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Communique "Of Easter Egg & Witch Hunts" 4-2-2021

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

“Of Easter Egg & Witch Hunts”

What is it about certain people that leads them to believe a lie based upon a lie somehow makes the underlying lie the truth? Then, if that second lie doesn’t quite work out, a new, improved and far better third lie will sort it all out, the second lie becoming the truth while the first lie, is all but forgotten?

The reason I mention this is a perpetual series of ever brazen lies has become the modus operandi, if they have one, for the Republican Party, if there still is one. In many ways this is evidenced by the continual and ongoing effort by the so-called conservative pro-religion, anti-socialism continuing assault on the separation of church and state.

Clearly, a misguided at best attempt to put “real” religion back into the mix of ingredients that will Make America Great Again, as if we as a society have lost our way from the acknowledgement of faith and spirituality in our lives for guidance as part of our everyday lives including politics.

This is not true although many of us have rejected the idea of accepting a group of warped individual’s interpretations of the Old and New Testament as including a far less than celestial mandate that the wealthy among us are “blessed” and in fact, in light of the written words in the Bible that speak to exactly the opposite. Something about camels, needles and getting into heaven and all, as I recall.

I also find the suddenly amplified lie, based on the underlying lie that Jesus, along with everyone else in the Bible were white, that it is upon said whiteness and white privilege that allowed America to become “great” in the first place when exactly the opposite is true.

American became and remains great because at least in part we as a nation understood the advantages of having a larger, melting pot of persons to pull from, using their backgrounds and experiences to broaden and expand our horizons as to include new, different and better ways to shape our understanding of the possible.

That it is our very willingness to overcome the artificial boundaries of blood, soil and hatred based upon nothing more than the color of one’s skin that has allowed our nation to attain and now, after four years of denying who we truly and what makes us great are in place of several lies, systematically placed upon the other as a legitimate function of morality and good governance that we, the true Americans find ourselves unwilling to follow and for good reason beginning with a lie is still a lie, no matter how many times it is repeated, or how many people believe it.

Recently, I asked a religious friend of mine why it was he and his tribe felt it necessary to portray JC as white when as a matter of historical fact, he was not. In response, he said something along the lines of that didn’t matter for JC the man, whoever or whatever he was, is secondary to what he did as a symbol for the ultimate salvation of mankind, and if by portraying him as white, if it helps to spread the good word, then so be it.

After getting over my initial shock, it occurred to me that at least to some misguided souls, when it comes to the Gospel of Christ, it is an exercise in the ends justifying the means, any means including spreading blatant lies, rumors and innuendo, in the name of “truth”? Well, at least you must admit this revelation alone was worth writing a 1000 words of so about.

I began to silently wonder just how far would my friend and his cult go toward creating a universe that doesn’t exist for the promise of eternal life. Why, if you throw in a bunch of “God works in mysterious ways” theology (meaning we don’t know) then, there is no telling just how far the fantasy, yes, pure fantasy could go.

Why, perhaps as far as believing a fictional character named “Q” has all the answers from a biblical perspective on the “deep state”, including less than easily verified as lies and completely without merit, stories about children kidnapping, blood drinking, cannibalistic, socialist, democratic who all bear the mark of some untoward beast or another? I think we all know the answer to that, don’t we?

That somehow in the name of all that is righteous and holy, the pious among us bowed and prayed to a false prophet in the form of a graven image highly reminiscent of the golden calf over which Moses broke the tablet containing the Ten Commandments? That this was somehow the “correct” way to co-mingle the religious with the political as proof of the greatness of our Creator and American Fascism? Unfortunately, we know the answer to that one, too.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a believer that God works in mysterious ways, but I also believe that it is due to our lack of celestial knowledge that what appears to be at times, certainly odd and often seemingly unfair ways for an all-knowing supreme being to act, I believe it is the truth that will eventually set us all free.

Free from the confines of this physical and material universe and existence, and that no matter how big or how many times one posits the false in place of the true, an illusion, delusion, gas lighting, voluntary and selfish misstatements, are all lies and no amount of “spin”, no matter the cause, will change that.

If I may end by making a small suggestion, perhaps this being Good Friday would be a good time to reflect upon birth, re-birth, change, death, resurrection, mysterious ways, rabbits and rabbit holes, and may you be granted the wisdom to differentiate the real, from the symbolic, and the truth from all of the lies. Have a good conspiracy free Easter Weekend.

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