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Communique "Ode to MAGA Joe" 9-20-2021

Let’s face facts. There is no more Republican Party as we knew it. The GOP of Lincoln is no more and it not going to come back anytime soon.

It’s 50 US Senators half of which are turning into dust old, white and have one foot in the grave holding out against the inevitable change in demographics that will define our nation going forward into the 21st Century and beyond.

Almost out of time and completely out of touch they cling desperately to the notion that racism is the “answer” to socialism. You know, socialism as in everybody regardless of race, creed or color gets a piece of the pie? Exclusion over inclusion at its most cynical, insidious, and corrosive to a democratic society where all are to be treated with equality.

The House Republicans are nothing but a bunch of knuckle dragging mouth breathers who can’t believe anyone is paying attention to their crackpot and hateful ideas let alone send them contributions to continue the spread of wild and totally unsubstantiated falsehoods and lies that it seems more than a couple use to pay their mortgages with.

As for the constituents themselves, they are a minority of a minority of what used to be the GOP, but now far better identified and referred to as the GQP or perhaps the “8000 Of Us Are Dying From The Covid Virus Every Ten Days And We Are Fine With That as Long as You Don’t Take Our Guns Away Party.”

How long can a party that defends insurrectionists and traitors as modern day patriots and creates an atmosphere of right-wing domestic terror and fear justify itself as representing anything approaching the American model of government?

A regional party that has no ability to win a national election that chooses to deny all Americans the right to cast their vote at the ballot box in favor of voter suppression for those who will not vote the party line. What relevance does this entity have in our society?

How has a party that makes no bones it is for the violent storming of our Capitol by persons who are more than capable of hanging our House Speaker and Vice-President as well as anyone they perceive to be a threat to democracy, or perhaps more accurately, stands in the way of the creation of a fascist state, stay in power?

When will they realize We, the People are watching? We are alert and willing to fight back. We will not cede our noble country to a handful of moneyed interests hiding behind the scenes in the shadows of mediocre persons making money from the misery of others whom they despise for their stupidity and complicity in their sinister master scheme? Useful idiots doesn’t even begin to describe the vicious, condescension and vitriol dripping from their venomous fangs and bloody red hands.

How long can a political party that doesn’t think millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share of taxes last? How long must children suffer for the failings of their parents? Indeed, how can these misguided souls call themselves parents while putting their own deadly and delusional appeal for political relevancy and self-importance before the health and well-being of their sons and daughters?

When did sacrifice become the new standard of loyalty? The new benchmark for legitimacy in the name of who will be the first to jump off a bridge if I tell you too? When did thinking for one’s self become a crime? To hesitate, a sign of weakness?

If you are not quite following my drift, when did becoming a gold-card carrying member of a death cult become the more attractive way of proving oneself to be a “good American”?

Do they even know where they are heading? What will sustain a party based on a cult of personality to survive without the personality? Who will be there to re-assure them their plight is just and yes, even real? That somehow by denying the empirical evidence of the physical distilled into what we call science must be discarded in favor of religious dogma and at best stories that may or may not have taken place in a time long ago and a place far away?

How do you teach that he who embraces the shadows eventually becomes one of the shadows themselves? Darkening the skies with predictions of death, doom and destruction as the eventual fate of all that is hopeful and beautiful? That the butterfly is the illusion? Our fate as a species reduced to nothing more than waiting for that day when the sun does not rise?

Where saving seed and planting for the future is a fool’s game, an unrealistic expectation because of our inevitable inability to overcome original sin? To live up to the standards of our Maker, as judged by those who would point to their ability to memorize verse as a sure sign of holiness and piety, where in fact, none lies.

How hollow the life these misguided and maligned people, who just like us, at their core want nothing but to feel the love and bask in the eternal joy of our Father and for the time being living a compassionate life the best way we know how. What a hard path they have chosen! One that leads to isolation, division, derangement, and death for love cannot grow from hate and hate can only create more of the same.

Is this not the GOP or perhaps MAGA, or GQP of today? Isn’t it true the only way to fulfill the promise of its warped beyond all enlightenment much less reason is to die in service of a madman, a king in a magic castle that never was and never will be?

Where the end of the road is nothing more than the end of a road that leads nowhere? In the name of humanity, how long must this pretext and pretense last? How long until, there is no more? 8,000 a day and counting and yes, it is as horrific as it sounds.

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