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Communique "Red Ant Blues" 2-15-2022

Why is it that every time a MAGA or a Q or some other splinter of a splinter, is unhappy about something, mind you this being an almost constant state of existence, is it always someone else’s fault?

You would think by now all but the most ardent hardcore followers of the madness of King Double Chinned Lunatic Fringe Orange Hooters & the Blowhardfish would have realized if they don’t like who they are, they have no one else but to blame but themselves for their current state of dissatisfaction.

For you see, when it comes to theories, they are exactly what they claim to be. Abstract thoughts, often purposely veering into vague conjecture, wishful thinking, belief in the fantastic and unbelievable, you know, theoretical as in ethereal but ready and expected to be studied and tested in nature by design and nothing more. Ideas waiting to be proven or dis-proven.

Yet when it comes to politics and conspiracy theories, “truth” is not the benchmark for accuracy, reliability, or utility. For one of the hallmarks of a good conspiracy theory is the well protected not for everyone but those who know (even when they don’t) “hidden agenda” at the center of it all.

A soft, malleable and chewy tootsie pop center of mystery, misgivings, deception and deceit that depends in large part on secrecy to succeed. The other major indicator component of conspiratorial triumph and victory? The failure of those not in on the “game”.

This leaves we “outsiders”, aka those who are not privy to the clandestine networks that run the world, or some such nonsense, leaves them and them alone, the best, last and only hope left for a world that has fallen prey to the brainwashing of those who would do anything, including drinking children’s blood in hopes of bringing to fruition their vile, evil and ungodly master plan.

These boogymen and their legion of hypnotized, mindless followers trying to bamboozle the masses include teachers, scientists, socialists, and Satanists. Doctors, democrats, demons, dungeons, and dragons. Politicians, philosophers, and philistines all lumped together into one black mass with the righteous, pious and “true believers” turned patriots, beleaguered and besieged, with their glass fortress of moral turpitude sits surrounded by lies, lies and more lies.

False flags, fake news, photo shopping and propaganda, but only in the wrong hands, all become tools of the devil himself. This is where “don’t believe your own eyes” comes into play. This is when the authoritarians strike. This is what “they” have been waiting for, the cabals and the societies, the stone cutters, and the know nothings.

They wait until I, you, we are worn down enough so that the average person does not genuinely know who to trust, including themselves. Alone, tired and scared the weak of mind reach out for anyone who is willing to throw them a life preserver to keep afloat beneath an ever-darkening sky and an unforgiving sea.

For as they like to characterize themselves, common people, change is the enemy. The “old ways”, continuity, it was good enough for Moses, so it’s good enough for me, you know, where continuity for continuity’s sake is the guiding light, and questioning of any sort is nothing short of heresy.

Mind you all of this is happening without so much as a single thought given to growth, betterment and dare I say it? Understanding of the different, the unusual, perhaps unique, as a positive agent of, wait for it, change.

Is change “scary”? It can be. Although I would argue that change in and of itself is not all that dangerous, and it is only when lack of interest and understanding comes into play that any deviation from the norm becomes an object of fear and loathing.

This in a nutshell is why conservatives hate progressives. Who needs progress when the whole idea is to stay invested in old, antiquated beliefs that will never bring about the results hoped for and eventually does little other than prolong the pain and suffering of the next generation, longing for new ideas, innovations and solutions.

This is not to insinuate that all the knowledge of the past is outdated, obsolete or harmful. There are many human traits worth continuing and fragility that still need fixing. We can learn a great deal from our past.

However, the past is not “better” simply because it was passed down, written down, or still practiced today. There must be a way of discerning fact from fiction, and importantly, the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge. Have you ever heard the saying “the learned are not wise, and the wise are not learned”? It’s the difference between knowing and perhaps worshiping a shovel for what it can do, as opposed to digging a hole.

The wise dig holes where and when indicated, while the learned sit on the sidelines, without aiding, for fear of what the wise might find. And then there are those who are beyond hope.

In equation form: Ignorance + arrogance = stupidity. You may have seen this in another form, “too stupid to know they are stupid”. Now, don’t get me wrong, for in many, many ways, stupid is as stupid does. Stupidity is not a constant that can never change.

The problem with stupid is its tendency to view violence as a legitimate means of settling an argument, of solving one’s differences and yes, prohibiting new persons and new ideas from becoming the norm. Legitimate Political Discourse anyone?

Don’t fall for the sturm and drang of the supposed patriots out there who claim by exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights are only doing so to fight an out-of-control tyrannical government. You saw the events on January 6th, 2021 and if you are willing to believe your own eyes no further inquiry is necessary.

Little men climbing up the walls of the Capitol like little ants when right next to them was the Capitol staircase. Outright acts of vandalism, of desecration, of thievery, of brutality, including maiming and killing, all part and parcel of mob violence without an actual purpose. Without an actual plan, and noticeably without a clue.

Fortunately, now that they were there, they didn’t know quite what to do. There was no occupation, no demands, no stand to deliver the political result they wanted. And of course, now that they are learning there is a price for their actions, they are blaming someone else, anyone else.

The news, right and left-wing media, the government, the courts, and when all else fails, their Beefy and Cheesy Supreme Burrito of a Leader, Heir Trump, as in “I was only following orders.” My advice? Next time you go to Taco Hell, order the nachos with extra it’s sort of cheese and soggy jalapenos and call it a picnic.

The answer? I would begin after lunch of course, with bringing back the concept of responsibility for one’s own actions. If you are stupid, become less stupid. If you are learned, become wise. If you are wise, do what needs to be done with the number one goal, ending the violence that costs us all so dearly.

If you truly want to change the world, don’t burn books, read them. There is no other way.

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