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Communique "Oil Rigged" 4-16-2021

Some mysteries are so simple to solve if one is willing to do just a little bit of research. Now that President Biden announced American military forces will leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, a great deal of “why now?” speculation has popped as an unfathomable to the average person to answer as in “we will never know the truth” question. So let me help you out.

On top of being inevitable in the sense that we did not learn our lesson well enough in the Vietnam war, where from very early on America knew it was a war we could never by traditional standards of combat “win” as in Vietnam, the time to finally leave Afghanistan was triggered by world economic conditions that no longer make it necessary or even feasible to own the unwelcoming chunk of land with its own borders, and hence some sense of sovereignty to grant to outsiders the English called Afghanistan.

And yes, as you may have suspected all along, it all has to do with the production and transportation of oil, and geography (see map above). Specifically, neither we nor the Russians (or anyone else for that matter) need Afghanistan as a piece of a possible land to traverse to build a pipeline over, to carry oil from mainly Turkmenistan then across Afghanistan, into India and ending at the Arabian Sea, where the oil could be shipped to the highest bidder.

This never built but still “in the works” projected pipeline not only had and still has an economic aspect as in the exploitation of oil revenue, but a geo-political angle as well as it would provide an alternate route to the existing Russian sponsored Turkmenabat pipeline, thereby at least threatening and possibly undermining Russian eco-political power and interests in the region.

Before we go any further, this also answers the inquiry as to why Russia invaded and occupied the basically otherwise worthless sand and rocky mountain wasteland dominated with political and religious dissent “country” of Afghanistan. In their favor, it only took the red commie bastards 10 years to realize their presence wasn’t worth it.

We, of course have now taken 20 years to come to the same conclusion, but then again, wouldn’t it have been just so good to show up those Godless socialist/communists or whatever they were rather than capitalists in what is literally their own backyard?

Oh, again before we go any further, that pesky rumor about the billions and billions of precious metals and minerals sitting just below the surface? Well, let’s see, 10 and 20 years make 30 years total and not an ounce of gold, silver, precious, semi-precious or even ordinary Afghani rock has ever seen the light of day. Isn’t it, wasn’t it still there for the taking? The answer is of course, da comrade.

So…what does that tell you about this nothing better than an x-marks the spot tale of buried treasure? Yo-ho-ho (on us) and a bottle of vodka with a Bud light that I don’t even consider to be beer chaser. But our actual (hopefully) American departure from this ill-begotten and unwise from the start grand yes, but foolish doomed from the start venture is a good thing and let me tell you why.

It means on an international economic scale foreign oil will no longer be necessary for our internal growth and with the continuing development of substitutes for our own domestic needs, hence we are looking at the end of an Era. An era of dinosaur sludge mixed with paraffin wax, aka non-renewable fossil fuels including the end of the Era of Oil in America.

As a survivor of the long lines and alternate license plates fake oil embargo/shortage of the 1970s (thanks Jimmy Carter, still love you) I have always been a big fan of telling the oil companies where to shove it. This time? I’m not even sure I can raise enough ire beyond documenting my inner glee right here and now.

For this time around, I see the end is near for non-renewable fossil fuel based products. Soon the “key” economic factor essential to capitalism, meaning my product does everything if not the same then better then yours and I can manufacture it and therefore market and sell it to you, the public for less money, you know, cheaper, is soon to emerge in the form of renewable, carbon neutral new green deal energy and product substitutes, meaning, it’s functionally and economically better to get our power from the sun, wind, and geothermal sources, (forget algae, that’s been around for decades), without the threat of another oil bursting pipeline and oil spill, well, let’s say we turn out the lights on what started as kerosene for lamps technology and round that magic corner into our mean, clean and green future. (Econ 101)

Do you know why there is no coal industry left? It isn’t because there is no coal, it’s because nobody, and I mean nobody wants to buy it. It is an industry without a market and so, as with all things subject to “let the market sort it out” they/we will and your grandchildren won’t even know what coal is/was except they don’t want it in their stockings for being bad.

Imaging the same scenario for oil and petroleum based products? Soon, it is estimated that by no later than 2035 Saudi Arabia’s easy to reach (drilling through sand is much easier and less expensive than drilling through sheet rock) and hence cheap Saudi Arabian crude oil will run out with no reserves left for export. Oh, there will still be oil available in other parts of the world, but it will become more expensive to produce while innovation will continue to fuel the environmentally friendly (and even cheaper) alternatives.

If I had to guess, I would think in the future, the people of the world then living in a far cleaner and safer world, free of most of the major pollution and its side effects generated by fossil fuels, including no dumping cancerous toxins into water supplies, no fracking, no more worrying about pipelines being built over or next to ancient tribal aquifers, why if that isn’t the first step to a better tomorrow, I truly don’t know what is, or for that matter, what would be a more effective driver of opportunities for America to change its existing infrastructure, jobs and even the social changes in basic American style equality we are currently striving to attain.

So, all things considered, is this a great day to be an American or what? Thanks Uncle President Joe (UPJ), U da man!

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