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Communique "Roads & Bridges and Fast Shiny Trains on a Hill Oh My!" 7-28-2021

What do you think will happen when a comprehensive infrastructure bill (or two) is passed and Americans for all walks of life find themselves with a favorable employee labor market with employment opportunities not seen since the days before Reagan began our slow, painful descent into unemployment, underemployment, income in-equality and mountains and mountains of personal debt?

What do you think will happen when parents all over America receive tax credits for their children and get this, the USA finally places familial matters above corporate profit and offers paid leave from work to participate fully in a true resurrection and renaissance of family values?

Will the GQP Fascist Party cult members refuse to work? Will those who still adhere to the Theology of Trump, a movement where blame takes the place of shame refuse to feed their children? If they do work, will they refuse paid leave in times of necessity where matters of the family, both good and bad, take clear precedent over the next boffo earnings report from a corporation or two that have “rigged” the system to rely on employees who rely on public assistance?

Essentially forcing the average worker who more often than not has a mortgage to pay and a family to feed to pay with their own salary with their own tax dollars to accumulate wealth for those at the “top” to individuals who have no social or moral agenda and indeed, still continue to outsource jobs overseas at the drop of another unregulated sweatshop in a foreign country?

What will the future bring once we realize we are at the end of the age of oil and the implementation of the Green New Deal finally becomes not only the law of the land, but our stated path forward on the way to energy independence while addressing global warming and climate change and perhaps saving us from an extinction level event on the scale of the dinosaurs?

Will the MAGA maniac brigade insist on using gasoline combustion engines rather than electric, solar or perhaps even hydrogen engines that will be safe, economic and non-polluting? Will “Q” decide that clean energy is somehow a “hoax” perpetrated by my first guess would be China, followed closely by the “deep state” and then the lizard people who rule the land of the lost left socks and ball point pens at the center of Earth?

What will happen when we finally get back to reality and enact common sense gun safety regulations, banning weapons of war from our streets and enforcing strict background checks, and get this, the rates of violent crimes and homicide go down?

Will the American Fascist Coalition of Ammunition (AFCA) insist we are better off with mass shootings and that children are expendable as “soldiers” in the struggle to I guess keep their guns and kill their children?

What will happen when the Covid-19 virus and all mutations are under control and we are no longer waiting for the un-vaccinated to get their damn shot and put all of this nihilistic death cult 45 nonsense behind us?

Will the science deniers still stick with their dangerous and childish “you can’t make me because I have the emotional maturity of a fourteen year old on the Jerry Springer Show” and persist in the unrealistic and unbelievable position that wearing a mask not necessarily to save your life, but the life of another, is a political act and by refusing to comply, somehow the acts of patriots?

Let me ask you a question. What would happen if our school systems taught the truth, good bad and often very ugly to all students and let the chips fall in a scholastic and academic setting where the history of slavery, including critical race theory and white privilege is addressed and not repressed as “un-American” when in fact it is an all too real and ongoing aspect of our society and history?

Where an accurate depiction of Native American history, warts or maybe small-pox and all, is taught alongside with and valued as an honest expression of our past and helpful in plotting our way forward? Where the truth is valued if for no other reason than it’s true?

Or will the growing ever thinner veneer of racism and white grievance still bubbling and at times bursting from beneath the slimy rock it was until recently hiding under still hold sway as a valid excuse for continuing ingrained traditions of faux superiority that should have been abandoned long ago?

What will happen when we feed the hungry? Shelter the homeless? Welcome the strangers among us and re-commit to the American Dream that everyone is born equal and entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without interference from those who would deny their fellow compatriots the right to seek their happiness as part of their right to more often than not, religious freedom?

What will happen if we learn to respect the right of women to control their own bodies in consultation with their Maker, doctor or husband if desirable, following the dictates of their own conscience? What would happen if we allow persons to love whoever they want regardless of gender or sexual preference? Let persons explore their identities in ways they, not “us” see fit? What ever happened to live and let live?

What will happen when the two clearly unstable and unfit for judicial duty Associate Justices Beer Breath Brett and Amy Conehead Barrett are removed from the SCOTUS? Let’s say “lifetime appointments” in this day and age is a somewhat relative term, almost a best case scenario rather than guaranteed employment for life and subject to scrutiny for “little” things, lying to Congress, and taking bribe money the first pesky peccadillos that come to mind.

What will happen when marijuana is decriminalized at the Federal level and legal in all 50 states? Are you seriously suggesting your average Proud Boy or Oath Keeper is going to stop smoking the wacky tobacco because it was legalized by the BIDEN administration? You’re kidding right?

What would happen if peace, love, and caring for one another became the only religion and the only law of the land? What if we work together with our neighbors and our government, regardless of the labels and party affiliations, listening, and treating those who may have different priorities and views with respect as part of our commitment to expand the promise of a “more perfect union” with the battle cry of the denial of the rights of one is the denial of the rights of all and we all do better when we all do better?

What if responsibility and accountability starting with but hardly ending with the Trump Crime Syndicate and culminating in the events of January 6th become reality? What if an oath to the Constitution becomes once again a sacred bond between individual and their representatives? What happens when we dispense with all the voting suppression and dirty tricks as a means to a valid end?

What if everyone who wanted to vote could vote with or without ID? Free from the deleterious effects of gerrymandering, redlining and let us return to the days of one person, one vote democracy. Our democracy. The fascists are doomed to failure. In fact, our time for victory is upon us, if not already here. You in?

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