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Communique "The Anti-Bannon Canons" 11-8-2021

Thou shalt not create a fake militia in thine own image of self-hatred, disgust, degradation and despair and call it well-regulated. Anti-Bannon Canon No. 1

Firstly, let me clear up any misunderstandings or misconceptions you may have about my stance on the Insurrection that took place at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, a day that while already tainted, will eventually live in infamy.

Those events were the culmination of years of planning by a group of politically and ethically vile, egotistical, greedy, sadistic, coldblooded, and heartless cowards whose only true goal is to topple our democratic government for nothing more than their own often warped perceptions of the very fabric of reality, without regard for the average American’s life, livelihood, liberty and Fulfillment of the American Dream, through the pursuit of happiness.

But know this, theirs is a doomed and illusory mission filled with self-deception and false justifications based upon and in support of fulfilling what amounts to a personal, highly repugnant to the average citizen, agenda predicated on falsehoods at best, turning into outright lies, then into unrepentant, unvarnished propaganda in the form of so-called “news” based on so-called “culture wars” that are nothing more than racially based bromides for the loss of systematic race and faith based privileges acquired at the expense of the natural rights of those “not like us”.

For this not so quiet group of malcontents all the way up to psychopaths who have lost sight of the value of truth and reality in exchange for ameliorative, yet ultimately short term measures aimed at mollifying the emotional tortures associated with the never ending and hence eternally unrequited obsessions of acquiring power for power’s sake, with the only seemingly worthy goal being the satisfaction of, for better or worse, individual ambitions as reflective of now out of control and egotistical illusions of grandeur.

The unbelievers, the infidels, those who would dare stand in the way of a new era of Crusaders and Crusades, renewed conquest of the weak in search of the mythical city of El Dorado and its promise of gold and riches reduced to inconvenient speed bumps on the road those who claimed to be blessed with a sacred calling have yet to discover leads not to salvation, but perdition.

We, the People know who they are. It’s not as if they are trying to hide it. Their cards are on the table. They have shown us their hand. It’s bleak and dystopic. It is fraught with hatred, anger, rage, desperation, and fear and so They fight. To defeat, Us.

Yet We, must never fall prey to thoughts based upon revenge for revenge will neither change the past nor alter the future. And yes, we must continue to investigate and hold those responsible and accountable for their selfish, seditious, and treasonous acts against our government. Not to rectify past deeds for they have already been done. But for the future, of what might happen if we are not unyielding and persistent in the protection of our independence, freedom and right to form a better, more perfect union through the administration of fair and honest representation, and uncorrupted by a minority of a minority, accomplished primarily through the unchecked flow of dark money.

We the People have already spoken through the ballot box and have chosen our representatives, those we believe will ostensibly to lead us in the right direction, mindful with the highest level of respect for the Social Compact and by doing so, the will of We, the People.

Yet even as we communicate, there is a heinous plot whose storyline is to divide and conquer the We, the People by quite frankly, whatever means necessary and when engaged in bringing down a legitimately elected government in favor of the installation of a tyrant, orange, white, brown, pink or grey, the methodology must include constitutional misinformation disseminated through a web made of lies, rumor and innuendo to deceive the public as to the meaning and effect of the words of our Founding Fathers.

Of prime importance is the recent spate of misreading and actions taken upon the so-called “authority” granted to them as Americans under the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Although I have no doubt as to the wisdom behind the 10th Amendment, I particularly like to focus upon the Constitution starting with We, the People and the Bill of Rights and effectively ending with a direct proclamation of the People as the ultimate sovereigns in a land of the free and home of the brave.

Yet this requires the responsibility of the People to act in capacity of a sovereign, as a king upon which the mantle of wearing the crown is well-understood, where the dangers of bad decisions weighing heavily upon the head beneath the crown before taking actions in the name of all Americans.

Today, We, the People have seen and experienced the rise of fascism in our Country. This is due in part to one major political party incapable of winning a national election, and allowing itself to slide into a theory of American Political History as best represented by autocratic, despotic rule. This is not the America I know and love.

