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Communique "Say Nyet To The Dress" 6-28-2021

Say Nyet to the Dress

What we have here is a professional class of despicable people who have no interest in finding out or presenting anything resembling the truth. What these merchants of nihilism and misery are peddling is what will people believe, the fewer questions the better. It’s as if hollow, if not rotting at its center is the new standard for creating happiness.

Think about Melania. I know, but do it for me. Do you believe Melania is happy? Or, more to the point, do you believe she is leading anything resembling a vibrant, fulfilling life, having apparently traded any true sense of value or commitment to anything other than maintaining the image, and nothing more, that she is glamorous? And that somehow glamour is not only in and of itself its own reward, but is a guaranteed ticket to a rewarding life full of wonder and amazement that the average person can only dream about while flipping between the pages of a glossy magazine.

This is not to say I find fashion and persons interested in dressing up and parading around on a runway is without its merits. There are any number of ways we can bring about the new and unusual that although seemingly trivial at the time could lead to a rethinking of the way we live.

I mention this as I still remember a time when women did not wear pants. Mini-skirts and go-go boots? Sure, but pants? I can hear the negative catcalls even now. Unladylike would have been about as good as the insults were going to get, often degenerating rather quickly into deepening levels of sexually preference-oriented insults all leading to a singular conclusion. Real women don’t wear trousers with the implications of say, jeans and the underlying message of utility, as in, we can do anything you can do better coming just a bit too close to reality to be palpable to maintaining the patriarchy at all costs.

I mean, what exactly is it that Melania does, other than wear expensive dresses that in my humble opinion often show more on an interest in the price tag rather than any true understanding of artistic achievement other than spawning the next fad and then dropping it like so much used tissue just in time to foster the next round of “in style” before abandoning the no longer trendy for, well, the next trend and then the next, creating a never ending circle of, I don’t want to say role models, but, well, how about models with a role involving a never ending guessing game of come next season, what color will indeed be the new orange.

Now, as much fun as this is, and yes, I agree somewhat insignificant to the average political watcher it may inevitably be, what happens when the powers of illusion start to blur the lines between fashion, and ideology, perhaps fascism, to create not so much an image left to the world of pretty peacocks and strutting but a new uniform, the wearing of which indicative of one’s political leanings if not willingness to enlist in the next now clearly cultural revolution?

I call it fascism as fashion with an emphasis on the theory that sometimes the clothing does make the first lady appear to favor an and I’ll be kind here, a certain predilection for Eastern European style cold-war Spy vs. Spy despotic couture, if in fact it can be inferred from her clothing that Melania cares about anything other than herself that is, unlikely as that is if you know what I mean and I’m sure you do.

I mean, she has said as much through her choice of jacket, hasn’t she? What else do you need from someone who hates decorating for Christmas, can’t stand historical and elegant rose gardens filled with memories of friendship and hope, from someone for which there is no value in mining the past of approaching the future as anything other than an ultimately meaningless and endless parade of mostly floral prints with the occasional over the top wide brimmed you look like you should have been in Havana in the 50s hat atop a white sun dress as if it were, because in her mind it is, raison d’etre.

If Freud were alive today, I believe he would be saying something along the lines of sometimes optics are just that, optics, illusions, suggestions made but never meant to be fulfilled, and nothing more. To her credit, Melania has managed to do an end around and found a unique way of further making herself superfluous, she dresses, therefore she is, without even the need for thinking of cognizant thoughts of any kind.

What I find both curious and dangerous, is what message does this plastic at best imitation of a life well lived send to women who wish to seek, learn, and contribute in areas that do not require subjection to the aggrandizement, approval, and justification of the female ego to areas of little to no import?

If you are following my lead, would it be an overstatement to portray Melania as a traitor of many different stripes to women, working families, aka “little people” and yes, to democracy and her country? And all so she can continue to deny to herself any responsibility to do anything other than “look good?”

Is this truly a boon to society in disguise? Or is it yet another outdated, obsolete and extension of a caste system created with the clear intention to slice, dice and separate “us” from “them”? With the “them” being your average American women or men (what is your wife wearing, hmmm?) who actually work for a living, and probably have a value of two they would like to foster if for no other reason, as if another was necessary, to pass on the American dream including a sense of patriotism and honor to their children, and yes, the next generation?

If you think none of this matters, there is a very good chance you are right. Yet, I must admit I would have never gone down this line of reasoning except for two separate occasions worth mentioning. One was Melania’s ridiculously despotic and wholly inappropriate looking trench coat on full parade on the balcony of the White House while standing next to her if I didn’t know better stupid, fat, ugly and delusional could be the mean spirited with a predilection for finding any number of scapegoats for possible genocide if the situation so calls for behind the iron curtain please don’t bang your shoe on the podium as it’s already been done, but let me recommend you try banging you head on something as the actual risk of harm being quite small, pre-arranged husband or something along those lines who much to your chagrin, ended up the wholly fake savior of all that doesn’t exist, to those who have no interest in life as anything other than a waste and consumption game of gluttony and deprivation, the meaner the better, as the way to achieve, well…? In the final analysis, nothing?

The second clearly not by accident and newsworthy event being a single word written on the back of a FLOTUS jacket who if nothing else has put down her marker on the side of a simple, yet dignified if not distinguished and graceful message, the likes of which, and I say this with no joy, a Melania, a Trump, any Trump is incapable of appreciating or expressing as the true meaning behind all of life. L-O-V-E. I couldn’t do any better, could you?

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