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Communique "Je Suis Antifa, et Vous?" 7-22-2021

“It's good to trust others but, not to do so is much better.” -Benito Mussolini

When did the installation of a fascist dictator into our democracy become a legitimate “conservative” goal of the Republican Party? On the same wavelength, when did any policy or program that directly benefits the lower and middle classes become a “socialist” agenda item of the Democratic “radical” left?

We cannot continue to ignore the reality that what we are seeing in today’s GQP/MAGA/Insurrection/Digressive Party is an onslaught of outward, bold and blatantly dangerous political machinations by a gaggle of aggrieved white nationalists that believe their social and political aspirations are best suited by an out-of-touch, boorish, mean, evil, uncaring, greedy, boatload of bromides and bile aimed at convincing the coven that only he can fix it, based on nothing more than a discriminatory mantra that if you follow me and put me above all others, in the end (of times?) we all hate the same people, so what could go wrong?

Throw in a cavalcade of continuous lies, half-truths, outright deception, gas lighting and misconceptions and then topped with a dollop of sectarian intolerance towards all others, and voila! We have all the makings of a Mussolini Bellini with a sour puss lemon wedge of sedition and treason, oddly reminiscent of the factors that led to the rise of the Black Shirts, fascism Italiano and eventually, the fall of the Italian state.

My point being, isn’t it time we stopped using all the PC labels for a violent, renegade political party that would like nothing better than to end the American experiment and if at all possible, tear up the Constitution and replace our cherished rights with justice under the laws of men, kings, queens, usurpers or false Gods with the Bible, with a heavy accent on meting out God’s righteous vengeance as the excuse for anything and anyone that does not promote, protect and dare I say extend the ever more sweaty and feverish waking nightmare of un-scientific fiction the Fascist Orange Party of America (“FOPA” but pronounced Faux Pas) claims as their, well, I guess you could call it a platform, but hey, let’s get real, when you are promoting one person rule as your model and standard for good governance, well, all you really need are as many potential cult members to believe in the madness with you guessed it, the bigger the lie, the better. It doesn’t have to be real, you just have to get suckers to believe in it.

And so, I, you, we and all the talking heads on the TV who keep shaking their heads at every mention of the “big lie” as in “how can anyone still believe that?” is missing the point for it is the belief among “those who know” the holders of the “secret truths” who quite literally through their shared covenant to support and defend the words of the “the only one who can fix it” through what I can only describe is a massive calculation that if everyone believes and fosters our glorious but far less than fearless leader’s words and vision, it will become real.

Or, at least there won’t be any more of those dirty disease ridden POC people trying to immigrate to our country that remember is “full”. Or, and here we go again, so said the racist, misogynist, jingoist xenophobe who unfortunately found himself with a hurting and scared, ready to blame someone, anyone for their problems who, I’ll be kind here, voted for his outdated, unsubstantiated, unrealistic and with no real hope of success for his administration’s success, voted him into office, I believe under the mistaken impression that anything, no matter how absurd at times, was better than nothing.

Too bad they were wrong then and even worse that they continue their descent into what can honestly be described as a virus-like mass brain washing induced madness that when we stop to include the FOPA’s continued reluctance to take the Covid-19 vaccines due to paranoid Bill Gates and his magic chips, magnetism, and seeing as it is the un-vaccinated in mostly ruby red rube states thus killing their own in an unabashed act of nihilism, continues to cast an ever darkening and distressing picture of the future, if the Fascists, the very real and serious danger that lies with, ever gets it’s bloody hands on the levers of power in Washington DC.

See? Doesn’t the conversation flow in a far more understandable and I dare say logical direction if we call ‘em as we see ‘em? This is what your modern would-be fascist dictator does in service of his sick, adolescent agenda to rule based on the belief of lies as more important than the search for truth.

That’s why the FOPAs love, and I do mean love tRUMP for his ability to so fully believe in his own lies. That to them above all other considerations is what a true leader does for his followers, and of course a little entertainment thrown in for the sport and spectacle.

They probably sit around the Bible study kitchen table with the shelves on the walls packed with guns. If wild stories, probably allegorical in nature, but who’s to say Noah’s Ark wasn’t real, are good enough for Moses, well then, I guess they should be good enough for me?

Alas, as it always does, the doubt creeps in and as the pressure to stay within the newfound “safety-net” of people “like me” they double down, not on finding the truth, but on the one true word of the one true person who is fit to spread the gospel, who in this case happens to be a lying sack of a con man without empathy and full of hate and rage who goes by the name of Donald J. Trump, super-genius, or so says his business card, anyway.

We must be vigilant, for as the ”dream” slips away, and it will, the actions and events will continue to take on the air of desperation including increased frequency and intensity of violence, recently culminating in an attack on our Nation’s Capitol Building for no reason other than to “fulfill” their sacred duty to the False American Idol who can’t even sing the Nation Anthem because he doesn’t know the words or spout Gospel accurately as he has never read the Bible, and bring to the world an America based on that if you think about it a shared massive belief in the belief of a madman who I think I speak the truth, really doesn’t believe a word he says (Rush Limbaugh Syndrome) but whose fragile ego would rather posit a “big lie’ as the truth, even if it disrupts the very cornerstones and tenets of our Republic, where the peaceful transfer of power holds no reverence, while killing 600,000 innocent souls for no reason other than the gratification of a sick and evil mind.

Why do I say this? Because that’s what fascist do. And that my pretties, is what the ugly, despotic, delusional, half-baked and paranoia driven FOPA regressive, and FASCIST to its rotten core is doing right here, right now, in the greatest Nation that has ever graced this planet.

In conclusion, I admit it is difficult to see how a nation that prides itself on its rugged individualism and freedom to decide their interests involve a governmental system led by a leader having complete powers of decision (the decider) whose common tactics include suppressing opposition and the press, subjugating industry, and aggressively manipulates the masses through hatred, nationalism and discrimination, in an effort to destroy the will and identity of the individual, their lives worth nothing more than what they can contribute to the “state” as represented by a totalitarian who claims to be the only one who can fix it.

Did I mention that in Mussolini & Franks Italy the trains never did run on time? That’s a myth, a lie, but a little lie that grew into bigger and bigger lies until there simply was no one left to listen to them, except perhaps the widows and fatherless children of all the soldiers who died in WWII for nothing. That’s right nothing. I say it ain’t gonna happen here.

You know why? And say it as loud as you like, for in the real world We, the People are Antifa. That’s right and yes, it is the Fascists versus the Antifascists and we should be as proud as our warriors in every past conflict to represent the forces of good, of freedom and liberty for all over the hysterical dystopian rantings and ravings of a drooling on itself party who wants nothing more than to see not the good, but the bad and the ugly, the worst of our angels’ triumph in a blaze of anger, rage, and hatred towards our brothers and sisters.

Fascists suck. Is there really anything else we need to know? I think not. Let’s roll.

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