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Communique "Patrick Henry Was Right" 6-3-2021

Can we have an open and honest discussion about our democracy? We can pretend all we want but since we’re not GQP conspiracy nut cases who can’t seem to keep questioning their own thinly veiled sexual preferences to themselves, we must look for real problems and find real solutions. It’s what we do. It’s what also allows “them” to do what they do, but as I said, it’s what we do and yes, somebody must do it.

With the kraken finally out of the bag, or closet, or dungeon, or pizza parlor in the basement (extra children’s blood on that pie for you, Mr. Biden?) so to speak, it is obvious there is no longer anything left even remotely resembling the Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln and in its place, is a gaggle of old, white men who believe the United States should be run by a gaggle of old white men, who just happen to be them. Surprise!

Power for power’s sake no matter the cost and don’t say you didn’t see it coming. What did you need? A front row seat at a modern-day insurrection? Check. Death, degradation and destruction on the Capitol Building floor? Check. Funny looking guy who decided his day would be best spent dressing up like an American of I think dubious Viking origins who calls himself a “shaman”, or “medicine-man” or “healer”?

Well, he is vegan, so I guess he likes animals so I suppose there is that.

I admit, an engraved invitation to the Pence hanging at the proper time would have been nice, but you know, plans (if any) for an armed rebellion by an out of control mob with no real leader bent on justice for who knows what are unpredictable and can change on a moment’s notice.

Yet, at the end of the day, a day that will live on in infamy, if there were any doubts lingering doubts as to how far this Cult of 45 would go to exercise its “rights” as Americans and at least in their minds “super-patriots” to overthrow the government as they are the “real” Sons of Liberty and as with all delusional plots based on one if not several fallacies attributable to “alternate facts” that routinely defy the laws of physics, are doomed to failure on their way to utter defeat and a footnote in a history book no one will believe, except this time through the magic of the media, we have a mountain of video evidence more often than not stated not merely in our words, but theirs, to press our case and search before the tribunals (yes, there will be many) of history.

So, as we head into 2022, infinity and beyond, it would be let’s use the word prudent to assume the GQP Party will be a party with little of value to say, although they will keep saying it, each time a bit louder just to make sure we heard the first time and with emphasis that where one goes they all go. Of course, the average Q useful, bone headed idiots know where they are going. They have no clue, and here’s the kicker, they don’t care.

They don’t want any government by, of, or for the people. If fact, I would argue they find their true civic and responsibilities to the Constitution “annoying” and missing the point. For what good is having a magic waterfall if all that darn puddle of water in the middle of the desert produces is a rainbow, and you know who has stolen the rainbow from God, don’t we? Tomorrow will be another day and another story, each story building upon the other in layers of escalating patters of audacity.

Something along the lines of “well, maybe that didn’t happen (as if it ever does) but never mind that for I just read the perfect meme to start my day and being honest, I’ve already forgotten what is said, but I do recall quite clearly, it totally agreed with me and so now that I don’t have to be the only one to believe this nonsense, you can feel free to follow without fear of something as potentially damaging as the truth coming between us and our, well, right to indulge in outlandish politically tinged with GQP outrage that somehow makes our suppositions upon suppositions unfortunately based on events that never happened, not only acceptable, but a kind of backwater slide o’ wet, wild and fury before realizing the pool is was and will always be as empty as the Trump agenda, and yes, that was your head you hit on the bottom, and yes, it hurts.

Yet, if talk, conversation, expression and freedom of speech are not at the heart of our democracy, how can our democracy survive? How do we fulfill the enormous promise of freely entering our thoughts, wishes, dreams and desires into the marketplace of ideas, holding our elected officials’ feet to the fire through the tenets of our social compact, if the “system” has become so corrupted and yes, rigged to the point where Americans at all levels of civil and rational society are worried about distractions in the form of funny words, filibuster, comes to mind, a device currently being employed to frustrate the will of the people, or those who will never vote for the installation of a ruling master race class of demented old racists, misogynists, homophobes, and child molesters who have found their ultimate salvation in defending the rights of the unborn in a manner that all but assures second class citizen status for a, get this, gender.

For women who are watching their rights to liberty, free from unwanted and undue government interference. To live their life according to the ethical and moral standards their conscience demands, without fear of the tyranny of the State, providing comfort and a patina of legality and hence enforcement power to protect the rights of those we used to call criminals.

A rapist is a criminal. A pedophile is a criminal. An adult engaging in an incestuous relationship is a criminal. When did this change? Did I miss the memo? Forget to check the latest on 4Chan? 8Chan? Why bother? All one needs do is look up online all the crazy “heartbeat” “life begins at inception”, “save the child, kill the mother if necessary not forgetting the death penalty for any doctor assisting in any abortion” two deaths or more for one live birth, with easy, affordable, access to contraception be all but the tools of the damned but we’ll tackle that another day, soon.

Why throw in as much voter suppression as possible, and believe it or not, I’m describing the current state of legislation aimed at outlawing abortion in virtually every state controlled by the madness engulfing the GQP.

