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Communique "Join or Die. 2021-22" 8-4-2021

“Join or Die. 2021-22”

Isn’t it about time we have a conversation regarding the current dysfunctional political atmosphere without referring to any one ideology or party that is to blame? As convenient as it may be to blame the GQP for our broken government, if we continue to adhere to this narrative, we will forever miss the bigger picture with my number one issue being how did we get into a position where our elected officials have placed themselves in a class where they either have no responsibility to their constituents, or if they do, they know better than us, so rather than listen to our concerns, legitimate or not, for that is their job, we should do what We, the People are told to do, by them, who know better, even when they clearly don’t.

Let me ask you a question. Why are we at an impasse in Washington, DC where we are given the impression, yes, the impression we are fighting with half of our fellow countrymen when in fact, there is no credible evidence that we are at odds with a minority of a minority of voters who, through manipulation of our elections have found themselves imbued with “power” to influence our political landscape their numbers alone would suggest they should not have?

How did We, the People get to the point where we have allowed for a wrongly decided case, Citizens’ United, that was allowed to become the law of the land and therefore granting an enormous amount of undeserved influence to a very small contingent of our overall population, those being the wealthiest among us, for no reason other than they are the wealthiest among us?

The well-off having the advantage of “discretionary funds”, not necessary for rent, or mortgage payments, food, utility and astronomical medical bills due to lack of comprehensive health care, a basic human right if there ever was one, while We, the People, find ourselves anxious, depressed, or both, distracted and hurting while forced to deal with an economic nightmare, and ongoing for no good reason (notice I didn’t say no reason) pandemic that is now killing the mostly younger and innocent at alarming rates.

What is going to happen when children and young adults of all ages, shapes and sizes, who do not even belong to a political party go back to school in some states where the local scholastic educators, administrators and health officials not only have their hands severely tied but outright being denied the opportunity to make what is clearly a deadly situation safer?

When did We, the People decide that not wearing a mask was an act of patriotism? When did We decide a belief in your religion gives you the right to threaten my life, my livelihood and importantly, my rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

How did We, the People come to believe that virtually any act that results in profit or power are justified exercises in the scope of legitimate governance, with or without the seemingly requisite, as in “what are you going to do about it?” dimension cruelty with an implicit warning of “and if you object the next round will be twice as worse.”

When did we decide that a sitting Governor is above the law? That for purely political purposes and in defiance of the most basic of reason and common sense, the large scale slaughter of human beings due to lack of food, clothing, shelter and adequate healthcare aren’t the acts of a homicidal psychopath (is there any other kind?) and are not pre-meditated murder in the first?

How is it we would be debating whether the actions of DeSantis in Florida are “negligent homicide?” Not only is the poster boy for needless death creating damage intentionally, as in knew or should have known the almost all but certain consequences of his actions, you know, depraved heart, indifference to life, as adequate mens rea (state of mind) for these killing of a human being by another with malice and needs to be punished for his evil thoughts as well as his heinous, unfeeling, uncaring and yes, psychotic deeds.

When did We, the People decide it is perfectly acceptable to have our legislators pass a bill written by corporations, for corporations and submitted via “lobbyists” who are almost assuredly ex-congressional figures themselves who received in return for their earlier loyalty and service to the exact same companies in the exact same industries they regulated was anything less than what it is, namely bribery? When did We decide one of the perks of government was immunity from liability for profits generated through insider trading?

The point is this. I can’t tell you exactly when these specific events occurred, but I can tell you they did. Why? Because this is where we are at today, and nothing happens by happy accident, good luck/bad luck or happenstance. It is all by design. Someone, somewhere for their own often nefarious reasons, plotted, planned and made it a reality. All of it.

For our part we either approved of, or sat by hoping someone else would do the right thing, or in many instances, and still today, We were too apathetic to care to take an active stance in “politics” and “sit out” an election cycle, and then another for no other reason than I, you, we could not find the “perfect” candidate, or because “my candidate” was going to lose?

Or, perhaps you are one of those persons who don’t think any of this is on you. Perhaps that is so, but the problem with that attitude is we are all stuck in the same boat regardless of our past actions or transgressions and when it comes to fixing the world, if not you then who? And, if not now then when?

So what is our first move? Unity. We must begin to find those points of interest and issues we all have in common and go from there. This will ameliorate if not eliminate the Us versus Them advantages and begin us down a better, more humane and caring path to a better shared and joint venture of returning America to a land where the words, wants, needs and will of the masses are again worth protection as the paramount obligation of all our elected and un-elected officials alike.

I’m in. Who will join me?

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