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Communique "Mitch McScoundrel & His Perpetual Stupid Machine

How about a little physics to start our day? As defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica, Entropy, is the measure of a system's thermal energy per unit temperature that is unavailable for doing useful work. While this may sound a bit off-point as part of an article from a website that is committed to all things political from a Resistor’s (mine) point of view, a more thorough investigation of entropy would shed light on our current geo/socio/political mess we call the American body politic.

Firstly, entropy is not chaos and if anything, it is a means or method of measuring the chaos created by an inefficient energy delivery system that allows for the dispersion of what is for the most part unnecessary heat, a byproduct of friction which is anything but efficient, into the physical universe fostering an environment and reactions that as a matter related to the unchangeable amount of matter in our universe, well, for better or worse, must go somewhere.

In other words, it is our inability to predict what will happen when the power to move let’s call them objects that exist in physical form, collides with mass and as a result, creates an unplanned, and unpredictable physical reaction.

The best, most readily available and familiar example that we have all experienced is the presence of excess heat generated by your average combustion engine. Combustion, or the harnessing of energy from a series of calculated explosions within car cylinders, that when attached through a series of man made, mechanical innovations is what allows your automobile the gift of motion, and hence, the more efficient the better. In short, it’s what makes fast cars faster, allows for more miles per gallon of petrol and the elimination of harmful gasses and toxic byproducts into the atmosphere.

So, when your jalopy overheats, it is a sign of inefficiency, with too much friction causing too much unnecessary and unusable heat for the task at hand. The result in this case being elevated temperatures under the hood that serve no useful purpose. So remember, always keep an eye on your radiator and change your oil regularly to avoid additional friction, thereby saving you the headache of what can easily become the loss of your transportation, or one big mechanic bill.

A few more words of caution, entropy is not the same as chaos theory which measures why seemingly small changes can often produce big, unseen changes far beyond that which can reasonably be expected, but as we all know, do happen. This is not to say entropy always results in negative consequences and this is where I would like to take the conversation into the realm of all things political and for that we need to include “vacuum” into our discussion.

Sticking with Encyclopedia Britannica, a “vacuum” is a space entirely devoid of matter. It is also referred to as a “void”. This coupled with the age-old adage of if not replaced, power rushes in to fill a void, explains why mad scientist Mitch and his clan of test-tube babies would have you believe we are flying blind, or perhaps without a rudder at the helm of our democracy.

For what is happening, whether he realizes it or not, is Mitch McConnell using a type of psychological entropy to create a political vacuum into which he hopes to fill with his own personal brand of despotic power for what seems to be nothing short of the maintenance, if not extension of power for nothing more than its own sake.

Fortunately, he will fail for Mitch has failed to consider the first law of thermodynamics that states in short you cannot create a perpetual motion machine, or to be more precise, a machine that generates enough energy on its own to operate in perpetuity and hence, independent of the forces of inefficiency as measured by entropy.

So, if I may be blunt, the GQP is attempting to create a state of entropy based on lies, misdirection, gas lighting, and quite frankly a form of insanity in this case wholly reliant on the stupidity of a rather troubling large segment of Americans. If you wish to make a joke about your average MAGA, QAnon or Insurrectionist Racist Party not quite clicking on all cylinders, here is your chance. If I may request, can you work the phrase perpetual stupidity into it? I’ll publish the best answer I get…

The good news is, not quite as a mathematical certainty, Dr. FrankenMitch has created a political monster so bereft of any actual substance that, well, you can’t fill a void with nothing without creating another void that we in tandem with our duly elected officials with President Biden at the helm will be more than happy to fill.

Which brings me to my next conclusion in furtherance of the physics of all things political. Stupid is at its core if not non-functional as a way to run a nation, is inefficient. The takeaway being you can’t fix stupid with stupid. Going forward, isn’t it time we replaced the old, out-of-date, obsolete entropy caused by these last bastions of racism and servitude as relics of the Civil War?

I’d say it is time for a political oil-change, wouldn’t you? Mitch and his cadre of deniers can only defy gravity for so long and then, as we all know, what goes up must come down and in this case, or the once proud GOP, the sooner the better.

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