America is best represented by our ability to assimilate those who wish to be us into our society regardless of such meaningless and clearly racist, discriminatory concerns including race, creed, color, country of origins, ethnic backgrounds, choice of faith and sexual/gender associations.

But in this new era of let’s call it flirting with fascism and yes, Nazi ideology as legitimate topics for if not outright guidance, at least serious discussion, have concluded, regardless of at times even rational thought, the 10th amendment allows them to act as the leaders of a sovereignty made up of the citizenry, hence the term, sovereign citizenry, that is for all intents and purposes fixated on freeing the People from the tyrannical rule of the Biden Administration and Democrats in general, by nullifying any laws that clash with their “absolute” right under the 2nd Amendment to “Bear Arms” in the form and quantity of their choice.

This of course, is a right you and I as Americans have never enjoyed. As recent as the Heller case, former Supreme Court Justice and right-wing proponent Antonin Scalia said that every government throughout history has placed restrictions, if not all-out bans on the ability of the citizens to possess weapons.

However, that matters little to the group I am talking about that represent a true threat to our day-to-day well-being and safety and to our democracy. They call themselves many names, but you can recognize them as both members of domestic terrorist organizations and unfortunately law enforcement.

Their most visible members of this modern-day posse comitatus call themselves “Constitutional Sheriffs” who believe they at the County level or perhaps below, are not allowed, but historically required to be the “last-line” of defense between We, the People, who in no way elected them to do so, any laws they and they alone deem unconstitutional.

Their ideas of “sovereignty” can be found at the “mothership” organization Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), a paramilitary and dangerous group of constitutional hacks who believe in short, the 10th Amendment allows them and their followers to “patriotically” defend the rights of Americans to be free of tyranny by enforcing a 2nd amendment right to own, brandish, or hide weapons.

A right that, as I mention above does not exist. But they persist in this fallacy and dishonest representation of rights that at a minimum can somehow be justified by referring to oneself and their not-so-well-meaning “adherents” to the “truth” as a “well-regulated militia”, this despite,

· The People have already chosen Federal and State representatives by the ballot box.

· All State law enforcement officers must adhere to the laws and rules as mandated by State legislators and executed by orders from the State Governor and his Attorney General.

· They took an oath to defend the Constitution.

Last time I looked, I couldn’t find the words “preference”, “constitutionally unsound”, or for that matter, “made-up” or “malarkey” as a constitutional basis for this extreme right-wing position.

Make no mistake. If we do nothing, We, the People are allowing the creation and continued presence among us of what Steve Bannon pledged were no less than 20k ‘shock troops’ ready to go as he rants that ‘we control this country’.

Still think these are empty words? Eventually, I imagine the plan would also include your average citizen with a gun permit to “join” the militia as…what? Concealed Weapon permits are on the rise. The Supreme Court is hearing a case involving the rights to carry a weapon virtually anywhere regardless of location and time.

My goodness! you might ask, what is Congress Doing about this? The same thing they always do Pinky, nothing. Meanwhile Steve Bannon continues to ignore a validly issued congressional subpoena for legitimate information about his role in the January 6th storming of the Capitol. He remains free.

Shock troops. I’m sure Steve and his band of merry racially motivated hate machine must love the additional connotations and ideology brought up by someone who would join his “shock troops” for the “cause”.

A cause clearly not beyond using violence to get their way. In fact, encouraging it as the way to take back an America, that like this ideology, never is, was and never will be. Unless we do nothing and as you can see, nothing is not an option, is it? People will get hurt. People will die.

And all because of “the culmination of years of planning by a group of politically and ethically vile, egotistical, greedy, sadistic, coldblooded and heartless cowards whose only true goal is to topple our democratic government for nothing more than their own often warped perceptions of the very fabric of reality, without regard for the average American’s life, livelihood, liberty and Fulfillment of the American Dream, through the pursuit of happiness.” –PD

But then again, I already said that, didn’t I? Better twice than not enough. Whatever it takes, and as always, the likes of Steve Bannon and his sickening ilk be damned. Amen.

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