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Communique K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Senditionist) 2-15-2021

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Seditionist)

There has been quite a bit written about the cold, cowardly and craven actions taken by the Republicans, or at least what used to be Republicans, before, during and ending with what can only be called an act of complete abdication of morality and conscience, dereliction of duty and associated with using a made up Constitutional standard (one already rejected by the Senate at that) for no and I mean no other reason than to keep whatever power may still be available to these low-life, faux Nazis separationists and haters traitors who chose to acquit the leader, yes leader of an insurrection against America.

However, if we take a sober look at the impeachment process itself, the only way to acquit a heinous soon to be convicted felon from the singular plenary goal of impeachment, that being to facilitate the public weal by deterrence, removal and if necessary banishment of any person having clearly and convincingly demonstrated they have neither the character, will or capacity to honor their oath of office and in the case of a president, the protection of America, both foreign and domestic, itself.

In other words, when the only legitimate way to protect America from the grip of tyranny is to get of the tyrant, well, that’s precisely what the process is for. I dare say were we to wait without remedy for such a person to voluntarily resign, we do so at our own foolishness and peril.

Impeachment at its core is about removing current and future threats to our democratic way of life from those individuals of little to no moral integrity who place their own self-interest above all else. It is the black letter mandate of the Constitution that each American has a right to know will be utilized by their representative if and whenever necessary. Like now was last week. But it wasn’t and therein lies perhaps an even bigger problem.

Admittedly, I still don’t comprehend how Trump’s being out of office is a valid excuse to those senators who voted for acquittal. Did nothing more than time exonerate the worst president in our history from suffering the punishment associated with his regime? Including ransacking the all but sacred to our democracy Capitol Building?

I’m under the impression Susan Collins voted guilty because she didn’t want to be caught having to say Trump “learned his lesson” again and was no longer a clear and present danger to our Country.

Mitch McConnell, in what must surely have been one of, if not the singularly terrible two-faced trying to play all sides political blunders of all time condemns the actions of a deadly seditionist and violent mob leader but allows him the access and ability to hold a federal office or appointment, perhaps as our Ambassador to Hell, or maybe and far more likely (though you never know) another run for the presidency.

Will Trampolini Trump with the squishy under-bottom bounce back into the political fray and run for president in 2024? If Trump’s bitch Mitch and his motley, moldy crew of GOP had honored their oath and followed their constitutional duties and disbarred him from holding future federal office, we wouldn’t have to wonder as he as a matter of law could not.

The world is abuzz with future prognostication about Trump’s future in politics. Will one or more of the States bring a suit and put him away? Magic Eight Ball says, “Highly likely”. Will Tubby Orange McJunkFood with all that KFC grease running through his arteries still be in good enough heath to run four years from now? As Yoda might say, “Wait and see, you must”. My point being this scenario could have and should be off the table. Yet it’s not. If ever you must ask yourself why, now would be the time.

Toward what possible good to the public was Traitor Von McJailbait Face let off the impeachment fish filet hook virtually without personal consequence? To protect his 1st Amendment Rights? That’s laughable. Because he is a “private citizen” and for this reason has once again been allowed to run out the clock and escape accountability for his high crimes and misdemeanors?

We talk of mercy, preferably before judgment as an integral part of American justice. But what mitigating factors would lead us to believe we are all better off with our Poisoned Popcorn, Tabloid Trash, and Porn Star adjacent, Ex-President once again slipping the noose, that fortunately was his vice-president’s fate as well, though it was in Pence’s case a real hangman’s noose and it was dangerously close, wasn’t it?

We now know first-hand the power of impeachment includes the ability to tolerate, or condemn. If we are not willing to condemn the leader, you know, the guy with his name on all those flags? In an un-ambiguous, caught on camera for all to see violent, bloody, out of control attack on our Capitol and democracy that left an officer of the law dead, in context of impeachment, removal and banishment from holding future office, what is? Again, how did this become a “hard call”?

The answer is it’s not and never should have been. Here was a chance to put us all back on the path to healing through assessing and meeting out justice for those who would break our laws and harm all who stand in their way. Here was an opportunity to get back to some semblance of reality, to stop these idiotic myths blaming the “deep state” when there is a criminal conspiracy going on for four years and continuing in plain sight.

Here was a chance, and this is important, to show the raving mad, dangerous and disgusting collection of neo-Nazis (including Josh Hawley), drunk with power deniers of the actual words and intent of our Constitution under the guise of a Harvard law degree (including Ted Cruz) and the merely crazy light your hair on fire because someone is finally paying attention to me, with Representatives (and I use that term loosely and without honor attached) Blowbert and (Gang) Greene vying with each other to see who gets to drive the crazy train that week, that We, the People will no longer tolerate their ilk and relegate them all to the nearest toxic dump and reclamation of our country facility.

Whenever I hear say someone say, “I want my country back” I like to think I do too, and in America, we used to burn trash. Confederate trash. Nazi trash. Racist trash. Why now do we allow garbage that belongs in the land-fill or incinerator of infamy a free pass to further the confusion, mayhem and destruction already visited upon us?

The impeachment proceedings were from the start simple and straightforward. The Constitutional implications to any sane and less than completely brainwashed, or impressed with their own power mind, until they weren’t.

For those of you who have never read it, below is the Senator’s Oath of Office.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

If Donald John Trump is not the biggest domestic threat to America of all time, then tell me, dear senators, who is? Or perhaps, who among you is next? For this time, We, the People, fully awaken and with eyes wide open, shall be waiting for you. Count on it.

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