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Communique "Joke About Biden His Time" 10-5-2021

Once again, I find myself asking for patience from my fellow Resisters and assorted unaffiliated friends with the Biden agenda. We are going in the right direction and am sure we will “get there”.

One of the worst hangovers of the Trump regime is the mistaken idea that everything political should happen “quick” meaning, fixation with “now” and the inability to realize short term gain, if any, without proper thought to the long-term effects of government policy will result in immediate benefit for too few persons and inhibits the construction and growth of an economy that works for everyone.

I call this type of “snap of my fingers and do what I tell you to do and worry about it later, if at all” policy and decision-making process responsible for a great deal of the social and economic turmoil we currently find ourselves, slowly, but surely digging our way out of with the goal being enacting bold legislation that focuses on the revival and expansion of middle-class America.

If you want to do the most good for most Americans, that is exactly what you have to do, one person, one family, one community, one city, one state at a time if necessary. What is so hard to understand that if someone is hungry, you feed them? Why in the world do we continue to give our tax dollars to third party participants in the hopes that person or organization will eventually distribute said funds to the persons who need them the most?

This is the myth of trickle-down economic theory that we now know cannot overcome the greed of a handful of sinful and greedy professional money who have an interest in anyone or anything other than adding imaginary zeros on the ends of their already shameful treasure chests, burying needed funds in any number of offshore accounts without even a first, much less second thought to the harm they do to the economy and job markets.

Why do they ship jobs overseas? Because they can. Why do they depend on the American people to subsidize the healthcare and well-being of their employees and then call it “good business” and get this, patriotic? Remember Mittens Romney? The presidential candidate who thought taking advantage of loopholes that benefit no one but the wealthiest of us as the right of every American? And yes, downright acts of a true patriot at that?

Amassing fortunes through whatever means necessary and no matter the fall-out or collateral damage to the American people, a sign that America is rich, wealthy and well-off when, when Mr. Romney and his money-grubbing bankruptcy is a good thing, he and the other “harvesters” of business, meaning buy a profitable company, leverage it out of existence, declare insolvency and give all of the principles a huge bonus for their business acumen.

Meanwhile, jobs disappear and a once vital and vibrant economy now showing signs of aging into a “mature” capitalism where the only source of market share left is to take it away, some including me, might say steal it if possible from your competitor, even though your product routinely blows up and theirs doesn’t, as par for the new economic realities of a business model fixated on profit at any cost, with sharp and predatory practices available for anyone without a heart or soul at their disposal.

Nothing personal, just business, right? Which brings us back to my original premise, and my asking for a bit more patience when it comes to the Democratic Party and their ambitious but much needed agenda for tax cuts and breaks for the middle and lower earners in our society.

Unfortunately, most of the Democratic agenda over the past few years, surely since the days of “voodoo economics” under Reagan, or perhaps Nixon, although his foibles and faults did not revolve around economic policy per se, has been about fixing the messes the Republicans keep leaving behind. I'm hoping at one point we can agree that not everything that helps the average citizen get by is "socialism" as the GQP continues to give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans while the average citizen continues to suffer.

I say America is rich when the average family is employed, a roof over their head, food on the table, clothes on their backs and can send their children to school. Not when a handful of corporations and billionaires are subsidized by tax breaks from the Republicans. This is reality. Hide from it at your own peril.

The GQP mantra is in actuality quite simple. It centers around a completely without merit theory that the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat so you, the average broke and already receiving government assistance that allows you to stay out of work in say, Kentucky, thanks Mitch, requires keeping the GQP in power at all costs, otherwise, as we all have heard ad nauseam, the socialist/communist sky is falling in on us and all, including baseball, apple pie and our freedoms, all of them, are lost.

In service to this fallacy, tax breaks to the wealthy result in donations to the politicians who you must elect at all costs, or suffer the dangerous democratic pipe dreams of universal health care, tax credits to help feed children, day care for gasp! persons down on their luck often through no fault of their own, sometimes even single parents living out of their vehicles, so they can go back to work and become self-sustaining and productive members of the workforce.

Or, we can keep believing the lies about “personal responsibility” as the single most important arbiter in who gets what to the degree we still hear calls to criminalize the destitute, homeless and yes, poorest among us as if their lack of success can be interpreted as the shunning of our Creator, prosperity being the true sign of heavenly grace when the truth is exactly the opposite.

How we treat those in need, giving without judgment or expectation for reward, for no other reason than it is the right thing to do, is the true sign of a socially conscious, and yes, devote way of life as commanded by our Father above. This is the stairway to heaven. Any other path is most certainly a highway to hell.

Let’s make sure our infrastructure deal includes a stairway (or two) and not another Faustian highway. Have faith, we will get there, I, you, We, the People, the Democrats, just need a little more time. Namaste.

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