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Communique “No _____ (fill in the blank)” 4-25-2021

Wow. Even I am beside myself wondering just how stupid do the Republicans think we are, the answer being apparently very stupid as a just significant enough to matter, or at least make the news, number of Americans keep re-electing or voting in their clearly unqualified red baboon asses into office.

If you are like me you are probably asking me what did they do or say this time that has this guy who has seen quite a bit of political “I can’t believe he just said that” is all up in arms, bearing arms, I suppose you might say. But this time it is what was not being said that and not in a good way astonished me.

Mine is a case where learning to read between the lines is a skill of necessity in these artificially charged, often with racially motivated and barely hidden but still underlying “dog whistle” political memes and themes. It is the skill Rachel Maddow often speaks of when she states, “watch what they do not what they say.”

For it is this dark, backroom at the ballroom dance macabre crevice between the spoken and the where the true dementia and depths plaguing the once proud party but now morally destitute party of Lincoln can be found.

It all started with a “no.” Now, we all know that the GOP is nothing more than the party of no. They have no discernible agenda of vision for America. They are living proof that when it comes to effective governing the only thing worse than doing the wrong thing is to do nothing for sometimes the price of doing nothing is too high.

And it’s not just the party crazies, they are in Congress as our entertainment for the halftime/halfwit show of which I speak. Case in point. How does anyone in their right legislative mind refuse to endorse an infrastructure bill promising billions if not trillions in federal funding and still claim, depending on the day, that you are the party of blue collar workers and/or business, yet in reality by blocking such a bill you are neither?

Infrastructure would create jobs. Good paying American jobs that importantly cannot be outsourced. The advantage at this time of re-building our roads, water and electricity facilities cannot be anything but crystal clear. It is a win-win-win scenario. American workers working on America’s aging infrastructure.

Building Back Better and preparing us for a future based on green technologies where the middle-class is again ascendant with liberty, justice and jobs with healthcare and union styled benefits, not to mention carbon emissions free blue skies, with untainted by lead drinking water for all.

Yet, the GQP has for years now opposed all efforts to put us back to work. Their latest complaint, the Biden infrastructure proposal includes too many not traditional, but helping certain classes of people, for example the elderly, live better lives as part of an overall infrastructure agenda.

The message, we’re getting used to the idea of rebuilding inanimate objects, but don’t get too giddy as you, made of bone, flesh and blood still do not matter. Your lives do not matter. No lives matter.

Once again, the party of you are all expendable rears its ugly head. At one time, the GOP played along with business making corporate America quite wealthy in large part in return for campaign contributions of all shapes and sizes, dark, soft, from big business.

Now, no less than the poster child for never a contribution or donation no matter how clandestine, no questions asked he didn’t like went so far as to call these captains of industry “stupid” for expressing their political opinions, except that keeping the mean green flowing into GOP coffers was of course more than acceptable. You know, the corporations that Mitch fought so hard for to have a 1st Amendment right to free speech? To have a “voice?”

This is what happens when a political party exists merely to keep those in power in power with the somewhat pretend policy of every time we say no, you are better off for it.

Do deficits matter? Or do they not? The correct answer cannot be if we are in control then no, but when the socialist commie party is trying to spend funds on your behalf as part of its agenda, then yes, they do.

What we are witnessing is the cost of doing nothing as in, sometimes the only thing worse than doing something albeit wrong, is doing nothing, big time. For you see, doing nothing is not a policy it is a tool best used upon the most ignorant of potential voters and a direct descendant of Reagan’s nine words missive about fear and disdain when the government tries to help. In short, a party of no, is no party at all.

It becomes a mechanism of abuse by its users. Some members of the GOP may know better, but clearly, the don’t care better, or quite frankly even care at all. For they have deluded themselves that their very presence in government is better than not having them occupy a seat designed to help us for a more perfect union, into yet another misguided voice trying to produce another “wedge” issue meant to divide us as a nation.

The GQP would rather have us arguing over “cancel culture” issues that includes such hot button and sure to turn all of our lives upside down causes including the removal of Confederate monuments, Dr. Seuss books, Mr. Potato head and yes, the incessant “Big Lie” whining about an election the Qpids lost so badly the only way to “correct” the result of who is president begins and ends with nothing more than “this doesn’t feel right”, distracting the public from facing the true societal problems we are dealing with right here and now, minus the kraken, of course.

All the while the ameliorative and stabilizing issues that do matter, infrastructure, jobs, and immigration, get lost in the MAGA shuffle of policies that would tend to lead one to believe that “Racism Matters” as a legitimate mantra/movement/basis for policy, and not in a good way.

For when faced with the know nothing do nothing GOP as in Grand Obsolete Party, it’s buyer beware, seller beware and now business, great and small beware. And yet a significant percentage of our population is still buying the garbage they are selling.

Doesn’t sound like much of a bargain, except perhaps for one made with the devil, but then again, I consider myself a smart shopper and for my money, that mangy well past its prime old dog that once upon a time rightly fancied itself the Party of Lincoln, but now as representing a minority of a minority of Americans, does little more than remind us to read the fine print for the doofus is in the details, while checking the warranty disclaimer box saying in big bold lettering, satisfaction is never guaranteed.

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