This is where, I, we, they stand. At a crossroads filled with hatred, fear, anger and misconceptions so great it is quite frankly hard to comprehend. We can look across the aisle, but we know we won’t find any help there. We can try to appeal directly to roughly 20% of our nation’s better angels, but I fear there will be none to be found.

False prophets, idolatry, incredible stories and deception at any cost, are the coin of the realm in GQP/Insurrection political circles, and I do mean circles for it appears the Stupid Qpids have no need for rational, much less linear thought in their quest for what has proven and will continue to be an elusive veneer of legitimacy.

So what do we do? If you agree with my overall premise that this is where we stand, the answer is obvious. We take our stand, right here and right now. And the best way for us to do that is to use our freedom of speech to prod, suggest, illuminate, perhaps even ignite the national dialogue and conversation we need to have.

For this, and this alone is the American way. The way through which American both discovered, embodied in the body politic, and now cemented in history that democracy works. When left to our own devices as individuals and as something greater, a nation, a country, we can educate, evaluate, instigate, and finally vote into existence an America, founded upon the rights of people to partner with each other as our best source of protection from the rantings, ravings, desolation and ravages of a madman.

This much we have seen and what I am here to tell you above all else is believe what you see. Trust your eyes, your ears, your instincts and the rational conclusions of your rational mind. Stop listening to the naysayers, those who would fill your life with a daily, if not hourly dose of negativity disguised as “what is good for you” all the while knowing with confidence that in the end, the truth will win out. It always does, but here’s the catch, in a democracy, there must be a dialogue, for better or worse, between, We, the People, for it is from I, me, you, us, the collective “we” from which all political power flows with the biggest hoax of all being that in all matters of legitimate government, we are not them, and they are not us.

As part and parcel of their genius, I have steadfastly maintained my position that the Founding Fathers would not be overly surprised, disappointed surely, by the antics of a power mad aging old man whose usefulness is way past its prime political scallywag, this time by the name of Mitch McConnell.

To seriously argue the Framers did not have experience with the dilatory and corruptive forces of power concentrated in the hands of men of so little moral character as to threaten the well-being of our democracy for their own selfish, self-centered and egotistical purpose is not borne out by the many different levels of government involvement and intervention, or “booby-traps” if you so prefer the term placed into the Constitution, not by accident but by design.

The Original Framers knew their new country, a republic if we could keep it, would not be perfect. Its very existence surely to be threatened by the foibles of arrogant men looking for a way to get around what they had taken an oath to do. We still see those warning signs all around us.

Foreign intrigue, a new-found respect for institutionalized greed, pay for play, bribery as a cost of doing business. How any times have you been told you are “naive” (a polite way of saying stupid) because you believe in the basic goodness of people? Because you believe in democracy? Because you want to facilitate a better future for everyone through the ballot box? That your voice can and will be heard?

That you are naïve in thinking your voice and your vote cannot change the world? That your resistance is futile and you will be assimilated? That taking a stand if for no other reason than it is the right thing to do is wrong.

So where do we start? How about we all rally around our duly elected and realer than real President? Rather than worrying about what he hasn’t done, yet, and focusing on all the good he has indicated he believes is part of America’s road back to national and international prominence? To re-create a nation we can all be proud to be a part of?

I like Biden. Throughout his career he has consistently shown his ability to rise to the occasion and come through with flying red, white and blue colors. As are we all, he is imperfect yet through his many trials and tribulations, he is a man who has learned not to lament “loss” as a pity point or grounds for the next meeting of the don’t cancel my fake sense of pride by taking away all the white grievance talking points used to justify, if not glorify racism as the basis of American exceptionalism and without it, we are no more.

He gets it. The world has changed and he is doing his best to change with it. But even better, and honestly, not something I expected, Biden has shown himself to be a visionary. What is my definition of a visionary? It is someone who plants trees knowing he will not live to sit beneath their sheltering leaves in the shade. That will be for the next generation to sit beneath and perhaps take the time to respect the sacrifices of those who came before, who stood up when they didn’t have to?

Who refused to be the “next in line” and hopefully spare our future the same fate? To reflect and use the time and opportunity to focus on the positive and ponder what’s next? That when our greatest gift, democracy was threatened by persons who have “no use for it” meaning, no use for you getting in the “way” of their agenda, by hook, crook, blatant racism and discrimination (don’t worry, it’s coming), that we stood with the President, we stood with those in Congress who would do their job and legislate in the name of not only democracy, but humanity and all that we claim to be good?

That I, you, We, the People stood with the promises assured us under the Declaration of Independence? The Constitution? And when necessary, we fought on the side of America the beautiful? The land of the free and home of the brave?

That we believe in the natural rights of man, the social contract? And most importantly of all, we utilized our right to protest, to be heard in both open society, free to express our views without retribution in the parks, streets, sidewalks and yes, at the ballot box.

For this, is how Americans stand for and preserve our democracy, by using it. Who is ready to defend our democracy? If so, you need to say it, again and again if necessary, and let the costs be damned for failure is not an option and silence, is death.

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