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Communique "Never Give Up, Never Forget" 1-6-2022

One year ago today, We, the People of America bore witness to an event that has already assured itself a place in history as a day not of patriotism, freedom, or honor, but rather a day of infamy, an attack striking at the heart of our democracy and hence the American experiment in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

One year ago today, We, the People saw the many, misled by the unlawful, the arrogant and the hateful, deceived into service for the benefit of a mere handful of those whose unquenchable lust for power we now know does not stop at the preservation of our cherished freedom as part of a democratic republic, of the people, by the people and for the people.

It was unfortunately an attempted coup orchestrated by those who would use, discard and abuse the truth in whatever ways necessary for their own means going so far as to literally invent out of thin air a mirage, a fantasy that borders on hallucination or perhaps mass hysteria turning into an ongoing ignis fatuus designed to cast doubt upon the results of a free and fair election process.

For those who live to sow the seeds of discontent, it was an act of physical and psychological retribution, fostered to quell whatever demons taking hold, if not thriving in the deepest, darkest corners of the human psyche, producing a psychological toxic concoction of bubbling bile, blinding hatred and intolerance often leading to vengeful acts of so-called disobedience that cannot be cured by any amount of reason, logic or truth.

For these are the thoughts and actions that exist only in the minds of the afflicted, to justify a doctrine based upon facts that never were and never will be. They embrace unreality as if their ideologies based on nothing more than rumor, innuendo, and propaganda.

Words designed to do nothing more than inflame the passions of those willing to listen to fake bromides intended to justify the unjustifiable, to allow those who would heed the siren’s call to dash themselves upon the jagged rocks of an eternity of stupidity, providing “cover”, if you will, for acts often unspeakable in nature, while ignoring the stench of fire and brimstone forcing its way out between their teeth and exhaled by the mouths of those willing to sacrifice their integrity for the hollow spoils of their inner greed.

For those on the ground, it was a howl of dissent that crossed the line of civil protest and into a violent show of brute force as a legitimate means to an end to right a wrong that simply does not exist. I state unequivocally there can be no actual solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

For when truth becomes the source of unhappiness, displeasure, and resentment, the grievances that emerge the only “way out” is to fabricate a lie, and then another lie creating a fantasy of breadcrumbs, the original cause now long forgotten, by which to find one’s way home. What a terrible way to live one’s life, if you can still call it a life, that once spurred on and encouraged by voices often mistaken for the divine, or at a minimum by a valid authority figure, the hapless followers/victims, the rubes find themselves trapped within a web of lies and deceit so baroque in nature as to make the journey back to the real world virtually impossible.

And of course, once trapped, the only voice left to listen to is that of the original captor who naturally continue to urge, if not require total obedience and undying loyalty to the politician, mafia don, or false prophet who unabashedly and routinely states they and they alone are the only ones who can fix it.

One year ago today, We, the People experienced the ramifications when the minions or lackeys, led by the henchmen or if you prefer the favored toadies of the inner, inner circle demand an offering, or perhaps the better word is oblation, in the form of a crazy, bloodthirsty coup as the payment for continuing the drug dealer/client relationship.

Whereby the supplicant, or by now beggar receives his or her daily dose of unreality pills to feed the beast of an unnatural addiction to the lies, pretense, and hypocrisy they have come to rely upon as their sustenance for maintaining the deception giving their lives, I hate to say it, purpose and meaning.

If you have not noticed, these are the different categories or players. The “Riot”, The “Insurrection”, and The “Coup”, participating in the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol Building as identified and defined by the members of the Congressional Committee who in tandem with the DOJ are trying to unwind the byzantine maze of participants who all contributed their individual “talents” or propensities to the poisonous composite.

An amalgam of previously present, but separated parts of Amerika that led to the happenings that precipitated nothing short of several lives lost, mayhem and bloodshed on that shocking, disgraceful, and hateful display of the worst traits of men and women on that most unfortunate of days.

A day we should have rightfully been celebrating as an exercise of our ability to function as a democracy. Free to elect our leaders with assurances of a nation dedicated to the rule of law, including the peaceful transfer of power between successive elections, no matter the winners and losers who in America, are never precluded from going back to the drawing board and trying again.

Is the King dead? He seems to be. Have the forces of democracy won the day? It appears to have. But, are we still safe from the now wholly open gaping wounds of ill thought and manner that always have and will continue to plague our society?

That depends on us. On We, the People. On our hunger and desire and willingness to sacrifice at times for the promises of liberty, domestic peace, and the right to perfect our union whenever possible. Our price? True patriotism in the form of country over party or alternative ideology. Bravery, and eternal vigilance. We must never give up and now we must add January 6, 2021 as a day of infamy we must never forget. I’m in. You?

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