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Communique "Passive Regressive Party" 7-13-2021

Why do we still refer to what’s left of the GQP/MAGA/Insurrection/Cry Baby Party as conservative when their objective, if they have one, is clearly to promote an unrealistic, unwise and patently un-American, anti-democratic form of government that as far as I can tell will do nothing more than in the short run make it difficult for traditional democrats, minorities and college age students, to cast their fundamental right to cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice without the fear of disenfranchisement by the State in service of protecting “election integrity”, from voter fraud that doesn’t exist?

Now, with all of their racist, anti-intellectual and pseudo sectarian when needed calling cards on the table, their long game promoting a radical agenda where the fewer participants in our basic democracy that will lead to nothing short of installing a proven sociopath and deadly, demented man-child whose sick compulsive need to lie, cheat and steal is only rivaled by his equally morbid sine qua non for his attention deficit disorder (as in I can’t get no) known as malignant narcissism, when applied to adults.

When applied to children, we call it “acting out” or “temper tantrums” or the actions of a petulant child who needs a time out now and then. Unfortunately, we can’t change Soggy Bottom Boy Trump’s diaper, give him a bottle and put him to bed, with or without his KFC. Funny, yes, but dangerous as all get out too.

If we follow the current political trajectory of the GQP there can be little doubt their end game, their not-so-hidden agenda would culminate in the installation (their word) of the mushy, mealy-mouthed, olio and insipid loser of the last election by a landslide false prophet and charlatan as their fascist dictator and savior ruling over an anti-intellectual and pseudo sectarian regime bent on keeping, those who should never have been given power in the first place, in power.

So again, I ask, how is this a conservative agenda? How can the end of our democratic system, of, by and for the people be anything less than the visions of extremists, fanatical in their thinking and subversive to all that we as Americans hold virtually sacred and surely dear?

The end of our rights to free speech, to air our grievances, to peaceful protest, to worship when and where, if at all, our conscience and faith dictates? Our right to economic stability, a level playing field where billionaires pay their fair share of taxes for the resources they use, a level playing field and the opportunity to allow our individual talents and drive to take us as far as our ambition allows for.

I dare say I see nothing “conservative” about ending the American Dream in exchange for a few mean-spirited cash hoarders building mostly toys for the rich and famous and calling it progress much less the American way. Not to be overly catty, but conformity with an ideology based on a lie, no matter the size, is far beyond a mere exercise in futility, it is the action of a cult member who has no idea about the actual who, what, when, where or why, but that obeys for the simple reason that obedience and submission, no matter the absurdity, is the key to I guess acceptance into the coven of we know better and can’t be fooled by the infidels, when in fact the cosmic joke is on the unwary and less than critical adherent to an ideology inspired by misinformation, memes, myth, mayhem and madness.

How is it conservative to let more than half a million Americans die needlessly, and then advocate for yet more unnecessary sickness, pain and death? When did it become conservative to take defend the life of the unborn over the well-being of the mother while simultaneously protecting and possibly encouraging the acts of rapists, the incestuous and pedophiles everywhere?

When did it become conservative to own a weapon of war as part of the Second Amendment? To tolerate mass shootings? To kill children? To let those falsely accused of crimes they did not commit languish in jail because of the color of their skin? To toe the line that when it comes to racism, bigotry and hate there are “fine People” on both sides of the argument?

To lie, cheat and steal? Manufacture evidence? Gaslight? Keep the population misinformed and spreading falsehoods even in the face of deadly consequences? Building walls that will not work? Demonizing anyone and everyone, particularly immigrants, who are “different”? Conservative? I suppose if you found Pol Pot to be a decent, caring kind of fellow and not the genocidal maniac who among his many accomplishments did a little thing called the Killing Fields, you might find the GQP platform (or lack thereof) attractive in a warped Qish sort of way.

Or we can move on. If we take the position that negotiation, compromise and bi-partisanship with the radical Death Wing Dumb as a Doorknob Not Quite Right in the Head Party is no longer feasible, where should we look if we wish to have a robust discussion with a more traditional, conservative at its core foil? I suggest we look no further than the centrist to moderate wing of the Democratic Party.

Try this scenario for size. If I am correct and the Green New Deal is in place, we have a functioning version of Medicare for all, climate change is under control, and the for everyone economy revives if not invigorates the middle-class, within the next five years AOC will be considered the center of the party platform. That would still leave room for a slightly more left of left contingent, it would importantly leave the more moderate, or conservative segment of Democrats available for alternative, two-party points of view.

Does it matter what the parties are called? Does it matter if we essentially have one party rule? The answer is wherever the newest, bestest and brightest ideas are going to come from, that is where we should go, post haste. I mean, do we really have time to wonder whether the world is ruled by the lizard people at the center of the Earth? Or whether the “deep state” is as we speak trafficking innocent children so Hillary can drink their blood or that Joe Biden is a fake president? Take my word for it. The “storm” is dissipating and all the Q-Clowns will have left is memories from a time where they tried to turn America into the Land of Misfit Toys, and failed.

Now is the time for bold and innovative initiatives, re-writing tax codes, fixing our broken education, affordable housing and care for the homeless systems. In short, isn’t it time we admit America is at its core a progressive, forward looking nation of persons ever ready and up to the task, whatever that may be? That we, are a liberal at heart country and far better off for it?

Yes? Then say it loud, I’m liberal and I’m proud. Oh, and for you, the few remaining yet shrinking Q/MAGA/GQP dirt bags who still think your ticket to paradise comes at the expense of the rights of persons who don't look, think, or want to act like you? Don’t ask for whom the dumbbell tolls, it trolls for thee.

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