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Communique "Soylent Green(e) Party" 6-10-2021

Soylent Green(e) Party

I have been informed by an outside source that many people are worried about my mental health. Well, welcome to the club. I’ve been worried since oh, I would say the last 30 years or so. By then I was into my thirties when a “break” in society values and norms took place and get this, it was somehow OK to not only think about mental health issues and there appeared at least to me that suddenly there was help and resources available other than the obligatory suck it up soldier pep talk with the automatic warning you don’t want anybody to know you are getting help for such an unspeakable disease that you are obviously faking to get attention.

Yes, that’s right. Life was a little bit different back then. One of the signs of a sane society is how thy treat those who need help. The elderly, pets, the poor and the sick, both physical and mental should not be punished for their supposed drag on our economy. This is the mentality where comments as exemplified by Mitt Romney’s infamous 47% “makers” and “takers” comes from.

A debtor’s class made up almost entirely of retired persons on social security, you know, the salt of the Earth who spent most their lives working at jobs they knew would never make them rich, but would provide the basis for a life of service with the promise of a dignified life in retirement.

Cradle to grave politics and all in the best interest of our societal interests that morons starting with Reagan, Bush, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Trump all tried to eliminate as “granny state” entitlements and in one of the most galling of tactics I have ever seen, blamed these paid for by our own tax dollars for which the word reimbursements as opposed to the very misguided at best description as “entitlements” were the cause of the continuing rise in our national deficit, despite every Republican since 1933 knowing this assertion to be false.

When it comes to the new GQP/Insurrection/Shut and Die Party their apparent glee in under funding or in some instances eliminating all funding from popular, middle-class friendly programs the federal government just so happens to provide for individuals as part of its duty and obligation to act in the best interest of society as part of the social compact in a clear effort at fulfilling negative prophesies of doom and disaster as in “See? We told you we couldn’t be trusted to do the right thing, and here we all are.”

The problem became even worse when it was transferred over to the “logic” behind the 1980s Republican HOAX called “trickle-down economics” that have proven over the last 35 years to be anything but. The “pitch” was “let us give all of the money we can to the so-called “job creators”, then remove all of those darn and pesky regulations about pollution, job safety and basic human concerns thereby releasing the “magic of the marketplace” and since everyone will now be better off if not rich through their own efforts during their working years, none of us will need any “government handouts” regardless of their age, and with the inevitable sickness that we will all befall a sometime lost in the shuffle of good ideas.

This is the basic rationale of the still continuing GQP attacks on Obamacare and on healthcare in general in a nutshell. Throw in it is far more expedient for Republicans to get donations to their individual campaigns from Insurance Companies as opposed to the everyday folks who will not vote Republican in any event, and there you have it.

It’s a policy based on a scenario that is wholly ignorant or in the alternative uncaring to the facts of life, one being not everyone and often through no fault of their own, will not reach retirement age, rich, or even well off enough to continue into their later years without continuing to work.

Remember the Work Horse in Animal Farm? Very prescient if you ask me. Work your life away for the promise of retirement in a nice pasture, and then boom! Whisked off to the nearest glue factory for whatever the corporate pigs could still get for dissolving your remains into an ingredient for soap.

It also reminds me of the 1973 science fiction movie Soylent Green starring Charlton Heston in which a new food source that sprang from a society that endorsed state assisted suicide, hell, they even played your favorite music while your mind swirled among your favorite colors while you died a painless gas induced death after which, well, they sold your remains to make, you guessed it a new government sponsored protein source for the starving masses called “Soylent Green”. (official trailer)

At the very end of Soylent Green, after his best friend has left this mortal coil, Heston discovers the truth. Too late to save his friend, and with knowledge of the truth, the last scene shows Heston’s character, Detective Sergeant Frank Thorn bloody, being dragged away to who knows where. Check it out here and never forget, (Warning! Spoiler Alert!) “Soylent Green is people!”

So, with all that in mind and although their displeasure with the Green New Deal, something that would in fact provide jobs and go a long way towards bringing back our manufacturing sector, you know, something that would in fact save lives, is well documented, I propose the following solution going forward to an issue that has proven to be somewhat of a predicament for the GQP/MAGA/Insurrection/DeathCult45 going forward. Namely a new party name that accurately sums up their history and philosophy in three words or less.

My suggestion? If you guess the Soylent Green(e) Party, you are correct. I mean, what better title that one encapsulating their love of dystopian futures and cannibalism all in one handy branding sure to stir the conspiracy loving and sure to fall for it so long as we blame the “deep state” for its technique?

Oh, and as for the final irony? Soylent Green is set in the year 2020, and blames most of the world’s ills on overpopulation, dying oceans and obscene levels of humidity caused by what would now be described as global warming caused by the continued release greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere. Wow, huh? Wow indeed.

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