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Communique "Robert Aaron Long's Really Bad Day" 3-17-2021

Today I posit the following question. How is it a significant portion of our country now believes the definition of freedom includes the right to purchase a deadly weapon in the morning, have lunch at the local Waffle House and then going on an afternoon rampage/killing spree leading to the death of eight Asian women and as if that wasn’t sick enough, Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds holds a press conference during which he finds worthy of repeating that the suspect, Robert Aaron Long was having a “really bad day” and something along the lines of the malicious, murderous crimes committed that day may not have been motivated by hate, but by issues related to a potential sexual addiction, with the implications that these unproven and quite frankly irrelevant guesses as to the shooter’s motive, unless of course Robert is going to claim insanity, matters? And then it gets worse.

Sheriff Frank has also, again for reasons largely unknown continued to advocate on Mr. Bang Bang Shoot Shoot’s behalf by dropping such largely sympathetic sounding excuses as poor Robert was “at the end of his rope” and “fed up” and the alleged shooter wanted to “eliminate the temptation” of his own we now know severe shortcomings of his psyche by shooting up the very massage parlors the good sleuth and Sheriff thinks he may have previously visited to apparently help with his “addiction.”

So, here we are already, about 24 hours from the actual horrific events taking place, and no less than an officer of the law, with a shiny badge and a let’s not jump to any racially motivated conclusions until we know the “whole story” is positioning a monster as the victim, a helpless, sex addict who was lured into various sex/massage parlors by the sirens of sin themselves, or at least the prospect of a really good hand job.

How is it someone who has taken an oath to serve and protect the public is actively setting up a classic going back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials “they made me do it” defense that is sure to appeal to every religious gun nut in the audience to be followed shortly thereafter by a blame the victims for they were all whores sent here by the devil himself to challenge this poor boy’s faith, to which he was not strong enough to avoid his lust, sex and blood, to which he succumbed.

Further, how is it possible the media in general has already broadcasted/printed and re-printed this trash as if it were worth in this time and in speculative form, even the slightest of consideration much less repeat it as if it had any relevance to the eventual conclusion that 8 females of Asian descent are dead?

The why is distressingly easy. The mass murderer in question is white, and the police, the newspapers, the media in general can’t help themselves but to fall over themselves in protecting one they see as their own. That and of course, the promise of a lurid sex scandal trial and an accompanying breaking news sexpose (don’t worry, it’s coming) of the Atlanta area “massage parlors” will boost ratings and revenue. The hate crime angle? Meh, not so much. Sick, isn’t it?

But let’s dig a bit deeper at the underlying self-serving and still somewhat slightly hidden currents that are already dominating the narrative. Can you hear the Second Amendment Robert as an American citizen, no matter just how f*ucked-up he was in the head had every right to buy a gun or two or three that very day and go on a murderous rampage, and even if it cost the lives of innocent people, it’s still worth it as any restriction of any kind or type, regardless of how humane, common sense and to safeguard the public they might be, since I’m a “responsible” gun owner and member of a well-regulated militia because I have to fight the deep state if necessary is too precious to be infringed upon and although it is a pity life was taken, well, it is what it is.

I call this the casualty of war defense, the immediate problems being the victims were unarmed and that except in the shooter and soon to be supporters mind, there is no war, only the impending race war, which born of hated for thy fellow man, is on its way. Is this a good enough place to start the body count? I’m sure the crazed white supremacist, racially motivated, and misogynist crowd would not complain about their soon to be hero with the messed up in the head brain and perhaps someday messiah or at least martyr to the cause being the start of something way bigger, like say a civil war. Time for a little boogaloo anyone?

As a question of human nature, the dark side of it anyway, why do humans and I say this for all of society, not just in this case, when they see someone who is clearly insane, if you are sane, why would you side with the deranged over the sane, because you share the same skin color? Or the same religious background, or and let’s be honest, because you hate the same people? Ah, and there is your winner.

If various news outlets are correct, the alleged religious zealot who apparently likes to kill for his god posted to his since deleted Instagram account: “Pizza, guns, drums, music, family, and God. This pretty much sums up my life. It’s a pretty good life”.

Funny he left out the part about having lots of forbidden out of marriage hot sex with Asian women. You know, when the caught R.A. authorities have stated he was on his way to Florida to attack a porn-related industry, I wonder what that will turn out to be, as I can’t think of any porn related industry that isn’t porn, feel free (but not too free) to send me your best guesses, in an effort I imagine will somehow be seen as a continuation of his unholy crusade against the evils of pornography, and its secondary effects, like the killing in cold blood of innocent civilians.

But hey, war is war, right? This is one time I wish I wasn’t right, but unfortunately I am. Watch for it, fight it if you can for the innocents and those who grieve, for otherwise, justice will not be done and I think we have already had enough over the last four (or is it 400) years of that.

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