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Communique "Life Sentence" 4-11-2021

“Life Sentence”

It’s time to move on from the perpetual hatred generated by deities and dogma and time to assume our true roles in life, on both sides, pro and anti-abortionists alike, to get real, admit the obvious, and make real social change to help, heal, and most of all show compassion to those who need our love, caring and kindness.

If you want to be part of the solution, offer reasonable alternatives to the potential mother. Don’t yell about, but offer realistic information about the sanctity of life, the possibility of adoption and social services, if necessary.

I ask you truly, after a day of yelling at pregnant teenagers and then leaving them to a system that at the moment doesn’t seem to care, how can you look at yourself in the mirror? How do you justify terrorizing someone who is already in terror and call yourself and your actions godly?

Who is this supreme being you claim to follow that would encourage much less allow in His name such actions of self-righteousness, disdain and rampant hatred applied to the very essence of all earthly miracles? Of birth and yes, ongoing life? Every day the sun shines, every time the rain falls. None of this is guaranteed to me, you or anyone else on this planet.

Yet you would mandate and manifest a right to interfere with a process so intimately linked between the individual and their Lord to the degree you would kill the doctor who performs an abortion? And yes, even call the mother, often a child herself of an aborted child a murderer adding yet another death as your solution to protecting the life of the unborn? What planet do you live on to protect the sanctity, the beauty and the celestial miracle of life brought to Earth with more death?

Please, feel free to tell me how you got here?

How can you claim to help the mother, the father or society in general by insisting the birth of a child not your own without even a first let alone second thought about the life that child may or may not live? Help the mother. Help the child. Support them, not extort them for your own pathological needs to show piety where it is not appropriate. Show you want to help. Show you want to care but not by shaming or threats of violence.

Stop singling out sex as the villain. Admit it exists and move on. Have it or don’t have it. This again is a personal issue and if you are willing to shun the underserving of your righteous ire in the name of the holy, based on nothing more than what are the words written by a man contained in a book, might, or might not have said, about the rights of women, well then, let me just say, when you say to me “I did the right thing” and we both know you damn well didn’t, and yes, you were just lucky, or would you care to deny that too?

The question you should be asking yourself right now is how do we make the decision to have or not have a child easier for the mother? Shaming is unholy and a sin. Unless you are the one bearing the child, and unless you are in CONSENTUAL consultation be it the father, family member or physician, the choice simply is not yours to make.

It is not your cross to bear and if you interfere, it is a sin. It is NOT God’s will that you are expressing, it is your own insecurity over your inability to control your own life and the fragility of life all in one massive and egotistical outburst of what in my opinion amounts to an abject failure of understanding the very nature of life and yes, of our Creator’s will.

If nothing else, know this. You are not going to heaven because you stopped someone from having an abortion and no one is going to hell because they had one.

When all is said and done, one of the saddest debates, if you can even call it that, of my generation is our inability to deal with the issue of abortion. Let me explain why. But before I start, please do not be under any impression other than my personal beliefs would not allow me to be a participant in an abortion, and I would never suggest to my partner she have one.

As always, my belief system tells me to err on the side of life. However, with that said, I also believe the right to choose, for a woman to have autonomy over her own body must take precedent over my will, for as you all probably know from my writings, my will is far secondary to His will, and in matters of childbearing, I must leave the ultimate decision to her in consultation and relation with her Lord, although I would recommend at some point a doctor be involved.

My advice to those who feel otherwise? If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t get one. Period. For in reality, what you have done is sustaining yet the most recent egregious example of a “wedge” issue that has taken away our ability to work together as a nation and allowed the current state of polarization, or misperceived cultural wars, and more recently, the cancel culture mentality that continues to persist to all of our disadvantage?

Giving rapists “rights” over the unborn fruits of their crimes is the sign of a sick society. Allowing a mother to be, often a young child to be further victimized through no fault of her own is an abomination. If you are guilty of forcing children to have children regardless of the good, bad, or indifferent circumstances is the height of misplaced arrogance hiding behind a false carapace intended to do nothing, and I mean nothing but punish with the possible effect of ruining not one life, but oh so many for oh so many generations to come.

And for what? If you think carefully, abortion is as much about secular, economics as it is about sectarian issues of faith and the nature of life itself and our duty to help the living, not the yet to be living, or born if you so prefer, but to extend our hands and hearts to those who need our help, our care and our understanding.

I, as have you, witnessed the right to life movement intrude upon the already living and struggling with decisions none of us should ever have to the degree that a rather small percentage of the population continues to seize power to make money from misery.

they want and call it progress when as a practical matter, shouldn’t we be doing things that make actual life and life tasks easier to do without the need for money? Politicians in particular do this all the time. Banning abortion is the worst solution for a “problem” that should have never become the single most visible wedge/culture war of our time.

Putting an unborn child in the position of dividing a nation is a sin beyond what I would have ever thought possible of the human condition, but here we are.

Ask yourself. Why do we need money to take care of children of any and all ages at all? Why not as a sane society we create and follow through on a culture that allows each and every child the right to receive the basics of child rearing, no questions asked? At least the beginnings of a good education? And the right to pursue their own individual right to happiness, despite the infirmities caused by their parents? At least when it comes to economics.

And why do we make a young mother or father choose between going to work so they can pay someone to watch their child or children and staying home with their children? Giving them the love and kindness they will never receive from a non-family member? Denying the mother and or father the right to experience the enormity and wonder of childbirth and raising their children?

If you call this part of promoting “family values” as if inflicting pain and suffering builds stability, as if poverty and want will promote anything other than an incentive to enslave one’s self to the rich and powerful who want to abuse us for our labor. If you would like to “wake up” now would be the time to accept and correct the injustice of inequality cause by the “marketplace.” Sick really.

Wouldn’t society benefit from allowing its citizens to experience, earn and appreciate from participating in the basics of life? What lessons will be lost to both parent and child that could ever be replaced by another zero in someone else’s ledger?

I often ask why it is we can’t as a nation, as a kind and loving people, see the benefits of nurturing and supporting the basic family structure upon which are built any number of wholly artificial and unnecessary impediments to raising a family, to supplying the basic environment to a happy childhood, to improving society, one family at a time.

It’s time, isn’t it? Yes, it is. Permanent tax credits for children are a start, but it is only a start. What wonders will we find ourselves inheriting by letting each and every soul, from day one, be allowed to reach for whatever heights, accomplishments and achievements without the need to “overcome” the ungodly interference of economics forced upon us by nothing more than misplaced anger, greed, vengeance and lack of moral turpitude and all in the name of God. This, we cannot continue to do.

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