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Communique "Pro-Plague?" 8-9-2021


“Immaturity is the incapacity to use one’s intelligence without the guidance of another.” –Immanuel Kant

It’s as if the ability to make up one’s own mind cannot compare with the feeling of being one of the herd, finding meaning not in research, evaluation and taking responsibility for one’s own actions, but in ignoring the truth while opting for a seat on the belief for belief’s sake round table of, when fighting a deadly mutating virus that has developed a taste for children, unbelievably ignorant and indefensible as dogma, policy or an expression of common sense and caring for if not their own lives, the health and well-being of their friends and family, co-workers and their community in no particular order of importance.

In other words, to remain unvaxxed and unwilling to wear a mask or practice life-saving social distancing of any kind despite overwhelming evidence these simple measures work, they have placed any realistic opportunity for reconciliation and/or unity beyond any reasonable expectation of success and hence a social/political/ethical non-starter for which We, the People, the ones who want to get things done, have the time or energy for.

May sound a bit harsh here, but I don’t argue with petulant children of any age, I discipline them. And while those lost souls that continue to insist their feelings of fear, anger, perhaps even rage when based on racism, misogyny, religious intolerance be taken into consideration as part of the healing process will not be seriously entertained, much less honored as legitimate topics for compromise.

When you say we in the majority are no longer taking any Q or MAGA nonsense seriously, well, you did get that right for the thankfully ever shrinking population of Covid deniers have now worked themselves into the same chum bucket as Eugenic proponents and Holocaust deniers.

We, the People have no interest in even tacitly approving of an agenda designed to do nothing less than cause as much friction, division and damage as possible without any accountability for perpetuating one lie, another and then another form a useless and unpenetrable string of falsehoods, half-truths and outright misinformation until it is virtually impossible to find any breadcrumbs that might lead out of this far less than enchanted forest of division and delusion.

A mirage really. An oasis for the weak of mind, body and spirit that prefers being told what to think, to say and to do as if an act of shared lack of judgment and overall incompetence is somehow magically elevated by how many times it’s repeated and in many instances, how loudly one can scream from the rooftops as proof of legitimacy.

Yes, we’re tired of that too. Yes, WE, the People are fed-up with “All Lives Matter” or “Fauci this”, that and the “Pillow Guy is Right” mentality. He’s not, you’re not with the price of your continued hissy-fit about freedom from tyranny evaporating into a sick joke of sorts as you continue to wait for Magic Mushroom Dick tRUMP to be “installed” as the “real” president because a panda bear pooped bamboo on a ballot or an Italian based ISP, aka “The routers! The routers!” have beyond any rational explanation changed the entire outcome of a presidential election.

I’d ask if you, Q/MAGA/Insurrection/Fascist can comprehend how ridiculous all of this blather sounds, but I can only imagine you don’t, otherwise you would stop making a fool of yourself, and as I alluded to earlier, We, the People no longer have any real hope of you, out of time and step with our American values seeing the light of reality above your ever darker and deepening rabbit hole anytime soon.

As for me, I draw the line at hoping against hope and thus, I hope no more. I will continue to approach and engage those who are willing to have a conversation beginning with “Biden is my President” and ending with “we all do better when we all do better”, but, and let me give you a hint, anyone who prefers blatant acts of despotism while bemoaning “socialism”, “communism” or any act of kindness or charity as somehow, anti-capitalist or anti-American can pay to take my constitutional Law class and at a minimum, learn the difference between political and economic theories before spouting something along the lines of they are indistinguishable, because they aren’t.

Not knowing the difference between competing ideals of good governance, democracy for instance and economic theories, think socialism, does not mean you can use them interchangeably and certainly, considering the mixed bag of tricks our American economy operates, well let’s say for starters there are two types of economies, those that work and those that don’t.

So how is late-term predatory capitalism working out for you? You being the average Q/MAGA/Out-of-Work because your former boss sent your job overseas to save a few pennies while completely selling you and your now struggling community out?

Or, will you carry on with your erroneous claims that “immigrants” took your place and are now sucking up all our tax dollars in benefits and subsidies while they do not qualify for any government assistance?

Some other ground rules for further discussion must include an honest admission climate change is not a hoax. The world is on fire and/or drowning as we speak and it is not, I repeat not God’s will that we do nothing lest we “interfere” with His plan, that we, as beings of limited celestial knowledge on Earth, you know the “below” part? Will never fully comprehend.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we and let me make this one point abundantly and expressively clear. I fully admit that someday I might die from something stupid that I did, but I will never purposefully put my health, livelihood, or life on the line and die for something stupid that you did. And right now? Your list of stupid is getting less and less tolerable as We, the People carry on with the job of getting America back where she needs to be, with or without you.

I can wait. Can you?

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