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Communique "Saved!" 5-27-2021

It’s not really all that complicated. If we look back with an honest and sober assessment of the Trump years as well as continue to deal with logic and reason with the associated after-effects We, the People are still struggling through, when we ask, why were his “policies” so popular with the alt. right crowd, we can find an almost singular thread that may indeed hold the key to unraveling some of the mess that still needs a good spring cleaning.

What Trump did through his careless, at times wild, cut loose and unhinged, unsafe and unwise to most sentient beings tactics of brainwashing, idolatry, misdirection, false, fraudulent and more likely than not contradictory rhetoric was open the right wing crazy Pandora’s Box of an alternate reality for his followers, soon to be all but charter members of the 45 Death Cult ready to use those “alternative facts” to re-shape their rural, and small town soon to be utopian reality.

But to bring the blessings of this new GQP maxim that the truth is boring, give me fantastic stories, the sillier and more unbelievable the better, with a distinct me only and you but only if absolutely necessary bend life-style to fruition, what had to happen was a basic “re-evaluation” of what it means to be an American. And that my friends, is the red-meat of you are in and you are out, gabba gabba hey hey you are one of us! Mentality that ostensibly puts the most superficial of items, for instance the color of one’s skin, and uses these at best trivial distinctions between humans to form a culture of exclusion.

Think about it. Isn’t “cancel culture” one way of saying I’m going to get you before you get me? If your “culture” particularly the “culture” that made America great includes racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance and a general disregard for anyone who says anything to the contrary, then yes, this Trump was and unfortunately still is your man, savior, prophet, shaman, no, I think we already have one of those, so, whatever.

For in this world even a fat, heartless, cold as a witch’s tit in a brass bra gets, self-serving and greedy, slob like Trump can be, as we have already seen in action, anything the Cult members want him to be. You don’t like his physique? Photoshop his head-on Rocky’s body, throw in a couple of tanks, buncha flags, a halo here and a halo there, and voila! Trump 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, you know, whatever YOU want him to be, reality be damned, and damn the torpedoes, but mostly the gypsies, tramps and thieves streaming across our Southern Border, right?

I mean, here’s the low hanging fruit, those indigent immigrants walking miles for the possibility of a better life in America, and not just one or two mind you, but CARAVANS of them, with who knows what diseases, by definition cannot be Americans, and if we have our way, they never will. Yes?

Easy divide and conquer divide the other side and oh, don’t forget to throw out the myth that middle-eastern terrorists as sneaking into America within their ranks, like your modern terrorist would ever do such a thing.

Much, much easier to fill out a student visa, or perhaps a fraudulent genius exemption as with your standard model/whore coming to America to do soft porn picture and flicks but somehow manages to end up with Big Fat Sugar Daddy Trump (didn’t wee that coming) and incredibly, soon to be FLOTUS. See? With this gaggle of crazies, when they say anything can happen, they aren’t completely crazy, mostly yes, but still…

So, let’s dig a bit deeper. If your base largely consists of white supremacists, straight males and females who are all for the sanctity of marriage, unless they want a divorce, anti-abortion, again, except when they find it “prudent” for their mistresses to have one, these “groups” being in their little minds, the true Americans, Americans who have rights under the Constitution, those who have the right to own property and importantly, to vote, if we create a composite best customer profile, I imagine their definition of a “perfect American” would be David Duke. No?

This also answers the mystery behind the recent victories of miscreants in the extreme, all but sub-human in their lust to arm American (remember, only real Americans have 2nd Amendment Rights, very convenient if you think a race war is coming soon to a town near you) Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren “Bobble head” Boebert, throw in pedophilia is not a problem in our universe, hey, Juliet of Romeo and fame was 13, right? And they were both white, right? Matt Gaetz, and Gym Jordans of the world are sitting members of Congress.

To recap, as per the Trump/Miller agenda, the rewrite of who is and who is not an “American” includes a former KKK grand wizard, pedophiles and rapists whose acts have been now magically imbued with the mantle of persons and patriots and subject (to the exclusion of all others) to protection under the Constitution.

Not quite a big tent strategy to say the least. But, the final and enduring legacy the GQP/MAGA/QAnus Party will leave as their parting gift is a country that sheds its democracy for the promise of relieving those who do not have the basic right to guide our country through the voting process, to them.

I rather fancy this as the latest “final solution” for saving America from its enemies, foreign, but importantly, domestic. You know, the not us but the “them” (democrats for short) out there.

And who is it that tends to vote for the democratic party, and hence for democracy? Why everyone except those stupid, fatheaded and often ugly, and clearly willing to sacrifice their freedom for autocratic, despotic and tyrannical rule, as long as the “radical left” doesn’t turn us into a bunch of “socialists”.

You know why? Because “socialists” give funds directly to We, the People, and our current definition of “People” includes all “those” people, who might be here, might have contributed to our society is so many ways, “legal” or “illegal” just for being here rapists and murderers who dared crossing into “our” country (starting to see the light?) without waiting in the immigration and naturalization line that for all intents and purposes during the Trump years did not exist.

Hey, have you ever asked yourself why certain right-wing lunatics think the Statute of Liberty is a deep state socialist and/or commie plot? Now you know. Alternate facts. Remember? Don’t believe what you see or hear, the TRUTH is whatever we say it is? Comes in handy if you are trying to fashion a reality so detached from reality that reality becomes the “enemy of the people”? I guess it depends on your definition of “People” doesn’t it?

So, what do We, the People, the ones who understand the gift of democracy and our rights to make decisions for ourselves, our views to be implemented by our representatives both elected and unelected, and would do anything to keep the great American values of life, liberty, justice and equality for all, do to combat those who at this very moment are trying to rewrite history?

The white washing of the January 6, 2021 events, without convening a pesky, unnecessary truth commission into what happened (the “truth” being for the most part a multiple choice test), at what is now either a brutal violent attack and clear insurrection, or just another “tourist” day, as echoed by idiots who themselves ran and hid during the siege like the little bitches they are, shamelessly repeat the lies their constituents want to hear, with the truth again sacrificed for the promise of re-election and the retention of power be damned.

My answer is we keep doing what we have been doing. We are winning and will continue to win for as long as we stay true to our commitment that a democracy requires all our participation to work. If you are Stacey Abrams, you do what Stacy does. If you are you and I am me, we do what we do.

We educate, advocate, and vote for the common good. If we are awake, I hope this epiphany includes a new understanding for the need for as much, registering, getting out the vote, and participation by as many different, yet somehow united in ways we are only beginning to stand in our democratic, by, for and of the people republic of which Abraham Lincoln once should never perish from this Earth.

He was right. Now, it’s our turn to defend the Constitution for We, the People, the overwhelming percentage of Americans, know the price of failure and this we cannot do. Who’s in deep and not going away anytime soon?

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