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Communique "Media Meat Market" 10-15-2021

Media Meat Market

We here at The Drucker Report take great pride in never shying away from asking the big, hard, and every so often, important questions including the nature of love, life, and the American way.

Although admittedly of less importance, we also discuss politics from time to time. Today, we will entertain a question about an even lesser than political category, Mainstream Media. First of all, let me make myself clear. The 24/7 news cycle has all but ruined whatever chance cable news had for relevancy.

As my prime example, I not so politely suggest that there is no such thing as “breaking news” every 5 minutes or so, particularly when the same story has been running for a few days in a row, as if each tidbit of information is somehow a revelation of immense proportion and impact as to change the very nature of our lives.

As if a Governor’s race in Virginia is going to the make-or-break point as to whether we continue to be a democracy or an autocracy. Now I am the first to admit, sometimes the strangest of events do trigger unintended consequences, both good and bad, but does anyone truly believe King Trump is going to be back as a viable, all but sure candidate to retake the presidency and plunge us back into the heart of darkness over a race for governor? Well, that’s what I heard last night.

And on abortion, does everyone understand that even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, it does not mean abortion will be banned in the United States? It will merely allow each state to make the determination as to whether it allows abortion within its jurisdiction.

Will minorities and the poor suffer disproportionaly from the lack of abortion services in their state? Yes, that is true, but it is hardly the end of abortion, much less the use of contraception, the morning after pill, and women’s healthcare services in general in the United States.

However, as much as I find the disparity to be a violation of Due Process and the Equal Protection Clause, sometimes we have to leave the stupidest of decisions to the people who are going to make them and allow them the opportunity to suffer the errors of their ways and yes, suffer the consequences of their misguided actions.

I often wonder if it is a legitimate function of government if not to stop, then at least encourage citizens from exercising their right to vote let’s say poorly, when their vote in fact doubles as an act of discrimination or oppression usually based on forcing their own personal political or religious principles that not everyone needs to share. I call this the “I don’t need your help to get to Heaven you dumbass anti-vaxxing and/or racist but most likely both stupid pigbag” Syndrome.

Yet, as “sour” as this may sound, isn’t this essentially how we learn and if we are denied the chance to make decisions for ourselves, based on real, fake, or flat-out fantasy information, well then, let the games begin for I have faith that eventually most people will see the light and if necessary, correct the error of their ways and adjust to if nothing else, ease the pain they are experiencing once they realize there is no purpose or need to do so.

Are we imperfect? Oh hella yeah. Are we susceptible to suggestion? To making bad decisions based on faulty information? Or information that doesn’t even have to be true? Just allow us to “feel good” about embracing our darkest fears and turning them into often violent actions in the pursuit of legitimizing our hatred, anger, and rage towards those persons who have done nothing to us except exist? Oh yeah. We do that all the time.

Do we choose guns over dialogue to solve our perceived problems? That would be a yes and do we choose statutory resentment and revenge against those who have “harmed” us, for no other reason except they are perceived as “different” and therefore somehow dangerous, when in fact they are not. Think of the LGBTQ (sorry, this is where the additional letter parade ends for me) community.

As long as no one is hurting one another, who the hell cares who you are attracted to or heaven forbid, have sex with? Contrary to the illusion of “popular belief” in some corners of a twisted mind of a universe action that cause earthquakes, floods as well as famine and several different plagues, some involving frogs and locusts, doing the dirty with a member of the same sex does not cause natural, Biblical level catastrophes. Full stop. Period.

Yet to hear the Media opine on what should be a hopeful time now that we are finally rid of the Big Orange Flabby and Disgusting Plague, it is only a matter of time before he, it, the creature from the Mar-a-Lardo Lagoon, the Frankenpork Monster and Dickula all rolled into one will be back in power to ruin our lives, and get this, the first time was merely a practice run and this time, he knows what he is doing and intends to win. Really media? Really?

Yet it appears this is what passes for front page headline news, butts in seats, bread and butter on the table and ratings, ratings, ratings. All at the expense of time spent not on actual solutions, for there are only imaginary solutions for imaginary problems, manufactured at times from while I’m hoping you are a sheep’s cloth and for whatever reason, us scaring you will somehow be alleviated by consuming more goods, hopefully the ones we push, over and over and over again.

Well, Phil, when you put it that way, but what about Rachel? Yes, her too, and Fox and CNN and OAN and the list goes on and on. For this is what all for profit, and even some non-profits do for a living. On the bright side, we could all save money by not buying the new Stephen King book, or buy a ticket for the 99th movie in the Saw franchise.

My goodness, we have already had religion to scare us for centuries, why do we need Cable News to perpetuate fear and loathing, slowly turning into anger, hate and violence? On all sides no less? Isn’t this a dance, a Mephisto’s Waltz we would all be far better sitting out?

Of course, we can always wait and hope and pray the Cable Networks come to their senses and begin to offer truthful information without the tilt, distortion, or spin toward whatever audience they think they are chasing, so that we can make informed decisions for ourselves as to what is real and what is pure speculation, or outright lies.

That would mean we may also start deciding whether we need Liberty Insurance, or USAA, or Disney or any number of easily breakable kitchen utensils that look better than they are in our kitchen cabinets, but that, the network executives just can’t have, no matter your pride, power, politics, and various life choices notwithstanding.

So, should we continue to add the tyranny of the 4th Estate, aka We, the People’s media watchdogs, into our discussions as appropriate? Or shall we for instance, exercise our right to be the ultimate of censors by, wait for it, not turning the channel, but the damn TV off? The Power of the People, of the all-mighty remote control is held in We, the People’s hands. Let’s use it wisely, shall we?

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