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Communique "Next?" 2-22-21

Here’s one from the you never know where the focus of your next politically charged essay is coming from file. I was looking at a post put up online by someone I used to think was a somewhat reasonable conservative friend of mine. As much as it grieves me to put any semblance of sanity in the past and in addition to the actual words of the post, the hatred, fear, racism and paranoia corrosively oozing in the spaces between the words was simultaneously shocking, distasteful at best and appalling.

It’s not a long post, thirteen words total with an exclamation point on the end for good measure. The first word is “Globalist”. This is a dog whistle for Jewish Bankers Who Rule the World. It’s not new and indeed has been around since the days of the Rothchild’s monetary dominance that some would have you believe has yet to end.

Next on the list is RINOs, the acronym for Republican In Name Only, the current meaning of which seems to be applicable to any conservative that does not believe in whatever crackpot theory with no basis in reality the sheeple in the tangentially still attached to what’s left of the GOP party that includes reference to the storm, the end of times and any other pseudo apocalyptic vision of a clearly dystopian future, the best part being Jesus will let you keep all of your guns while you await your celestial airlift to heaven.

After a quick and appropriate “and” the go-to “Socialists”, a term that for most psychotic Trump followers means any economic theory they don’t like, other than capitalism. Socialism is also routinely used and abused as a stand-in for the many different systems of government as in monarchy, fascism and at times democracy, all of those terms having nothing to do with the choice of economy that is, for the record, a blend of capitalism, socialism and greed.

As my posting friends Stygian bon mots begin to take on sentence structure, we the view are informed all of the above like illegal aliens, and I take it not of the Marvin the Martian persuasion, although perhaps the little helicopter on Mars, Perseverance, along with a big bag full rocks, will bring back an alien or two, you never know, but the post clearly refers to those persons on our Southern border who wanting nothing more than a chance at a better life, or at least life, for themselves, their extended families and their children.

You know, the homeless, barefoot and hungry some men, but mostly women and children, often in caravans and harboring any number of not domestic but foreign terrorists ready to commit violent acts against Americans, as they define that term (more on this later) and spread any number of life threatening diseases, but not the Covid-19 virus, as they believe it to be non-deadly, non-existent, and a hoax, although the 500,000 plus documented victims of the serious and self-induced pandemic would seem to indicate otherwise.

No matter, it’s all just fake news and outright propaganda from the leftist media, isn’t it? Who of course are in cahoots with the Globalists, RINOs, and socialists, as documented above.

And so, what exactly is it that Globalists, RINOs, and socialists (oh my) all share in common regarding illegal aliens? Why, they along with the unidentified but surely in the mix somewhere communists, and yes, democrats (there’s that economic/political cross-over again) like illegal aliens not more, but much more than they like Americans.

I can only assume “Americans” in this context includes racists, misogynists, religious zealots, homophobic individuals, xenophobes, gun-nuts, and now numerous seditionists and outright traitors hiding under some rock waiting for their turn to be turned in by their neighbors, who never liked them anyway, residing within the dregs of society and the US Congress.

Funny part is, when you put it like that, straight-up and as it is, they might just be right. Could there be a legitimate excuse for such behavior? Maybe a brain eating microbe that can transform an adult into an infant? You know, like a baby who throws a tantrum then can’t be placated because although they are crying their eyes out, have no idea what it is they want that would make them happy.

Honestly? I am no longer all that interested in working with them for the time being and really don’t care whatever secret message from Q or dumber than dirt conspiracy theory, although I do admit to having a predilection for the ones that include reference to “cannibalism”, but I would like to know at least what it is that will shut them up.

Funny part is I know what they want. They want to continue unabated if not extend the practice of systemic racism and white supremacy in order to maintain the high and mighty lifestyle they mistakenly believe was bestowed upon them through their ability to access and utilize white privilege.

Problem is they can’t say that out loud, so what we get in return is miserable memes ala “Globalists, Rinos, and Socialists like illegal aliens much more than they like Americans!” Truly a marvel of snarky virility. How is it do you suppose that 13 words could yield so much vitriol?

Here’s the best part. They don’t think we know what it means. But we do, and so what we are left to deal with is a ghoulish goulash of gotcha games, scary sounding names and the placing blame on anyone but themselves. Throw in a little of that good old “block head party of no answers” because they don’t even know what the question is passing for governance, kind of sums it up for me. How about you?

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