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Communique "North Star (You Are Your Own)" 5-3-2021

Even assuming you as an individual possess a 2nd Amendment right to protect your underlying natural right to protect yourself through reasonable means including a right to bear privately purchased arms (a term that for the time commonly meant to wage war), and even then, for purposes of the 2nd Amendment (sorry I know this is complex but I swear this is how constitutional protections work) only as part of a “well-regulated militia” how do you analogize this right to include weapons of war that are clearly offensive in nature?

I am not asking you or anyone else who owns a firearm to forgo your 2nd Amendment Rights. I am asking you to realize the American constitutional model is based upon no rights, natural or otherwise, none, are absolute and must give way to the greater societal good. If saving the life of even one person, one child is not in this Country’s best interest, then what is?

Or do you truly believe your rights are not subject to, forget the government, but the will of We, the People? In America, the once great Grand Old Party of Lincoln has been reduced to a death cult comprised by persons who would rather live in a fantasy world rather than face the consequences of their own actions.

Call them MAGA, call them Q, these are followers of outright myth and lies, all concentrated behind an all too imperfect false prophet of racism, misogyny and all-around hatred, disease and disgust who goes by the name Trump.

His path to salvation runs through the flaunting and disfiguration of all that in America previously held inviolate and sacred. His deconstructed beyond recognition blend of faux religion and fascism in search of creating a totalitarian political system in his image should be unholy and repugnant to those who claim to follow the Judeo-Christian ethos starting with love, not loathe your neighbor, welcome the stranger and as is clearly written in the Ten Commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill.

That killing by the State is a choice, is vital to our understanding of the predicament we find ourselves in, we meaning on the outside of the inner circle of those who worship death while waiting for the storm that will never come is currently incapable of dealing with. Make no mistake, we are forced to fight or surrender to a fever driven coven of deceit and inequity having found its new graven image, its golden calf, and it is a semi-deity who approves of suffering, pain and death as part and parcel of his message of repentance and salvation.

Force the sinners to repent and you shall be saved. The sinners being anyone who does not agree with their twisted and I’m being kind here, philosophy behind what is clearly yet another failed attempt to combine church and state, or as is more commonly referred to as a theocracy and in this case, hold the government, and please pour on the pseudo age of Biblical miracles in the shape of lizard people who are the true master of this world, or at least the unreal world they, the MAGAs and the Qs have chosen to live in.

I must admit I don’t understand how anyone can place retribution above mercy but I am not here to question their beliefs. What I am here to do is try to offer an alternative, a way back to the reality that exists right here, right now, and all around us if we choose to live within God’s divine plan and infinite forgiveness and mercy.

What I am proposing is a reordering of priorities. Do not plan for the next life by ignoring the one you are currently in. If you dis-honor life in this dimension, what are the chances you will find the ability to honor the miracle of life, all life in the next?

I ask, beg if necessary, We the People, in all our earthly imperfection, get back to, begin or continue to find the goodness, the gifts that our singular Creator has placed within and around all of us. His wisdom, His beauty, as expressed in all of His works, beginning with the simple realization that we, each and every one of us, are his children and that we use our blessing of free will to acknowledge the divine spark of light within us thereby allowing the realization, perhaps epiphany for some that we are all one and that any suggestion to the opposite is an illusion of divisiveness and division employed for no reason other than to confuse and divert us from our true mission in life, to follow the road home.

How do we do this? We respect and honor life. Not some life, but all life, from inception and our first breath, to our last. We realize we are not only our brother’s keeper, but the stewards of a planet, perhaps a universe in which we have the control to create, or destroy what He in his benevolent and unknowable wisdom has given us.

We stop placing profits above people and reveal the greedy money changers, mongers and generally greedy people among us, not to shun them, but to place them on a path of kindness, caution and caring for how they until their skills for all works are valuable when used in the correct context and based upon the love and the betterment of all life, all.

Now, before everyone gets mad at me, (no emails please) but given what I have said, and keeping firmly in mind that each and everyone one of us has the right to choose the nature of their destiny, do you think there are abortions in heaven? Do you think there are guns?

A system of justice that includes the death penalty, in a realm where there is no death as we would know it? Do you think children die every day in poverty while billionaires hide behind corporations that pollute the water we drink and the air we breathe for nothing more than “profit”? Do you?

In closing I ask, and will beg if necessary, that we start here. With everyone who believes in the existence of a Supreme Being, for me being whoever made all of, myself included, this world of 10,000 miracles and beyond, turn in voluntarily that which I claim threatens all of your faith as well as contributing to a world ready to return to the basic goodness inherent in all life, please, turn in your gun.

If you have an assault rifle, all the better. Great actions begin with small ones, everyone knows that. Be brave, be the first step toward a society in which gun ownership is unnecessary. It is not impossible.

Stop following those who would deceive you for their own earthen and often wicked designs, those who would have you betray your inner spirit that I tell you is innocent, good, and free of sin, original included.

If short, fulfill your legacy as the person you have always wanted to be. The spirit you have always been and will continue to strive for, until you finally are and hence forward, will always be. Choose life over death, divinity over vanity, and yes, wings over arms. You are your own North Star, you just don’t remember. Let’s do this, together. Who’s in?

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