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Communique "Monolith" 10-11-2021

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses.” –Plato

We live in an era where a noticeable percentage of our population has no interest in the truth. What they have is making up, finding, and believing in either their own lies, or the lies propagated by those similarly situated, not in the interest of truth or understanding, but if it feels good.

These are the Cult45 members. These are the Q People, the so-called militias, the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and 3%ers and yes, Evangelicals. For the non-believers, it is difficult if not near impossible to comprehend why they prefer the fantasy, the more fantastic the better, when the “deep state” is right in front of their noses, the smiling face of their eventual assailant hiding its back with a sharpened knife ready to strike when the time is right.

For theirs is a suicide mission, one in which they themselves must be ready always to sacrifice all, including their children, if it is necessary to continue the illusion. The basic premise I see hiding in the shadows is that individuals, in the interest of maintaining their absolutist view of the 2nd Amendment Rights, to arm themselves and combat the evil forces of government overreach, meaning anything they don’t like, and tyranny. Their definition of tyranny other than the threat of the Godless democrats denying them the right to carry concealed weapons into a sanctuary of worship, is anything to do with taxes.

The Covid-19 virus is just another “hoax” to those lost in their imaginary penumbras of a dystopian world filled with a fear of the unknown that invariably lead to a terror scenario of unfathomable mountains from molehills, and a reality that anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, by their own reckless actions becoming nothing more than a misguided attempt at self-fulfilling prophesy at its best, or worse, depending on your POV.

Oh, there have been doomsday cults since day one when I’m sure a caveman or two decided to worship a false idol made of stone to protect them from the weather, animals, and their enemies, aka the tribe next door. Each time a storm subsided, or neighbor was the lunch meat of the day for a hungry lion, tiger or bear oh my! with all credit and glory going directly to a rock sitting passively on a hill, without supernatural powers of any kind and indeed, oblivious to the plight of those who would worship him.

Until the rock, upended from its eternity of slumber by the actions of his followers, rolled down the hill and squished a few of them before settling in another location at which point, the “believers” of the now Rock deity showing its displeasure and in this instance, although nobody can quite pin down exactly why, for this is indeed a Rock with mysterious ways, demanding no less than human sacrifice.

So, which is worse? Worshiping a silent but vengeful rock or testifying to the great god of gun go boom thunder, the concealed handgun or even better, assault rifle? Judgment from a cold and uncaring finger of stone, or from the barrel of a loaded weapon? But unthinking and without any thoughts of mercy but only judgment?

What? Have you never heard of the Rock/Gun God’s Righteous Vengeance? An eye for an eye? A tooth for a tooth? A bullet in the head for any infidel whose only transgression is not believing the “one way” to heaven? The “truth”? Or, even of the slightly lesser offense of not sending in any money for the one true crusade?

A make-believe daydream where those who believe they can shoot their way into God’s good graces and heavenly eternity? It begs the question, are there guns in heaven? If there are, what do you need them for? And, exactly how would this heaven differ from here, aka down below?

Are you getting my drift on this one? I know, and as Plato intimated, that seeing what lurks in the darkness of their anything but reality is a world where guns are given the status of integral to God’s plan, or at least his right hand, if you try to take them away, well, why do you think your average ammo-sexual needs to carry a rifle into a Target?

Speaking of targets, if you get shot by a “bad guy” with a gun, wasn’t that your fault? Why didn’t you arm yourself as any good soldier for the Cause would have done? Never mind that a mask and a vaccine could save your life, or the lives of your loved ones, or the average citizen you may encounter on the street, when all you need to fulfill your holy belief in Him is that AR-15?

The funny part, if there is one, is that these are the people that will never understand that there are no good guys with guns. The reliance on guns as faith predicts, if not dictates and/or demands the taking of life as its ultimate justification. A gun unused is nothing but a prop carried by a coward into a battle that does not exist.

This is their reality. This and absolute devotion to “protecting” the unborn from those who would “murder” their children by abortion, not an ignoble pursuit in and of itself necessarily, except for the desecration of a woman’s right to bodily integrity, again as opposed to masking and vaxxing, and her right to make her own decisions, with or without approval from their God, whose predilection for violence is troubling, to say the least.

As we should not expect our views to be appreciated or understood from this wayward flock/cult of death worshipers, how can we be expected to comprehend their anti-life philosophy that, if I may speak bluntly, if you believe God loves all His children equally, is clearly contradictory, as it makes one life more valuable than the next, makes no rational or reasonable sense whatsoever?

I think it’s time to hit the aspirin bottle. I’m getting another headache. This one bordering on migraine. God help us all.

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