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Communique "Living The Dream?"

Help me out with this one. Why would anyone choose to live in a nightmare disguised as a dream? I have my opinions. One is that rather than face the truth, to look to one’s inner soul, or what I describe as one’s higher self, and find it calmed by thoughts of hatred, disgust and loathing for our brothers and sisters, as if they were nothing more than a plague that needs to be eradicated, well, that would be a difficult lesson to admit to one’s lower self, the lower self being far more willing to accept and absorb any reason to blame another for our own shortcomings.

Two is a shared misconception that if enough souls believe in the same phantasmagorical unreality it will somehow become real. But belief in a lie will not turn into truth no matter who or how many times the false is posited as genuine, sincere, honest or accurate.

In short, a lie is a lie is a lie is a lie and some individuals prefer to live their lives immersed in a dead sea of anger, hate, greed, morbidity and mass hysteria. How is it these are traits that will lead to happiness? How is it the failure of another, perhaps an entire so-called “race” could ever fill the heart with joy is a complete mystery, and a sick, harmful and hurtful conundrum at best, and part of a diabolic plot gone horribly wrong at worst.

I cannot imagine living in a house of misery fueled by purposefully told and self-serving lies merely because they “sound” right and I certainly wouldn’t be in favor of putting up a “help wanted” sign encouraging similar vulnerable psyches to join “us” in an effort to justify that which cannot be justified except in the mind of a mad person looking for solace and comfort by those similarly afflicted.

I would ask such persons, why do you need an Armalite Rifle (AR in AR-15 now you know if you didn’t) with any number assigned to it to…do what? See my point? If you believe you and your loved ones are safer because you own a weapon of war, designed to do nothing but kill, much less the world is a safer place as one day, you might be the “good guy” with a gun, let me tell you a little secret.

You are not and we are not as a matter of mathematical certainty. The more guns in play will result in more bullets available, and invariably more bullets fired means more likelihood of death particularly for those who are in your “kill zone” meaning the very persons more often than not family members you claim to love and would protect.

If that were so, you would have to give up your assault rifle, for it is no way keeping anyone safer. This is reality. But the dream persists. A fantasy of safety based on nothing more than misguided perceptions of self (always dangerous in and of themselves), coupled with fear of the unpredictable and impossible to control events that we live on a daily basis gone wild on steroids.

This is madness, plain and simple. Yet, for those who wish to live in a constant state of delusion, it is somehow comforting to put one’s faith in a terrible machine designed to do nothing but kill. So I would ask, how do you justify putting yourself and everyone in greater peril as an act of bravery? That by nothing more than blind devotion to a cult of death, dying, and don’t forget misogyny in a big major way, as the actions of a patriot?

That when our tyrannical government tries to stick a needle in your arm to save you from a deadly virus that in real life is responsible for 500,000 mostly unnecessary deaths in great part due to the irresponsible actions of the latest false prophet Trump whom you and your cult called the anointed or chosen by divine intervention as the host or vessel of divinity who did little more than bring more destruction and grief to an already grief stricken nation while delighting in watching and causing additional and ever rising levels of pain and suffering of those he claimed to protect.

Let me ask you, why didn’t you wear a mask? How did the ability to harm those around you again lead to a false sense of righteous indignation turned inside out and into a laughable statement of freedom from the “deep state” or whatever new chimera you wish to imagine as your enemy, for when it comes to cult life, you can never have too many of “them” to caste hate and blame for the problems of the world can you?

What is it about a landscape littered with the promise of death that appeals to you? Why is it you choose to kill what you don’t understand? Why is it you refuse to acknowledge your role in turning the beauty and majesty of the world our Maker created, the 10,000 miracles and each and every one of us, no matter our race, creed, color, religious affiliation, gender and sexual preferences He put us here for, to discard the obvious for a completely fabricated and then further rationalized by even more irrational thoughts as each earlier thought fails, for nothing more than a house of lies, more akin to an asylum than any legitimate place of sanctuary from the storm.

I mean, who brings on and encourages an Armageddon in the form of a race war and then calls it the Awakening, or the Storm? Is this what you would live for? To die for? Your family at risk? That somehow, the death of others at your hands as well as those who share the “dream” is what you wish to be?

Why would you court the transient when you could dedicate yourselves to finding eternal love, prosperity and peace? There are very few what I would call inviolate truths, but if you believe love comes out of death, violence and wanton destruction, that any expressions of love, kindness and caring can come out of the barrel of a gun, then I am more than prepared to label you as needing some serious inner searching for anything even approaching the sanctity of life and its inevitable triumph over death.

This is but one aspect of what I believe to be a basic and indispensable part of the New Testament. That within each of us is the ability to choose life, not a life, old, or new, born or not born, on the verge of death, over death as a reasonable alternative to living and letting live right here and right now.

Don’t get me wrong, death has its place but death can only lead to death and what lies beyond and is not the proper study of the living. Why can’t you understand life cannot come from death? Love cannot be born of hate? You cannot follow the commandments of our Creator by killing his children? Your brothers and sisters?

Does He work in mysterious ways? Sure does. But if you are slave to your free will and let your negative emotions rule your actions, there will be nothing hidden or unexpected by your unholy displays of racism, misogyny and disrespect for those who in almost every instance have done exactly nothing to you except exist.

And all of this because you can’t stand to look within. It is indeed a very hard path you have chosen. Self-loathing is a terrible master to serve. But don’t be overly worried for God will have mercy on your soul. My question is will you?

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