting a dangerous, violent and vindictive military in the process.

While in America, are we really going to listen to a gaggle of misguided at best, gullible portion of our population who seem to be worried about nothing more than what syrup we should use on our waffles? Aunt Jemima or Log Cabin? Whether Pepe LePew should be in the latest version of Space Jams? Pathetic, isn’t it?

But it’s what we got. So we fight, for us and for them as well. Because that is what We, the People always have done and continue to do. I call it the Benevolent Majority movement and we will win because we must. Who’s in?

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