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Communique "Pro-Life?" 8-6-2021

Once again, we find ourselves faced with the reality that some people just can’t handle reality. Now, this in and of itself is not necessarily a problem. If you are the average Q MAGA Fascist Party (QMFP) most if not all the rabbit holes you are digging yourself even deeper into will one day collapse and if you are not careful, you may very well find yourself with if nothing else, a long time to think about what you did, as you dig your way back to the surface world and sunlight that believe it or not will still be there regardless of your blatant and foolish disregard for the truth.

This is a scenario, for you, that I myself am not uncomfortable with. I have never been one to think there is only one way to learn life lessons worth learning and if it takes a little digging through the mud to find your way, then so be it.

I mean, let’s be blunt. Do you really care whether there are idiots out there who think tRUMPorkButtRoastBeast is still president or not? He’s not and never will be again and seeing as my President is doing a bang-up job on the economy including infrastructure and soon voting rights (it’s coming) I have little incentive in donating my time to an at least for now lost mistaken rebel without even a shred of a cause or now that I think of it, legitimacy (that left long ago) or for that matter, dignity.

If this is who they want to be, then so be it. If they have blinded themselves to the light in a sandstorm of religious fervor or misplaced piety, the consequences, and yes there will be consequences, will be ones to be discussed between the individual and their Creator. I have always imagined if you believe you talk to God, I can only assume he answers you back and not always in the positive. It is said God hears all the prayers and requests of the faithful, but sometimes the answer is simply no.

Yet this time around, We, the People do not have the luxury to merely ignore the unreasonable among us for they are dangerous to the health and well-being of the overwhelming number of true American patriots who have done the right thing and gotten vaccinated. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Covidiot.

If you are like me, you not only have read the stories, but have had personal contact with several such selfish, and now considering the new threat of even more deadly and highly contagious variants of an already minacious virus and for which I can now only conclude is an individual not quite ready to consider the extended damage of their actions and thereby putting people like you and me at risk.

If you are having a problem deciding whether to keep these persons in your life, my first response is to have you consider carefully why these degenerates are in your life in the first place. You might find the answer surprising. Or, if not a bit of a mystery, how little you in fact know about said individuals who you might even up and until today consider still your “friends”.

My advice? I would lose them at the earliest possible moment and never look back. It is not your responsibility to help those who refuse to help themselves and quite frankly you have better things, virtually anything at this point, to do. If you believe I’m being a bit harsh, let me tell you the latest, and last run-in I had with someone I used to call friend, or so I thought.

Keeping in mind I am heading into my fifth year as a cancer survivor, my fate is still very far from sealed. I still have chronic anemia, and my immune system as well as several internal organs are far from immune from outside sources and infection. In other words, social kryptonite is very much out there an issue I continue to address, in part by getting fully vaccinated as soon as possible, wearing a mask in public and social distancing whenever and as much as humanly possible.

And knowing this, my Ex-Friend still continues to push the myth that Dr. Fauci “lied”, he didn’t, science isn’t perfect and all know like the God she claims to follow, refuses to get vaccinated and I can only imagine has not seen fit to have her children inoculated while I’m assuming they will shortly be retiring to a live classroom, with or without, her choice being without, any mask mandates, as that would be a form of oppression (it isn’t) and clearly a violation of her Constitutional Rights (it isn’t), a form of conditioning leading to mandatory “chip” placement, (it isn’t) and a violation of her “bodily integrity”, which it isn’t. This was last week.

All this from a person who has no problem telling women what they should do with their bodies and a supposed defender of “law and order” who has no problem with law enforcement taking fingerprints and possibly DNA samples for nothing more than accusations of illegal activity, much less at the state of guilty, and hence, still presumed innocent. See? They never think things through, do they?

Yet, when I confronted her over the reality, yes real life, with real consequences of her actions for me, a person doing all I can to stay healthy and alive, she didn’t care. Her right to I guess freedom or liberty, I truly hope this doesn’t count as part of her pursuit of happiness, took precedent as she is a true patriot and as unfortunate as it is that I have been fooled by the false media who now work entirely for the Chinese, but hey, that was my problem.

So I had to ask. Regardless of its origins, did she believe that the Covid-19 pandemic was real? To which she replied, yes, as it only has affected 2% of the population, it’s severity and impact was woefully overstated and each individual person clearly has a right to gamble with their own health, the potential risks were being far overstated and yes, she was going to continue to take her chances.

Next, I asked her if she knows anyone who had died? She said yes and admitted she knew several, yes, more than one person who died from the Covid-19 virus, at least one in a hospital who failed to get vaccinated. This is freedom? You’re killing me and I mean that quite literally.

I had to ask. So, am I to take it, rather than get yourself and/or your children vaccinated, you would put me at risk of infection, from which I would most likely not survive, with or without the shots, and let me die? The silence was all I needed to hear.

So, having caught the mouse in an ethical dilemma trap, she did what all good QMFP morons do, she went all ad hominem attack on me and accused me of being a “baby killer” a believer in the “pedophile” Joe Biden, without even so much of an acknowledgment of Matt Gaetz, a far more likely candidate for child molester, wouldn’t you say?

And then, just when you thought I thought it couldn’t get any more depressing, she told me I had a “Napoleon Complex” and was “bullying” her by, you guessed it, stating facts and points of view she did not agree with. This my friends, is what reality looks like for some people. A list of go-to bullet points that allow for the continuation of conduct at odds with the greater number of Americans, science, and finally, the truth.

For the truth is not about how loudly one states their views or how fervently they believe in the righteousness of their quest, often blessed by claims of God’s Righteous Vengeance. This is not reality. This is not truth. For in the final analysis, there is truly only what “is” and what “is not”. This, is not, in a big, major and frightening way.

I have nothing else to say. Vaya con Dios and may our Creator show you mercy before judgment, the likes of which you were incapable of showing me.

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