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Communique "Pro-Death?" 8-8-2021

It might be a bit odd to put it this way, but it looks as if the hill the GQP/MAGA/Fascist Regime is going to die on, if Covid-19 doesn’t get them first, is abortion. Keeping in mind regardless of whether Roe v. Wade is overturned or not, America will never be a land where the house divided will be united under the banner of what amounts to little more than religious intolerance with a dash of racism and economic cruelty for good measure.

Why do I think this? I seem to be getting more and more responses and/or let’s call them challenges (often to my integrity) regarding my stance on familial/reproductive rights, the rights of women to bodily integrity and yes, my insistence that a woman’s right to end a life is between she and her Creator, along with anyone who can help, physician, religious leader and my oh my, spouse.

If I may explain my position on abortion more fully, I try to come from a practical, legal and spiritual place that I believe has a basis in Judeo Christian traditions that includes a reasonable interpretation of the little there is about terminating pregnancies in the Bible.

In short, what I have been dealing with is a noticeable uptick on persons wondering aloud, in person and in print, whether I have taken what I call the God Particle into consideration as I formulated my understanding of the secular and sectarian aspects of what it means to end a life at its earliest, and yes, most vulnerable stages.

Here’s the good news. I have and what I believe, keeping in mind that as creatures of limited knowledge we cannot fully comprehend His ways, I do know we have been given the gift of self-determination. Yes, our fates may be written in the sands of time, but our responses, ability to learn, to change, to be better than we are all depends on a certain flexibility allowing for us to make the “right” decision.

And yes, I do believe there are numerous good, bad and indifferent outcomes to any given situation and it is up to us to choose for ourselves what we believe (I hope) to be the best answer in line with an acknowledgement of the existence of good and evil, and with a mind to do the right thing even when it is difficult.

Kind of like getting vaccinated or wearing a mask, not so you get sick, but so children, the elderly, those with immune deficiencies, you know, those who are most at risk for infection can go about their lives knowing their family, friends and neighbors have their back.

Yet, among the many claims of righteous indignation based upon the unborn being innocent and virtually incapable of helping themselves, both of which I agree with, it seems to me the God Particle People (GPP) have completely glossed over an important aspect of self-determination that cannot be ignored.

Where does it say in the Bible, or any religious text that I know of, that the life of an unborn child still in its mother’s womb and subject to her continued survival for its very existence, takes precedence over all other matters of life and death, and any and all other stages of the human existence?

Where does it say the first breath is more worthy of protection than the last? Where is the authority for the proposition that the life of the unborn is of greater importance than the life of the mother?

How does “suffer the children” translate to sacrificing the life of an emotionally immature and often confused teenager who, due to her innocence and vulnerability may well lead to physical and mental manipulation for an agenda far from what it may on the surface appear to be.

I specifically cite cases where the GPPs make no exception for rape or incest, always starting with again, the innocence of the unborn child. Is this to insist the life of the potential mother is lacking innocence and therefore not worthy of salvation? And here’s the kicker, that since it is apparently her fault alone that she is pregnant, even in a case of rape, has forfeited her God-given right to self-determination and the right to life itself? How is this so?

Further, and I must point out quite troubling, the only person I know of in a rape scenario ending in pregnancy, who deserves little to no consideration for their criminal activities, is rewarded with a you will do what I tell you to do card, all because of my evil intentions and lack of ability to control my impulses in defiance of all we know to be holy?

In matters of incest, the unreasonable expectations of carrying the featus to full term the GPPs places on females is further compounded by issues of negative genetic consequences and the stigma of an illicit relationship, which it is, forcing the victim of a crime and her child to bear the brunt of the mistakes of an adult.

Why must a child herself suffer the fate of a life she may or may not have wished to live as a consequence of having her free will and rights to self-determination taken away by the acts of a villain?

I know this may sound slightly odd, but I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have had to tell these religious zealots that there is always a choice. This is the nature of humanity and I posit that when it comes to matters even of a Biblical nature, there is no such thing as one right answer and one right answer only, and naturally, theirs.

In fact, I would argue that to claim such concrete, “insider” information pertaining to His will as to the one of the most important decisions in life, to bear or not bear a child, is an act of unwarranted arrogance and quite frankly, a sin.

Do I believe in adoption? Of course, but just because adoption exists as an option does not mean it is the only option and certainly not the right option for all persons at all times with the progenitor guilty of an undeserved sense of piety and pride (a bad combination to be sure) culminating in the ability to know the unknowable that simply does not stand up to scrutiny.

In addition, the obvious negative impact of a policy, regardless of its catalyst, that promotes the continuance of male domination, misogyny (warning: the GPPs hate it when you point this out) and racism, yes racism as we all know white congress members from the South will continue to have access to a safe abortion for their mistresses, with the worst of the misery and agony, potentially deadly consequences of a back alley abortion placed upon the poorest and least capable to defend themselves among us.

So, let’s take stock and see what we have here. To eliminate all abortions would certainly drive birth rates among white up while men, including rapists, incestuous adults and pedophiles remaining “in charge” with POCs and the indigent bearing the brunt of a backwards mentality that truly constitutes nothing less than a continuation of slavery against those who we should be holding out our loving hands and offering the grace of God to those who in many instances desperately need our kindness and assistance.

In closing, my advice to those who oppose abortion? This is the time for thoughts and prayers. Not after innocent children at an elementary school are slaughtered and you, yes you can’t be bothered to address in a humane manner as the result might be an “infringement” on your precious 2nd Amendment rights to own a gun.

Guns over children. That’s on you.

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